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HEAVEN CAN WAIT #117 (Season Finale)
05.21.99 (R 09.17.99)

The series closes its first season with an emotional episode revolving around troubled teen Lilly. With Syd and the Hansens, Lilly has found a sense of security. Syd is thrilled when Kyle returns to Providence for a quick visit, but later becomes concerned when he also seeks her medical advice. Meanwhile, Jim is stunned when his assistant, Heather, quits her job, and enlists Robbie's help to convince her to stay. Joanie has a difficult time finding someone suitable to help her out at the Barkery. And, a family celebration turns tragic when a friend from Lilly's past arrives in Providence.

With guest stars
Tom Verica (Kyle), Nicki Aycox (Lilly), Dana Daurey (Heather), Carmine Giovinazzo (Kit), Fritz Sperberg.

Written by Robert DeLaurentis. Directed by Michael Fresco.

Beth Nielsen Chapman "Say Goodnight", CD: Sand and Water; Michelle Tumes "Life Is Beautiful", CD: Listen.

Rating 9.8

1998-99: 9.8 (Rating), 18 (Share), 17 (Ranking), 13.9 million (Viewers)

*Stef's Synopsis*

05.14.99 (R 09.17.99)

Syd and her father clash over her relationship with Paul when it's revealed that the District Attorney's office has begun a criminal investigation into Paul's alleged mob ties. Meanwhile, Robbie talks Joanie into filming her own cable TV commercial to promote the Barkery, and Syd tries to treat a teenage boy whose symptoms don't match his blood tests.

With guest stars
David Lee Smith (Paul), Nicki Aycox (Lilly), Dana Daurey (Heather), Tim Kelleher (Nick), Bug Hall (Jackie), Lauren Sinclair, Murphy Dunne.

Written by Carol Barbee. Directed by Ian Toynton.

Rating 9.1

*Stef's Synopsis*

05.07.99 (R 09.10.99)

Syd firmly tries to fend off the romantic advances of a handsome businessman (guest star David Lee Smith) whose family is linked to the Mob, and lavish gifts begin to wear her down while at the clinic. She diagnoses a sickly landscaper (guest star Tim Ransom) who she suspects is being poisoned by pesticides. Elsewhere among the Hansen clan: Joanie -- on the eve of her new shop opening -- becomes concerned when boyfriend/business partner (guest star Michael Reilly Burke) shows little interest in her infant daughter; Jim indulges himself when he commits to helping Lilly (guest star Nicki Aycox) rig up a Rube Goldberg contraption as part of a school project; and Robbie begins to appreciate the hidden allure of Jim's clumsy veterinary assistant (guest star Dana Daurey) in a whole new way.

With guest stars
David Lee Smith (Paul), Michael Reilly Burke (Brady), Nicki Aycox (Lilly), Dana Daurey (Heather), Cristine Rose (Cynthia), Tim Ransom (Dan), Laura Harrington (Gina), Paul O'Brien, Brad Grunberg.

Written by Melissa Gould. Directed by Michael Fresco.

Andrea Bocelli "Con Te Partiro", CD: Romanza.

Rating: 9.0

*Stef's Synopsis*

04.30.99 (R 08.27.99, 06.23.00)

A busy Syd helps an injured high school runner (guest star Brian Poth) who is driven to win at any price by his stern coach/father (guest star Michael Milhoan) even as she is romanced by the handsome son (guest star David Lee Smith) of a courtly mob boss (guest star John Capodice) whose beloved pug is treated in her dad's veterinary clinic. Elsewhere, Joanie's culinary reputation takes a hit when her vaunted meatloaf is spurned by humans but makes for a tail-wagging dogfood among the canine set.

With guest stars
David Lee Smith (Paul Rutigliata), Michael Reilly Burke (Brady), Nicki Aycox (Lilly), John Capodice (Carl), Dana Daurey (Heather), Brian Poth (Thomas), John Short, Jordon Brower, Allison Mack.

Written by Todd A. Kessler. Directed by Michael Fresco.

Andrea Bocelli "Con Te Partiro", CD: Romanza (Italian Opera).

Rating: 8.9

*Stef's Synopsis*

04.23.99 (R 08.20.99)

A wary Syd tries to do the right thing when she takes in Lilly (guest star Nicky Aycox), a troublesome teenager who is returned by her latest foster parents, but in no time, the lodger's carelessness places the entire Hansen household in jeopardy. Joanie's hopes soar when she learns that her handsome business partner (guest star Michael Reilly Burke) has broken up with his girlfriend, but their main concern however, is finding a restaurant that will let them showcase her special chowder for food distributors. Robbie comes to the rescue and risks his job when he volunteers his place of employment while the owner is away. In addition, Sydney encounters a likable elderly patient (guest star Maxine Stuart) with hidden health problems, and Jim wants to help a bedraggled stray dog give birth to her pups.

With guest stars
Michael Reilly Burke (Brady), Nicki Aycox (Lilly), Robert Cicchini, Beau Starr, Maxine Stuart, Dana Daurey (Heather), Patricia Gaul, Gary Bullock, David L. Crowley.

Written by Patty Holmes. Directed by Michael Fresco.

Jann Arden "Hangin' By A Thread", CD: Happy?

Rating: 9.5

*Stef's Synopsis*

04.09.99 (R 08.06.99)

No good deed goes unpunished. Against her better judgment, Syd can't resist reaching out to help a wayward teenager, but her efforts only complicate the manipulative young woman's relationship with her new foster parents - especially when she suddenly disappears; Joanie is agog when a major food distributor wants to buy her secret chowder if she will leave her family and move to Japan to provide quality control; and resourceful Robbie borrows more trouble when he secretly volunteers one of his dad's prized poodle patients for a day-long, lucrative TV commercial shoot that backfires.

With guest stars
Michael Reilly Burke (Brady), Nicki Aycox (Lilly), Robert Cicchini, Clyde Kusatsu (Mr. Yumada), Kurt Fuller (Michael), Jennifer Blanc, Dana Daurey (Heather), Maxine Stuart, Barry Cullison, Deborah Strang, and Peggy McCay as Mrs. Chenoweth.

Written by Andrew Gottlieb. Directed by John Patterson.

Kim Richey "Other Side Of Town", CD: Glimmer; Jessica Andrews "I Will Be There For You", CD (Single).

Rating: 9.4

04.02.99 (R 07.30.99)

An eager Syd looks forward to taking her relationship with the handsome Dr. Marcus (guest star Joe Flanigan) to the next level, but his sudden evasiveness leads her to discover his deep dark secret. Back at the clinic, Sydney befriends a waifish, self-destrutive teen (guest star Nicki Aycox) who also hasn't been entirely truthful. Elsewhere, Jim and Robbie cook up a plan to prevent a 400-pound pig mascot from becoming the main course at a company luau, and Joanie is bummed over her progress at culinary school until an ambitious classmate (guest star Michael Reilly Burke) suggests marketing her prized chowder.

With guest stars
Joe Flanigan (Dr. David Marcus), Michael Reilly Burke (Brady Pullman), Nicki Aycox (Lilly), Judith Hoag, Bruce Nozick, Kate McNeil, Ryan Francis, Rick Scarry.

Written by Todd A. Kessler. Directed by D. Randall Zisk.

Margaret Becker "Clay and Water", CD: Falling Forward

Rating: 10.1

*Stef's Synopsis*

03.19.99 (R 07.23.99)

Syd is staggered by the indecent proposal of an eccentric, elderly but lustful millionaire who offers her cash-starved medical clinic a fortune if she'll spend 48 hours traveling with him; a debt-ridden Robbie gets in deeper when he urges his injured girlfriend not to play in a key college basketball game while he secretly bets against her team; Joanie begins cooking school and falls for a mysterious fellow student who admires her "aphrodisiacal" clam chowder; Jim hires a klutzy veterinary assistant at the clinic.

With guest stars
Joe Flanigan (Dr. David Marcus), Lori Rom (Dani), Jay Acovone (Vincent), Michael Reilly Burke (Brady), Dana Daurey (Heather Tupperman), Diane Robin, Kurt Knudson, Rick Scarry, and Henry Gibson as Mr. Berry.

Written by Nell Scovell. Directed by Ian Toynton.

Rating: 9.6

03.12.99 (R 07.16.99, 04.21.00)

Syd gamely tries to help a young stripper who wants to leave her profession and have her bustline reduced to alleviate a dangerous back problem - but her abusive biker boyfriend may have other ideas. Elsewhere, Sydney's chilly relationship with a desirable chief surgeon begins to thaw quickly; Robbie's lucky dalliance with horse racing encourages him to roll the dice one too many times; and Joanie searches for the missing ingredient that could make her clam chowder a winner in the 'Taste of Providence' cooking contest.

With guest stars
Joe Flanigan (Dr. David Marcus), Lori Rom (Dani), Jay Acovone (Vincent), Nikita Ager (Rebecca), Cristine Rose (Cynthia Blake), Troy Evans, Bette Ford (Hildy), Kathleen Garrett. Special appearance by Mayor Vincent A. Cianci, Jr. as himself.

Written by Lance Gentile. Directed by Joe Ann Fogle.

Garbage "Special", CD: Special.

Rating: 10.0

02.26.99 (R 07.09.99, 04.07.00)

A panicky Syd confronts personal and professional challenges when she reluctantly agrees to step out on a blind date with a bizarre free spirit who gets struck by lightning and must interview with the state's plastic surgery board to re-certify her license - all of which results in a head-butting contest with the hospital's handsome chief surgeon. On the home front, a feverish and bedridden Jim believes he can talk to a chatty canine patient, and Robbie makes an ill-advised bet to bail out his cash-starved girlfriend.

With guest stars
Joe Flanigan (Dr. David Marcus), Victoria Tennant (Dr. Toynton), Jay Acovone (Vincent), Lori Rom (Dani), Bette Ford (Hildy), Diane Franklin, Googy Gress, Michael McKean as Sherman Smith, and Jay Leno as the voice of Lucky.

Written by Robert DeLaurentis. Directed by Michael Fresco.

Third Eye Blind "How's It Going To Be", CD: Third Eye Blind.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Rating: 10.3

02.19.99 (R 07.02.99, 03.24.00)

Syd and Joanie are shocked when they discover that their father has been secretly romancing an attractive mystery woman (guest star Michelle Phillips). Meanwhile Sydney struggles to diagnose and help a gruff ex-Marine (guest star Michael Fairman) whose symptoms indicate brain cancer. In another part of town, Robbie is smitten with an athletic college coed (guest star Lori Rom) who also stars on the school's basketball team.

With guest stars
Michelle Phillips (Blair Mason), Lori Rom (Dani), Beth Grant (Lillian), Michael Fairman (Frank).

Written by Judith Kahan. Directed by John Whitesell.

New Radicals "You Get What You Give", CD: You Get What You Give.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Rating: 10.1

02.12.99 (R 05.28.99, 03.10.00)

The Hansens are a whirlwind of activity when Joanie suddenly decides to marry the father of her child (guest star Eric Bruskotter), and while Syd strains to give her little sister the best wedding possible, she can't ignore her gnawing doubts about the marriage's chances of survival. Downstairs in his veterinarian's office, their father kindly treats a mangy stray dog brought in by a suspicious, emotionally isolated, inner-city urchin (guest star Ross Bagley) who claims he doesn't care about the hound.

With guest stars
Eric Bruskotter (Richie), Ross Bagley (Eldon), Fabrizio Filippo (Marcello), Time Winters.

Written by Todd A. Kessler. Directed by Marc Buckland.

Jars of Clay "Five Candles", CD: Much Afraid.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Rating: 11.0

02.05.99 (R 04.16.99, 03.03.00)

Syd suffers through a lack of confidence when she struggles to diagnose an ill baby, and after she almost botches a spinal tap procedure -- and the infant's condition worsens -- the seething parents (guest stars Bradford Tatum, Michelle Azar) refuse to let her get anywhere near their child. On the romantic front, Sydney's slick ex-boyfriend (guest star Patrick Fabian) arrives from Los Angeles, cell phone in hand, and tempts her at a weak moment to return to the glamorous life in L.A. In addition, veterinarian Jim notices a seductive twinkle in the eye of an appreciative female client (guest star Cristine Rose).

With guest stars
Tom Verica (Kyle Moran), Patrick Fabian (Jerry), Bradford Tatum (Kosowsky), Cristine Rose (Mrs. Blake), Margaret Welsh (Anika), Michelle Azar, Michael Winters, Larry Jenkins.

Written by Nell Scovell. Directed by John Patterson.

Beth Orten "Don't Need A Reason", CD: Trailer Park.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Rating: 9.7

01.29.99 (R 03.26.99)

Syd is frustrated when she is constantly rebuffed while trying to treat a self-destructive drug addict (guest star Alanna Ubach) whose blood tests indicate she might also be HIV-positive. Meanwhile, normally mild-mannered Jim risks going to jail and losing his veterinary license when he kidnaps a sickly chimpanzee from the city zoo to determine his mystery illness -- and prove that an obstructive zoo official (guest star Dakin Matthews) is wrong in his diagnosis. Howie Mandel guest-stars as himself when he appears in a special video valentine to Sydney from her ex-boyfriend, a Hollywood agent.

With guest stars
Patrick Fabian (Jerry), Dakin Matthews (Dick), Alanna Ubach (Darla), Lisa Waltz (Tracy), Margaret Welsh, Howie Mandel (uncredited).

Written by Lance Gentile. Directed by Ian Toynton.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Rating: 10.6

01.22.99 (R 03.05.99)

Syd endures a trial-by-fire at the medical clinic when she bonds with a wheezing young woman (guest star Renee Humphrey) whose condition rapidly deteriorates into a life-threatening emergency -- forcing Sydney to improvise with inadequate equipment until paramedics can arrive. After his wife's fatal heart attack, Sydney's father Jim sympathizes with a weak-hearted dog whose own life is threatened when it cannot accept the loss of its longtime master. Elsewhere, Joanie is dumbstruck when a handsome soap opera star (guest star Bruce Thomas) arrives at her door asking for big sister Syd.

With guest stars
Tom Verica (Kyle), Bruce Thomas (Beau), Rusty Schwimmer, Renée Humphrey (Dana), Margaret Welsh, Andi Chapman, Tom Ormeny, Lillian Adams.

Written by Robert DeLaurentis. Directed by Tucker Gates.

Loreena McKennitt "Dante's Prayer", CD: Book of Secrets; Kim Richey "Let the Sun Fall Down", CD: Kim Richey.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Rating: 10.7

01.15.99 (R 08.13.99)

Former plastic surgeon Sydney Hansen re-settles in Providence and finds her new calling while working in a low-income medical clinic where she tries to help an embittered and battered mother (guest star Ann Dowd) whose autistic child (guest star Mika Borrem) is more than she can handle. Meanwhile, Sydney's offbeat kid sister must decide on a name for her newborn daughter before the christening that day. Elsewhere, Sydney daydreams about a high school hunk (guest star Tom Verica) who steps back in her life, while she contends with her opinionated late mother who sometimes intrudes in her night dreams.

With guest stars
Tom Verica (Kyle), Ann Dowd (Mary), Mika Boorem (Zoe), Robert Cicchini, Eric Bruskotter (Richie), Kathryn Joosten, Time Winters.

Written by John Masius. Directed by Michael Fresco.

*Stef's Synopsis*

Rating: 11.2

01.08.99 (R 03.05.99)

Los Angeles plastic-surgeon-to-the-stars Dr. Sydney Hansen takes a second look at her life and decides to head back to her roots. Syd lives the lush life in California - lucrative practice, power-broker boyfriend, celebrity clients - but it isn't until she revisits her Providence, R.I., home that she realizes where her values should lie.

In the opener, Syd makes a sentimental journey when she returns home to Providence, Rhode Island, to attend her pregnant sister's wedding, but the joyous occasion turns dark when her mother dies suddenly. After the traumatic loss, Sydney realizes her emotionally distant veterinarian/father, her rascal of a baby brother and her high-maintenance sister need her more than her glitzy Beverly Hills patients -- and maybe the disconnected doctor needs them as well.

With guest stars
Tom Verica (Kyle Moran), Eric Bruskotter (Richie), Patrick Fabian (Jerry), Heather Lee (Judy), Marjorie Lovett (Annabella), Reva Rose (Mrs. Bradley).

Written by John Masius. Directed by Michael Fresco.

Title music: The Beatles "
In My Life", performed by Chantal Kreviazuk

*Stef's Synopsis*

Nielsen Rating: 13.1


Filmed in Los Angeles and Providence, R.I., by John Masius Productions in association with NBC Studios. Starring: Melina Kanakaredes, Mike Farrell, Paula Cale, Seth Peterson, Leslie Silva, Concetta Tomei. Creator: John Masius. Executive producers: John Masius, Bob DeLaurentis. Co-executive producers: Michael Fresco, Tim Kring. Producers: Monica Wyatt, Antoinette Stella, Dana Baratta. Co-producers: Kevin Cremin, Art Rusis. Supervising producer: Lance Gentil. Story editor: Elle Triedman. Consulting producer: Carol Mendelsohn. Director of photography: Anthony Palmieri. Music composer: W.G. "Snuffy" Walden. Editors: Lance Ganderson, Robert Bramwell, Fred Peterson. Casting director: Susan Bluestein.

Title music: The Beatles " In My Life", performed by Chantal Kreviazuk.