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05.19.00 (R 09.08.00)

Syd's illness - Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) - takes a critical turn as the show ends its second year. Comatose Syd passes through a mysterious portal and discovers a beautiful resort-like place where she must decide whether or not to return to consciousness, while Jim keeps a bedside vigil. Fireman Burt (guest star Jon Hamm) comforts Joanie during this trying time while Robbie is caught up in a potential scandal with the game show.


Guest starring
Angela Featherstone (Andi), Rick Roberts (doctor), Jon Hamm (Burt), Charles Keating (Peter), Samaria Graham (Izzy), Scarlett Pomers, Marian Mercer, Elaine Kagan, Magda Harout, and Ed Begley Jr. as Chuck Chance.

Written by Robert DeLaurentis. Directed by Michael Fresco.

Music: (Syd and Joanie hospital scene)
Joni Mitchell "The Circle Game" CD: Hits   [Lyrics]

Music: (Joanie and Burt having dinner)
Jessica Schoenberg "In the Arms of Tomorrow"; CD: Humanisms

Nielsens: rank 21; rating 9.8; 1999-2000 season rank 25; rating 9.4

05.12.00 (R 09.01.00)

Syd wonders if she's mad as a hatter when she endures a chronic headache that lands her in fitful hallucinations straight out of "Alice in Wonderland" as she encounters a grinning Cheshire cat, a tardy running rabbit and an imperious caterpillar, among other bizarre characters. Equally odd, Joanie and her hunky fireman friend Burt (guest star Jon Hamm) aim to get away for a weekend at a quaint bed-and-breakfast operated by an old couple who charm their exhausted guests into doing their chores. In addition, Robbie has second thoughts about competing for a big payday on a televised game show, and an uneasy Jim begins to feel out-of-step with his free-spirited girlfriend Monica (guest star Mary Page Keller).


Guest starring
Angela Featherstone (Andi), Rick Roberts (doctor), Shelly Berman, Estelle Harris, Jon Hamm (Burt), Samaria Graham (Izzy), Constance Towers, Scott Valentine, Jack Gwaltney, Tania Raymonde Katz, with Mary Page Keller (Monica), and Ed Begley Jr. as Chuck Chance.

Written by Tim Kring. Directed by Randall Zisk.

Nielsens: rank 22 (tie); rating 9.6

05.05.00 (R 08.25.00)

Things heat up between Jim and Monica (guest star Mary Page Keller) much to Syd's chagrin. Joanie is rescued from a smoke-filled Barkery by a dashing fireman (guest star Jon Hamm), and Robbie continues to rake in the cash as a contestant on a game show hosted by Chuck Chance (guest star Ed Begley).

Guest starring Angela Featherstone (Andi), Dan Lauria, Jon Hamm (Burt/Zorro), Samaria Graham (Izzy), with Mary Page Keller (Monica), and Ed Begley Jr. as Chuck Chance.

Written by Elle Triedman. Directed by Rick Rosenthal.

Counting Crows "Colorblind" CD: This Desert Life   [Lyrics].

Nielsens: rank 35 (tie); rating 8.6

04.28.00 (R 08.18.00)

Lonely widower Jim starts spending time with Monica, a photojournalist friend of Syd's from California; Syd and Joanie aren't so happy about her father being involved with a woman nearly half his age; Robbie auditions to be a contestant on a game show, "Down on Your Luck," and has a run-in with the alcoholic host.


Guest starring
Angela Featherstone (Andi), Bill Macy, Samaria Graham (Izzy), with Mary Page Keller (Monica), and Ed Begley Jr. as Chuck Chance.

Written by Carol Barbee and Antoinette Stella. Directed by Michael Fresco.

Nielsens: rank 18 (tie); season rank 24; rating 9.4; 9.51 million homes; share 19; 13.36 million viewers

04.14.00 (R 07.28.00)

Syd tries to help bring a family back together when a young college student (guest star Rachel True), married to a man whom her family disapproves, suffers serious complications with her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Robbie and Jim barely make it through the week when Robbie fills in for Heather (guest star Dana Daurey) at the clinic. Dog Boy (guest star Tom Cavanagh) departs Joanie and Providence for good.


Guest starring
Rachel True (Talia), Tom Cavanagh (Doug), Ryan Alosio (Jake), Ron Canada, Holmes Osborne (Marcus Weber), Samaria Graham (Izzy), with Dana Daurey (Heather).

Written by Mike Kelley and Eli Talbert. Directed by Rick Rosenthal.

Jann Arden "In Your Keeping" CD: Blood Red Cherry   [Lyrics].

Kottonmouth Kings "Dog's Life (featuring Too Rude and Dog Boy)" CD: Royal Highness.

Nielsens: rank 16; season rank 23; rating 9.3; 9.4 million homes; share 18; 12.92 million viewers

03.31.00 (R 07.21.00)

It's Jim's 60th birthday and the Hansen clan decide to throw him a surprise party and convince him not to retire. A patient (guest star Robert Romanus) of Syd's asks her to perform a ritual surgery so he can convert to Judaism. Robbie and Heather (guest star Dana Daurey) realize that they may not be cut out for each other and Joanie gives Dog Boy (guest star Thomas Cavanaugh) the confidence to follow a dream.


Guest starring
Robert Romanus (Ted), Tom Cavanagh (Doug), Meredith Scott Lynn (Debbie), Samaria Graham (Izzy), Herb Mitchell, with Dana Daurey (Heather).

Written by Rob Fresco. Directed by Jeannot Szwarc.

Nielsens: rank 14; season rank 23; rating 10.2; 10.2 million homes; share 18; 14.26 million viewers

03.17.00 (R 12.29.00)

A Northeastern storm pounds Providence, and Syd's medical clinic could be shut down after a state inspection cites its leaky roof just as she tries to save the life of a pregnant Cambodian woman (guest star Michelle Krusiec) and her unborn baby -- while the fisherman/father fights for his life at sea. At the same time, Joanie is trapped alone under a fallen tree inside the Hansen home while her own baby is just out of reach, while a windblown Jim prowls the streets looking for a missing and blind basset hound patient. Oblivious to this, impulsive Robbie heads off to Las Vegas to marry Heather (guest star Dana Daurey) and displays an alarming gambler's itch.

Guest starring Tom Cavanagh (Doug), Richard Riehle (Simon), Samaria Graham (Izzy), Michelle Krusiec (Dong Lou), with Dana Daurey (Heather). Co-starring Toni DeRose (Patrice).

Written by Norman Morrill. Directed by Michael Fresco.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 13; season rank 23; rating 10.8; million homes; share 20; 15.20 million viewers

02.25.00 (R 07.14.00)

The Hansen sisters try to help two wayward gents get on the right side of the law. Syd gets mixed up in a mystery when an attorney persuades her to coax her patient, a dying ex-con, into surrendering a secret he plans to take to his grave; Donna offers a reluctant Robbie the ammo he needs to shoot down Heather and Charlie's wedding plans once and for all; Joanie is thrilled when Doug returns to Providence, but has to think fast to keep her oddball crush from being jailed for "liberating" unwanted dogs from the pound. Heather escapes from the altar at her wedding to flee with Robbie on a bus, where they kiss.


Guest starring Nick Chinlund (Daniel), Tom Cavanagh (Doug), Josh Daugherty (Charlie), Harrison Young (Ellison), Samaria Graham (Izzy), with Dana Daurey (Heather) and Victoria Principal as Donna Tupperman.

Written by Carol Barbee. Directed by Tony Wharmby.

Nielsens: rank 24; rating 10.5.

02.18.00 (R 12.08.00)

Syd treats a woman (guest star Jana Marie Hupp) whose mother, grandmother and sister have suffered from breast cancer and is considering a radical surgical procedure that may spare her from getting the disease. Also, Syd and Joanie are attracted to the same guy (guest star Josh Coxx) and Heather's mom Donna (guest star Victoria Principal) seems to have designs on Robbie.


Guest starring
Jana Marie Hupp (Karen), Josh Coxx (Patrick), Josh Daugherty (Charlie), Samaria Graham (Izzy), with Dana Daurey (Heather) and Victoria Principal as Donna Tupperman.

Written by Elle Triedman. Directed by Monica Wyatt.

Etta James "At Last" CD: At Last!. Jann Arden "Time For Mercy" CD: Time For Mercy.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 14; season rank 23; rating 11.5; 11.6 million homes; share 20; 16.63 million viewers

02.11.00 (R 07.07.00)

Robbie finds himself in the middle of Heather's (guest star Dana Daurey) feud with her manipulative, seductive mother (guest star Victoria Principal) who's against Heather's engagement. Meanwhile, Syd moves in to the seemingly perfect apartment and Joanie turns to Syd when it appears that Hannah (Emily and Elena Bodkin) may have contracted tuberculosis from one of Jim's "patients."


Guest starring
Richard Burgi (J.D.), Josh Daugherty (Charlie), Gretchen Wyler (Angie), Jan Hoag, Trey Alexander (Danny), with Dana Daurey (Heather) and Victoria Principal as Donna Tupperman.

Written by Antoinette Stella. Directed by David Straiton.

Yello "Oh Yeah", CD: Essential.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 16; season rank 24; rating 10.9; 11.0 million homes; share 19; 15.02 million viewers

02.04.00 (R 06.30.00)

Syd has mixed feelings as her 15th high school reunion nears while everyone is eagerly awaiting the return home of her best friend (guest star Susan Walter), a successful celebrity author, businesswoman and TV show host who is seen as the perfect homemaker, but Syd suspects her excessive tidiness borders on a mental health disorder. Elsewhere, Robbie panics when he learns that his friend Charlie (guest star Josh Daugherty) intends to ask Heather (guest star Dana Daurey) to marry him, and Jim tries to rescue a rambunctious ferret from the clutches of a shotgun-bearing grouch (guest star Dion Anderson).


Guest starring Susan Walters (Kerry King), Samaria Graham (Izzy), Josh Daugherty (Charlie), Dion Anderson, with Dana Daurey (Heather).

Written by Dana Baratta. Directed by Michael Fresco.

The Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian", CD: Greatest Hits.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 22; rating 10.4

01.21.00 (R 08.11.00)

Syd plays detective to save the life of a young patient who may have been a victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Eager to be certified as a family physician, Syd decides to study with an old med-school professor. But when he accuses her ailing patient's mother of foul play, a conflicted Syd feels there's more to the story and becomes determined to prove it. Her diagnosis: familial Mediterranean fever (fMf). Meanwhile, Joanie wrings her hands over Hannah's application to a posh preschool, Robbie enlists Jim's culinary expertise to reach Heather's heart through her stomach, and Heather's old boyfriend Charlie returns.

Guest starring John Getz (Dr. Sullivan), Samaria Graham (Izzy), Josh Daugherty (Charlie), Doran Clark (Gail O'Malley), Sarah Rayne (Katie), with Dana Daurey (Heather).

Written by Carol Mendelsohn. Directed by Rick Rosenthal.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 12; season rank 23; rating 11.3; 11.4 million homes; share 19; 15.98 million viewers

01.07.00 (R 12.01.00)

Yearning for a dreamy romance, Syd discovers a handsome, 19-year-old Russian art prodigy who's been kept hidden in a loft since childhood by his late grandmother for fear of deportation, but unfortunately, Syd learns that he has a huge brain tumor -- and an appreciative eye for her. Meanwhile, Joanie searches for the masked man dressed as Zorro who passionately kissed her at a costume party before dashing off, and a perplexed Robbie scratches his head over Heather's (guest star Dana Daurey) romantic mood swings when he shares her apartment as a platonic roommate.

Guest starring Ariel Joseph Towne (Leo), Barry Primus, Samaria Graham (Izzy), Ali Marsh, with Dana Daurey (Heather). Co-starring Jon Hamm (Burt/Zorro), Eric Keith (Romeo), Toni DeRose (Patrice).

Written by Tim Kring. Directed by Melanie Mayron.

Don McLean "Vincent", CD: American Pie.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 17; season rank 19; rating 10.8; 10.9 million homes; share 18; 15.00 million viewers

12.17.99 (R 12.22.00)

Will Christmas prove to be a wonderful life for Sydney Hansen? It's two days before Christmas and Syd wonders if her return to Providence has meant anything at all. Another dream visitation from Lynda la It's a Wonderful Life inspires Syd to preserve the Hansens' holiday traditions. Chaos reigns as a Christmas-tree mishap sends an unconscious Syd on a long, strange trip in which she envisions the family's lives without her. That's when the lady doc finds her entire brood gone astray: Robbie's in jail; Joanie's pregnant (again); and Jim's wed to an obnoxious neighbor. Worse yet, Syd also finds herself hitched to sleazy ex-beau Jerry! Meanwhile, in the real world, all of the Hansens seem to have big plans except for Syd: Joanie and Hannah are going to spend a few days away with Ritchie and his family; Robbie plans to sell a shipment of hot toys at a huge profit right through Christmas Eve; and Jim is invited to a cozy dinner party by the lovestruck Mrs. Blake. To top off everything, an HMO rep makes an offer to buy the clinic as a satellite care facility.

Guest stars Patrick Fabian (Jerry), Eric Bruskotter (Ritchie), Cristine Rose (Mrs. Blake), Samaria Graham (Izzy), Matthew N. Ashford, Alexondra Lee.

Written by Mike Kelley and Eli Talbert. Directed by Tony Wharmby.

"The Christmas Waltz"

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 15; season rank 20; rating 10.6; 10.7 million homes; share 20; 14.96 million viewers


A special two-hour Thanksgiving episode about the real meaning of the holidays. Joanie and Robbie learn about new dimensions to charity. The story is a complex and loving appreciation of community. When Syd makes an impromptu trip to California, she expects to return to Providence in time for the Thanksgiving festivities, but her efforts are thwarted at every turn. Along the way, she meets three female travelers and they make it home to Providence from Denver in an eventful car trip. Meanwhile, Joanie overcomes her fear of the dog pound by helping a young courageous girl provide a pound full of pups with their finest - and last - supper; and Robbie helps a buddy plan a reenactment of the holiday's origins with half of Providence, and even less funding, but gets the short end of the stick when his partner-in-crime disappears.

Guest stars
Katherine Helmond (Rose), Patrick Fabian (Jerry), Lea Moreno (Kathy), Michael Landes, Stephen Caffrey (Father Bell), Frank Birney, with Mae Whitman as Frances Carlyle and Debi Mazar as Vonda Vickers.

Teleplay by Robert DeLaurentis and Carol Barbee. Story by Robert DeLaurentis and John Masius. Directed by Michael Fresco.

Dixie Chicks CD: Fly; Zen Mafia CD: California.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 15; season rank 19; rating 10.9; 11.0 million homes; share 19; 16.14 million viewers


Although Kyle (guest star Tom Verica) is on the mend physically, he decides that to really recover he must get away from the helpful, but pitying friends and family, including Syd. Meanwhile, Joanie and Robbie try to find a way to let Jim down easily when he's replaced by a younger vet/host on the "Ask The Vet" show.

Guest stars
Samaria Graham (Izzy), Denice Kumagai, Josh Daugherty (Charlie), Louis Dante Giovannetti, with Dana Daurey, and Tom Verica as Kyle Moran.

Written by Carol Barbee. Directed by Ian Toynton.

Music: Manhattan Transfer's " It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference".

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 35; rating 9.1


Struggling to cope with the loss of his arm - and his self-esteem - Kyle asks Syd to help a hard-living baseball prospect pass a physical. Syd's concern over Kyle's painful recovery - and their complicated relationship - is heightened when she notices that Kyle's sexy therapist takes a special interest in him. Meanwhile, a panicky Joanie and Robbie have second thoughts about featuring their wooden father on a cable access veterinarian program designed to draw, not repel, viewers to their Barkery store.

Guest stars Charles Esten (Ted), Jerry Levine, Tamara Taylor (Tracey), Bob Eubanks, and
Tom Verica as Kyle Moran.

Written by Elle Triedman. Directed by Oz Scott.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 37; rating 8.9


Syd hires a new doctor at the clinic to cover for her as Kyle begins to lose his battle against cancer. Meanwhile, Joanie and Robbie recruit Jim to give a lecture at the shop in hopes of scaring up customers; Kyle lost his arm to an infection; and Syd learns a disturbing secret about the new doctor.

Guest stars Annette Helde, Andrew Ducote (Ben), Andi Chapman (Nancy),
Cristine Rose (Mrs. Blake), Barry Kramer, with Dana Daurey (Heather) and Tom Verica as Kyle Moran.

Written by Antoinette Stella. Directed by Ian Toynton.

Bruce Springsteen "When You Need Me" CD: Tracks (Box Set).

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 18; season rank 19; rating 10.1; 10.2 million homes; share 18; 14.74 million viewers

10.29.99 (R 01.28.00)

Syd is unsure about Kyle's proposition to take their relationship to the next level by camping together in the Grand Canyon for two weeks; Joanie bids Doug, her goofy Barkery employee, adieu after the cops sniff him out as a dog thief. Meanwhile, Robbie - who believes Doug stole money from his wallet - kicks himself for playing matchmaker when he arranges for a clumsy friend to meet equally klutzy Heather; and Syd tries to repair her past with her mom by helping an alcoholic reconnect with her bride-to-be daughter.

Guest stars
Tom Cavanagh (Doug), Gail Strickland (Evelyn), Josh Daugherty (Charlie), Jon Simmons, Benjamin Brown, with Dana Daurey (Heather) and Tom Verica as Kyle Moran.

Written by Dana Baratta. Directed by Tony Wharmby.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 14; season rank 17; rating 10.4; 10.5 million homes; share 20; 13.83 million viewers

10.22.99 (R 01.14.00)

Joanie gets an unpleasant surprise when Hannah's father comes to her first birthday party with a new bride; Syd offers the guest house to Kyle while he undergoes chemotherapy; and Robbie gets wrapped up in a lie he told Heather about his sexuality to avoid dating her.

Guest stars
Tom Cavanagh (Doug), Eric Bruskotter (Richie), Nicole Nieth, Gareth Williams, Nancy Lenehan, Jason Hall, Kelsey Mulrooney, with Dana Daurey (Heather) and Tom Verica as Kyle Moran.

Baby Hannah is played by Emily and Elena Bodkin.

Written by Carol Mendelsohn. Directed by John Patterson.

Nielsens: rank 17; season rank 16; rating 10.7; 10.8 million homes; share 20; 14.93 million viewers

10.01.99 (R 12.10.99)

On the first anniversary of Lynda's death, the Hansens agree to celebrate her life with a memorial dinner until Jim causes a family uproar when he confesses that a missing secret letter that he wrote to his wife just before her fatal heart attack might have caused the calamity. Elsewhere, Sydney stays close to the athletic Kyle (Tom Verica) when he learns he must undergo a traumatic surgery. Joanie must make a painful decision when she discovers that the obedient employee (guest star Thomas Cavanagh) in her dog store eatery has been behaving more and more like a canine.

Guest stars
Tom Cavanagh (Doug), Annette Helda, Cynthia Mann, with Dana Daurey (Heather) and Tom Verica as Kyle Moran.

Written by Tim Kring. Directed by Ian Toynton.

Collective Soul "Needs" CD: Dosage.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 19; season rank 19; rating 10.2; 10.2 million homes; share 19; 13.83 million viewers

09.24.99 (R 12.03.99)

In the second-season opener, Syd's troubles come in threes. An out-of-control Mercedes smashes through the wall of the clinic; a confused young woman thinks Syd kidnapped her baby and holds her at gunpoint; and Helen is shot and considers a career change. Meanwhile, Kyle refuses chemo; Joanie lucks out in her hunt for an assistant but flips out when Hannah refuses to start walking; and Jim tries to help a feuding family reunite for the sake of their sick pet. 

Guest stars
Leslie Silva (Helen), Tom Cavanagh (Doug), Kathryn Morris (Molly), Molly Hagan, Kathleen Freeman, John Fugelsang, Kevin Cooney, Lou Wagner, with Dana Daurey (Heather), and Tom Verica as Kyle Moran.

Written by Robert DeLaurentis and John Masius. Directed by Michael Fresco.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsens: rank 20 (tie); season rank 16; rating 10.6; 10.7 million homes; share 20; 14.54 million viewers


Filmed in Los Angeles and Providence, R.I., by John Masius Productions in association with NBC Studios. Starring: Melina Kanakaredes, Mike Farrell, Paula Cale, Seth Peterson, Concetta Tomei. Creator: John Masius. Executive producers: John Masius, Bob DeLaurentis. Co-executive producers: Michael Fresco, Tim Kring. Supervising Producer: Monica Wyatt. Producer: Antoinette Stella. Co-producers: Kevin G. Cremin, Arturs Rusis. Music: Bennett Salvay and W.G. "Snuffy" Walden. Editors: Lance Ganderson, Robert Bramwell, Fred Peterson. Casting director: Susan Bluestein.

Title music: The Beatles' "
In My Life", performed by Chantal Kreviazuk. [Lyrics]

Baby Hannah is played by twins
Emily and Elena Bodkin.