12.11.00  According to the Beck/Smith Hollywood Exclusive, Seth Peterson and actress Kylee Cochran have just become engaged, they've purchased a home in the Holllywood Hills -- and they've set a wedding date for May. "We're talking about having 150 people at the ceremony, and probably hold it at home, and do dinner someplace else." Ownership of their three-bedroom, 2,100-square-foot home has thus far proven to be a lot of work, says Seth. "We don't have a maid, we don't have a gardener. We do everything ourselves."

11.14.00  According to the Beck/Smith Hollywood Exclusive, in an episode called "The Gun," which begins filming Nov. 17, Syd treats a youth who has been shot in the stomach -- while his younger brother tries to hide the gun at their house.

10.18.00  Cast on location in Providence. More.

10.09.00  Melina on cover of TV Guide (October 14-20, 2000). More.

10.06.00  According to Variety, Jon Hamm has been cast in a continuing role as a love interest to Syd (?) More.

09.25.00  Seth Peterson in People Magazine. More.

09.25.00  ET interviews Melina Kanakaredes. More.

09.09.00  According to TV Guide, they're focusing on satisfying long-term relationships for both Syd and Joanie this season. More.

09.06.00  Rob Estes cast as Syd's physical therapist and new love interest. More.

09.04.00  To win a walk-on part on Providence, click here.

08.26.00  According to AP, "Providence" won the Emmy for Outstanding Costumes for a Series (Giovanna Ottobre Melton, Costume Designer; Sandy Kenyon, Costume Supervisor; Syd In Wonderland). Composer W.G. Snuffy Walden won the Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music for "The West Wing." Congrats!

08.20.00  According to Variety, "Providence" will begin its third season on October 20.

07.31.00  According to NBC, "Providence" will begin filming in Los Angeles on August 1 on its third season. More.

07.18.00  According to NBC, Samaria Graham, who played Izzy, a nurse practitioner who assisted Syd, returns in the same role as a full-fledged series regular next season.

06.22.00  According to Dan at Fox Family Channel, Providence will air as follows (Click here for August schedule):
07.30.00  08:00pm  Ep. No. PVD-1001...Pilot
07.30.00  09:00pm  Ep. No. PVD-1002...Home Again
07.31.00  08:00pm  Ep. No. PVD-1003...All Good Dogs Go to Heaven
07.31.00  09:00pm  Ep. No. PVD-1004...Sisters

05.25.00  It's a girl! According to Entertainment Tonight, Melina gave birth to a 7 lbs. 12 oz. baby girl on May 23. The child, which has yet to be named, is her first.  Congratulations!!!  And thanks to whoever posted the news on our Message Board the day before we found out on ET!

05.19.00  Season finale airs tonight.

05.15.00  According to NBC, Tom Cavanagh's new show, "Ed," airs Sundays on NBC this fall. More.

03.21.00  'The Phantom Menace' episode received a PRISM commendation in the TV Prime Time Drama Series Episode category. More.

03.20.00  According to Variety, Fox Family Channel has acquired the exclusive rights to 'Providence.' Beginning in August 2000 (Pilot airs on July 30), FFC will start airing the 17 episodes from the show's first season. FFC will continue to air future seasons of the series the season following their runs on NBC. More.

03.20.00  According to PRNewswire, The Women's Network and NBC have joined forces in a sweepstakes called 'Be The Star That You Are.' The sweepstakes, which begins March 24 and continues through April 24, offers one grand-prize winner a trip to Hollywood and a walk-on role on 'Providence.' More.

03.06.00  Melina told 'Entertainment Tonight' that her due date is "less than 10 weeks away."

03.05.00  Melina was voted Favorite Actress in a Drama by TV Guide readers. How cool is that? Congratulations! More.

02.09.00  'Providence' and Melina were nominated for TV Guide Awards (Favorite Drama Series/ Favorite Actress in a Drama), March 5 on FOX. More.

02.09.00  According to Variety, Joe Flanigan (Dr. Marcus) has been tapped for the lead in the NBC pilot "Sherman's March."

01.26.00  According to Variety, 'Providence' hit season highs last Friday (01/21) and equaled its hot year-earlier 18-49 score.

01.09.00  It's official! 'Providence' was the People's Choice for Favorite New Television Dramatic Series. Congratulations to the cast and crew and all the fans who voted for our favorite show! More.

12.21.99  According to Variety, Victoria Principal will guestar in three segs of 'Providence' in a role which she laughingly describes as "very Mrs. Robinson-like!" More.

12.15.99  According to 'Access Hollywood' Melina is pregnant. There are no plans to write the pregnancy into the story.

12.01.99  'Providence' was nominated for a People's Choice Award (Jan. 9, 2000, CBS) in the Favorite New Drama Series category. Fans will be able to vote online starting Monday, Dec. 6, by logging on to www.cbs.com.

11.16.99  Christmas episode: All the Hansens have big holiday plans except for Syd, who is shown what her family and Providence would be like without her, la It's a Wonderful Life.

11.02.99  According to Variety, NBC has ordered a pilot presentation of "Stuckeyville," a one-hour comedy/drama starring Thomas Cavanagh (DogBoy). More.

10.22.99  Cast and crew filmed exterior scenes in Providence for four episodes, including a two-hour Thanksgiving extravaganza ... At the marina, Tom Verica was filming the final episode of his story arc this season ... His Kyle was sailing off into the sunset, as Syd stood at the pier ... He may come back ... After Kyle's departure there will be no serious new love interest in Syd's life ... A lot of stand-alone stories ... A high school reunion where she'll see her old best friend, played by "a very special guest star." More.

10.12.99  'Providence' receives this year's Weingart Center Association's Entertainment Inspiration Award on Oct. 14. More.

10.05.99  The cast and crew of 'Providence' are filming scenes in Providence Oct. 4-8 ... Producers are planning to add strong minority role to the cast. More.

10.05.99  Doug, aka Dog Boy, will be around for more episodes. More.

09.25.99  Title song "In My Life" performed by Chantal Kreviazuk will be released in October (in Canada). More.

09.23.99  Elle Triedman, a Providence native, joined the show in May ... Baby Hannah is played by a set of 14-month-old twins, Emily and Elena Bodkin ... Dream sequences will be more lavish this season - there's a Cinderella extravaganza coming up and a World War I scene. More.

09.10.99  A two-hour Thanksgiving episode will focus--a la It's a Wonderful Life--on how things would've been if Mom hadn't died. More.

09.04.99  Dr. Helen Reynolds quits the clinic. (Leslie Silva is leaving the show.) More.

08.19.99  Kyle will be around for a third of the second season ... Dana Daurey has been added to the show as recurring character Heather. More.

07.29.99  New season starts Friday, Sept. 24.

07.16.99  Syd will get her own place. More.

05.24.99  There's going to be a two-hour 'Providence' Thanksgiving Special. (Thanks to Eric and Mayor Cianci's office for info!)