12.20.02  #511  THE ELEVENTH HOUR
SEASON FINALE; SYD PREPARES TO EMBARK ON A NEW LIFE WITH OWEN UNTIL A HOSTAGE SITUATION AT THE ER THREATENS HER MARITAL BLISS - The two-hour season finale begins two days before Syd and Owen's (George Newbern) wedding as friends and family begin to arrive and the soon-to-be-married couple struggle with several life-altering decisions. Owen is offered a partnership in a law firm in Chicago which would require them to move, but before Syd has a chance to prepare her family for the news, Owen's best man Rick (guest star John Fugelsang) spills the beans at the rehearsal dinner. The following day, a bad situation takes a turn for the worse when a young man is brought into the clinic with a bullet wound, and his father takes the ER hostage. While Syd is fighting to save the lives of her patient and her co-workers, Owen and Rick are doling out legal advice on Joanie's radio show, Robbie and Tina (Maria Pitillo) spend the day preparing the B&B for its first family Christmas and Jim struggles to even comprehend the idea of Syd leaving Providence, that is until news of the hostage situation reaches them. With the help of Dr. Baylor (guest star Jeffrey Nordling), Syd works to bring a peaceful end to the crisis at the ER, while she starts to second-guess her decision to settle down.

12.13.02  #510  EYE OF THE STORM
SYD'S GOOD INTENTIONS PUT HER IN HARMS WAY A WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING-- A devastating tornado in Tennessee interrupts Syd and Owen's final wedding preparations when Syd decides to volunteer her medical services with David (guest star Jeffrey Nordling) and Patrice (guest star Toni de Rose), but when their car is run off the road on the way to the disaster site, suddenly the danger becomes very personal. Meanwhile Joanie hires Owen to fight a cease and desist order she received on behalf of a big company that is claiming they own the rights to the name "Joanie's Barkery." At home, Jim and Hannah (Tessa Allen) struggle to come up with a toast for the wedding reception and Robbie and Tina (Maria Pitillo) get a surprise visitor while furnishing the B & B.

12.06.02  #509  THE SOUND OF MUSIC
A SIMPLE COLD GETS A LITTLE WORSE FOR SYD -- Sydney comes down with what she at first believes is a bad cold, but when she takes a turn for the worse, Owen (George Newbern) is forced to rush her to the emergency room. Joanie betrays her friend Leo's (Matt Champagne) trust when she reveals a secret about his girlfriend's habits on the radio. Meanwhile, Joanie feels terribly about her betrayal and tries to track down Leo at the "Concert on the Quad" at Whelan College, and they take a lesson from a performance by Rebecca Lynn Howard (singing her song "Forgive"). Also in the episode, Robbie takes his attempt at romance a bit too far when he hires a babysitter and signs up for dance lessons without consulting Tina (Maria Pitillo).

11.22.02  #508  LEFT-OVERS
THANKSGIVING GOES TO THE DOGS AT THE HANSEN HOME -- The Hansen family gathers to give thanks hoping to show Owen (George Newbern) a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but in classic Hansen style, holiday mayhem ensues as Robbie turns the turkey into a snack for the dog. After a disastrous dinner, Syd is forced to work all weekend causing her to miss her wedding shower. Meanwhile, Robbie and Pete (Alex D. Linz) are introduced to the neighborhood decorating committee who demand they put up their Christmas decorations immediately.

SYD LEARNS HOW MUCH THE TRUTH CAN HURT - While Syd and Owen (George Newburn) head to the county clerk's office to get their marriage license, Syd's guilt about kissing Dr. Baylor (guest star Jeffrey Nordling) starts to get the best of her. Meanwhile, Robbie tries to comfort a despondent Pete (Alex D. Linz) by inviting him to go pick up Tina (Maria Pitillo) from the hospital, only to have Tina surprise them both and show up at home a day early.

11.08.02  #506  THE HEART OF THE MATTER
LAUREN HOLLY AND BETTY WHITE GUEST STAR -- When Syd is assigned to a rotation at the women's prison she is introduced to Darla Rosario (guest star Lauren Holly), an inmate awaiting trial and a little bundle of joy. Meanwhile, Robbie's concern for Tina (Maria Pitillo) grows, as she refuses to tell him where she is, causing further heartache for Pete (Alex D. Linz) -- who blames himself for her disappearance. Elsewhere, Jim gets a visit from Julianna Shills (guest star Betty White), a wealthy but eccentric client, who brings her dog into the veterinary clinic.

HALLOWEEN WREAKS HAVOC FOR THE HANSONS -- Syd gets hit with two bombshells when she misplaces her engagement ring and Izzy (Samaria Graham) proclaims she doesn't want to leave the ER -- after they had found a temporary site for the clinic. Meanwhile, Dr. Baylor (guest star Jeffrey Nordling) consoles Syd in the wake of Dr. Augustine's (guest star Denis Arndt) rude mandate that she work a double-shift Halloween night, disappointing fiancé Owen (George Newburn), who already made plans for the couple's "fright night." Elsewhere, Robbie's lack of support in reprimanding Pete (Alex D. Linz) for vandalizing the neighbors yard with Jim and the ensuing argument pushes Tina (Maria Pitillo) to the breaking point.

10.25.02  #504  THE WEDDING PLANNER
SYD AND OWEN LOOK FOR A REPLACEMENT WEDDING OFFICIATE -- Syd continues to have pre-wedding jitters when she dreams that she performs poorly on "The Newlywed Game" TV show, complete with guest stars host Bob Eubanks and Fabio. Later, she and Owen (George Newbern) butt heads as they interview potential wedding officiates. Joanie has problems at the radio station when she interviews, Doc Crock (David Rasche, "DAG"), an animal-loving television personality. Meanwhile, Robbie tries to get Tina (Maria Pitillo) to take it easy, but instead of relaxing, she plans Pete's (Alex Linz) birthday celebration and deals with a flood at the bed and breakfast.

10.18.02  #503  CLOAK AND DAGGER
SYD MEETS OWEN'S MYSTERIOUS PARENTS -- Syd meets Owen's (George Newbern) parents (guest stars Sally Kellerman, "MASH," and John Bennett Perry, "Friends") who are very mysterious. At the hospital, Dr. Baylor (Jeffrey Nordling) and Syd treat a suicide victim and have conflicting views on fate and romance. Joanie does some investigative work to find the mysterious caller who she has been flirting with on her radio show. Jim stages a rally with other veterinarians and gets arrested, causing him to be late to Syd's engagement party. Tina (Maria Pitillo) breaks down from the stress of all that's going on in her life.

10.11.02  #502  IT'S RAINING MEN
SYD GETS POST-ENGAGEMENT JITTERS AROUND HANDSOME NEW DOCTOR -- Syd gets post-engagement jitters when she starts to notice the attractive men who seem to be everywhere, including at the hospital where she meets a handsome, world-traveling doctor, David Baylor (guest star Jeffrey Nordling "Once and Again."). Meanwhile, she and Owen (George Newbern) try to work through their small differences as they adjust to living together. Robbie gets more than he bargained for when he buys a run-own Victorian house at an auction that gives new meaning to the term "fixer upper." Joanie DJs a campus radio show. After a rocky start, she develops a nice phone relationship with one of her callers. Jim convinces a brother and sister who are managing their father's estate not to euthanize the family's horses.

10.04.02  #501  A NEW BEGINNING
SYD HAS AN IMPOSSIBLE NEW BOSS AND AN IMPOSSIBLY ROMANTIC PROPOSAL ON HER HANDS -- Syd is faced with the challenges of working at an acute care clinic ER under a very demanding boss, Dr. Bill Augustine (guest star Denis Arndt) while she also tries to come up with the funds to rebuild St. Clare's after the fire. When caring for a young victim of a bus crash prevents Syd from going to Vermont for a relaxing weekend, Owen (George Newbern) recreates a romantic fall menagerie for her in their bedroom, and poses an important question. Meanwhile, Joanie's head is spinning like a turntable her first day as an intern at the campus radio station when she gets some unexpected on-air exposure. Back at the Hansen home, Robbie's family moves in temporarily while they look for new housing and prepare for a christening. Jim is upset with Meredith (guest star Marcia Strassman) for being gone on vacation longer than she had planned and they must decide where their relationship is headed.

05.10.02  #422  OUT OF CONTROL
SYD'S STALKER TURNS UP HEAT AND STORK ARRIVES DANGEROUSLY EARLY IN SEASON FINALE -- Syd decides to stay in Owen's (guest star George Newbern) apartment as her problems with a schizophrenic stalker (guest star Matt Letscher) persist. But can Owen protect her when a suspicious fire breaks out in the clinic? Meanwhile, Tina (Maria Pitillo) has a medical emergency which forces her to give birth prematurely; romantic duelers Jackson (guest star Gildart Jackson) and Phil (guest star Dan Montgomery) compete for Joanie's affections; and Jim and Meredith (guest star Marcia Strassman) happily deliver a pregnant dog's puppies.

05.03.02  #421  SMOKE AND MIRRORS
Melissa Gilbert makes a special guest appearance as an ambitious dog-show diva who brings her pooch to the clinic for emergency grooming only to have Heather use shampoo that makes the prized show dog's hair fall out. Meanwhile, Syd moves in with Owen (guest star George Newbern) for protection when her schizophrenic patient (guest star Matt Letscher) becomes obsessed with her. When Robbie receives an eviction notice, he and Pete (Alex P. Linz) set out to find a new home before Tina (Maria Pitillo) gets back to town. Jim worries that his forgetfulness may be a sign of recurring brain injury problems and he grows closer to Meredith (guest star Marcia Strassman).

04.26.02  #420  THINGS HAVE CHANGED
The romance between Syd and Owen (guest star George Newbern) heats up, but not before one of Syd's patients, Kevin (guest star Matt Letscher), takes a strong interest in spending more time with her. Meanwhile, Joanie and her ex-professor, Jackson (guest star Gildart Jackson), begin exploring the joys of college life together. Jim attends a biker event with his new friend Georgia (guest star Marilu Henner), while Meredith (guest star Marcia Strassman) is out of town -- and ultimately must decide between the women. Robbie has his hands full when he agrees to organize a P.T.A. fundraiser.

04.19.02  #419  GREAT EXPECTATIONS
Syd -- stressed out about her first date with Owen (guest star George Newbern) -- treats a deaf girl at the clinic who has a cut on her leg and starts an intense debate between the girl's estranged parents when she suggests that she could be a good candidate for a cochlear implant which might restore her hearing. Meanwhile, Jim has a flirtation with a free-spirited woman (guest star Marilu Henner) who brings her sick orangutan to the veterinary clinic. Robbie and Tina see their baby's first ultrasound.

04.12.02  #418  GOTCHA
WILL SYD GET SOAKED? -- Syd continues to feel stressed out about her return to work at the clinic, but Owen (guest star George Newbern) convinces her to let loose and participate in a charity water pistol game. Meanwhile, Joanie tries to blend-in with a younger crowd as she braves her return to college. At home, Tina (Maria Pitillo) and Robbie attempt to do their taxes but their thoughts keep returning to baby name ideas. Pete (Alex D. Linz) has to smooth things over with Hannah (Tessa Allen) when a group of his friends accidentally destroy her dollhouse. Also, Jim and Meredith (guest star Marcia Strassman) get closer when they share a meal together.

04.05.02  #417  THE WHOLE TRUTH
SYD GETS HER DAY IN COURT -- Syd's medical malpractice trial finally begins and her life as a doctor hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Joanie becomes frustrated with the lack of adventure in her life and considers going to college. Robbie rents out O'Neill's to a group of "sorority" women and is shocked when he finds out their true profession. And Jim is faced with a howling patient at the clinic.

03.29.02  #416  LIMBO
DOG DAYS FOR SYD; MORGAN FAIRCHILD GUEST-STARS IN DREAM SEQUENCE -- Syd continues to feel like her life is adrift after being banned from practicing medicine, and dreams that she's being sold off at rock-bottom prices by a home shopping cable show host (guest-star Morgan Fairchild). On the advice of her therapist (guest star Isabella Hofmann), Syd decides to accept Joanie's offer to let her work at the Dog Barkery -- with mixed results. Meanwhile, after a few moments of miscommunication, Jim has a dinner date with his new friend, Meredith (guest star Marcia Strassman). Hannah (Tessa Allen) starts turning into a mini-diva when Joanie enters her in a beauty pagent while Robbie sees a therapist to talk about his sympathetic pregnancy symptoms.

03.22.02  #415  ACT NATURALLY
HURRAY FOR HOLLYWOOD! ART IMIATES LIFE AS THE HANSEN SISTERS CONTEMPLATE MAKING NEW STARTS IN THE LAND OF MAKE-BELIEVE -- Syd and Joanie take a trip to Los Angeles when Syd is invited to give a speech to a group of UCLA medical students. While there, Syd meets up with her ex-boyfriend Jerry Kaufman (guest star Patrick Fabian ) who has become a network hotshot. Jerry takes Syd to the set of his first television pilot, "Stamford," which bares more than a slight resemblence to Syd's life in Providence. Additionally, Syd contemplates returning to Los Angeles permanently when she is offered a job at an international foundation. Meanwhile, Joanie has her own Hollywood adventure when she gets cast in an ill-fated horror movie. And back in Providence, Jim gets his driver's license back and ends up buying a motorcycle, while Robbie looks for a car that is more appropriate for his growing family.

02.01.02  #414  ALL THE KING'S MEN
Syd's samaritan efforts to help gang member escape could ruin her career -- Syd tries to help a young man escape the tentacles of a street gang but when he is shot and comes to her for help, she is mistakenly implicated in the crime -- which does not help her pending malpractice case and could cost Syd her priceless medical license. Meanwhile, an upset Joanie re-examines her relationship with Phil (guest star Dan Montgomery) when he takes a new job in Denver; Jim and Sam's (guest star Cress Williams) plan to open an expanded veterinary clinic appear to be derailed; and when a starstruck Robbie becomes the manager of a struggling glam-rock band left over from the 1980s, his wife Tina (Maria Pitillo) frets that he might lapse back into his earlier irresponsible ways. Ex-rocker Michael Des Barres and Lindsay Crouse guest-star.

01.25.02  #413  THE GOOD FIGHT
Syd meets the attractive, brilliant attorney Owen Frank (guest star George Newburn) who will defend her in the malpractice suit and faces a will stronger than her own. Joanie is apprehensive about taking her relationship with Phil (Dan Montgomery) to a more physical level. Robbie and Tina (Maria Pitillo) try to play cupids with Pete (Alex D. Linz) and his tomboy friend, Nicky (guest star Brenda Grate). Jim performs surgery on a patient for the first time since his injury and does so well that Sam (Cress Williams) tells him he no longer needs a "shadow".

01.18.02  Pre-empted (Roots' 25th Anniversary)

01.11.02  #412  SHADOW PLAY
In the wake of her malpractice suit, Syd is shadowed at St. Clare's Clinic by one of it's snoopy board members, Dr. Mincus (guest star Larry Miller). Similiarly at the vet clinic, Jim returns to work part-time under the watchful eye of Sam (guest star Cress Williams). Tina (Maria Pitillo) seeks Syd's professional advice and learns she may have to consider surgery if she hopes to conceive a child. Robbie becomes a full partner at O'Neill's. Joanie and Phil (guest star Dan Montgomery) use their talents for fighting the system to help a father (guest star Peter Onorati) whose son (guest star Scott Terra) needs more assistance than his school is willing to give him.

Syd is personally and professionally stunned by a malpractice suit brought on by a high-risk pregnancy patient (guest star Ashley Johnson) and in turn questions her recent decision to end therapy sessions with Dr. Dunseith (guest star Isabella Hofmann). In the meantime, Joanie and Phil (guest star Dan Montgomery) go rock wall climbing as platonic friends, but soon realize that the tension between them isn't just in the ropes. Jim begins an independent living program at the rehab center and can return to work at the vet clinic part-time if Sam (guest star Cress Williams) shadows him. Meanwhile, Jim uses a pet kitten to help his friend Meredith (guest star Marcia Srassman) realize that she never has to live alone. And something is cooking at O'Neill's when Robbie creates a salad dressing that inadvertently induces labor pains in pregnant customers. Amid the expectant customers, Tina (Maria Pitillo) suspects she may be pregnant herself.

12.28.01  #316  LOVE STORY (R)
Syd's lovelorn life gets a needed lift when she meets a hunky young single father (guest star David Sutcliffe) but their relationship is jolted whne she learns that he has a congenital heart condition that causes him to suffer blackouts -- and one day soon will end in sudden death. Elsewhere, an uncertain Joanie poses as the happy girlfriend of her gay assistant Elliot (guest star Scott Thompson) in order to secure a building expansion loan from a bank officer (guest star Steven Barr) while Robbie's newfound romance with the unpredictable Tina (guest star Maria Pitillo) proves to be a roller-coaster ride.

12.14.01  #410  THE MATING DANCE
At the suggestion of her therapist, Syd participates in an evening of "Speed Dating" while Joanie becomes a contestant on the romantic reality show "Blind Date" hosted by Roger Lodge (appearing as himself) while Phil (guest star Dan Montgomery) babysits Hannah (Tessa Allen) -- and while her date turns out to be the wrong guy, Joanie still has a chance for romance. Robbie sells his skis to buy a new sewing machine for Tina (Maria Pitillo), who sells her own sewing machine to buy ski tickets for Robbie. Meanwhile, Jim makes a new female friend at rehab.

11.23.01  #409  GOBBLE GOBBLE
Jim's rehabilitation requires him to travel on a bus to do his errands but when he decides to do a Good Samaritan deed for the bus driver's grandmother, he ends up accepting a ride from some rough dudes -- and an unknowing Syd grows frantic when he doesn't return on time. Meanwhile: St. Clare's loans its space for a charity Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the Daughters of the Mayflower allowing Syd to treat their chairwoman -- whose lineage might be suspect; Joanie and Hannah take a ride in the country and end up saving a turkey; Robbie's well-intentioned plan to surprise Tina with a big family holiday dinner goes up in smoke.

11.16.01  #408  ROCKY ROAD
Syd has second thoughts about seeing her new therapist (guest star Isabella Hofmann) and becomes alarmed when she stops seeing visions of her mother, Lynda. At the rehab center, Jim makes good progress and in turn helps a friend (guest star David Marciano) who is frustrated with the slow pace of his own recovery. Meanwhile, Joanie finally gets financial satisfaction from her father's insurance company and helps a new friend (guest star Carol Potter) wage a similar battle against the HMO. Elsewhere, Robbie's attempts to be more of a friend than a father to Pete (guest star Alex D. Linz) results in a trip to the emergency room.

11.09.01  #407  THE HONEYMOON'S OVER
Newlyweds Robbie and Tina (Maria Pitillo) grow increasingly frustrated with the airlines, and each other, when travel problems arise and it seems that they'll never make it to Miami for their honeymoon while Jim returns to rehab and makes some painful revelations to his new coach (guest star Lindsay Crouse) about his feelings towards Syd. Likewise, Syd begins to realize that her father's condition has been taking an emotional toll on her, and that she needs to seek help to deal with it. Elsewhere, Joanie finds herself with too much time on her hands and decides to look up an old friend from school.

11.02.01  #406  BEST MAN
Robbie and Tina's (guest star Maria Pitillo) wedding is marred when best man Jim becomes flustered while toasting the happy couple and accidentally hits the groom. Earlier, Syd is furious with Robbie for letting Jim get drunk at the bachelor party. Likewise, Robbie is annoyed by Syd's thoughtless wedding gift. Meanwhile, Tina's wisecracking father (guest star Peter Jason), youth-obsessed mother (guest star Stephanie Faracy) and mischevious twin brothers (guest stars Randy Sklar and Jason Sklar) add to the chaos of the big event. Additionally, Hannah (Tessa Allen) is on a quest to find Joanie a Prince Charming.

10.26.01  #405  CIVIL UNREST
As election day draws near, Syd sees nothing positive about negative campaign tactics used by Joe Connelly (guest star Steven Eckholdt) and begins to seriously question his integrity. Meanwhile, an increasingly hostile Pete (guest star Alex D. Linz) realizes Robbie really cares for him when Pete accidentally sets fire to the apartment and Robbie saves him. Elsewhere, during an unsupervised moment at the clinic, Jim administers an injection to a dog and the animal goes into cardiac arrest when Dr. Malaga (guest star Cress Williams) unwittingly gives the dog another shot of the same drug. Later at home, Joanie gives Jim an herbal supplement, not knowing it could cause an ulcer.

10.19.01  #404  YOU CAN COUNT ON ME
Syd begins having separation anxiety from Joe (guest star Steven Eckholdt) who is on the campaign trail, which leads her to consider moving to Washington if he wins the election. Meanwhile, Syd must also treat a young man (guest star Alex Cruz) who must recover from a bicycle accident before he can donate bone marrow to his dying sister (guest star Daniella Garcia). At home, Joanie gets a much needed break when Robbie offers to watch Jim and Hannah (guest star Tessa Allen); Joanie spends the day bonding with Tina (guest star Maria Pitillo) as the future sisters-in-law plan Robbie and Tina's wedding; and when Jim discovers Dr. Sam Magala (guest star Cress Williams) has been hired to run the vet clinic, he decides to go back to work, with mixed results.

10.12.01  #403  IMPULSE CONTROL
Syd and Joe's (guest star Steven Ekholdt) relationship is strained when Syd becomes better acquainted with his estranged wife Erica (guest star Christina Haag) and the two women discover that they like each other. Brought together through volunteer work for breast cancer research, Erica asks Syd to consult on her friend Lynn's (guest star Allison Smith) breast reconstructive surgery. Meanwhile, Joanie struggles with financial problems caused by Jim's HMO coverage, or lack thereof. Jim discovers the joys of home shopping on cable television which adds to Joanie's concerns. Joanie and Heather (guest star Dana Daurey) interview a temporary replacement for Jim to run the vet clinic and decide to hire Dr. Sam Magala (guest star Cress Williams). Robbie tries to help Tina's (guest star Maria Pitillo) son Pete (guest star Alex D. Linz) with a school science project but meets with Pete's resistance to embrace a "father/son" relationship.

10.05.01  #402  HOME SWEET HOME
Syd is reluctant to accept Joe's (guest star Steven Ekholdt) invitaton to join him for an evening of romance in the public eye at a glamorous political event. Meanwhile at the clinic, Syd struggles to reconcile a patient (guest star Johnny Whitworth) who has full-blown AIDS, with his estranged father (guest star Frederick Coffin.) On the homefront, an exhausted Joanie butts heads with Jim's new home therapist (guest star Debi Morgan). Robbie avoids dealing with family issues by busying himself with do-it-yourself projects at Tina's (guest star Maria Pitillo) apartment.

09.28.01  #401  DAD (SEASON PREMIERE)
When Jim returns home to recuperate from a serious head injury after being shot in last season's finale, Syd, Joanie and Robbie clash over each other's reactions to the changes in their father. Syd believes Jim needs more help than they can provide at home, Joanie thinks he needs to be surrounded by loved ones in his own environment while Robbie is detached and angry over the "loss" of the father he knew. Besides trying to keep the peace in her family, Syd must also deal with a neurotic patient (guest star Kathyrn Joosten, Mrs. Landingham on NBC's The West Wing") who believes television characters are real people.

05.18.01  #322  FALLING (SEASON FINALE)
Syd's budding romance with a married congressman (guest star Steven Eckholdt) might soon wilt when she is confronted by his estranged wife (guest star Christina Haag) and soon after receives revealing photos of their public trysts from an unknown source that threaten to derail his fast-track career. Elsewhere among the Hansen clan, Robbie's relationship with Tina (guest star Maria Pitillo) falters when they are embarrassed by a waiter who mistakenly presents them with someone else's engagement ring during dinner. Joanie is thrilled to "accidentally" meet her ex-fiancée Burt (guest star Jon Hamm) in a restaurant.

05.11.01  #321  RULE NUMBER ONE
Syd tries to deny her mutual romantic attraction with a handsome -- and married -- congressman (guest-star Steven Eckholdt) in their uphill fight to urge a major pharmaceutical firm to continue research on a wonder drug that can save infant lives, even if it means appearing before a noisy House committee in Washington, D.C. Back home, Robbie gets the kissoff from Tina (guest star Maria Pitillo) when her nasty ex-husband (guest star Jim Pirri) threatens to exploit their relationship to gain custody of their young son. Jim is proud of his narcotic-sniffing Fearless when the pup finds a huge cache of cocaine, but the heroics might cost the canine's life.

05.04.01  #320  TRIAL & ERROR
Syd crusades to compel a huge pharmaceutical company to continue clinical tests of a wonder drug that could cure a rare but deadly childhhood disease, but just when she thinks she's found a powerful ally in a handsome congressman (guest star Steven Eckholdt), she discovers that he has political ties to the duplicitous drug firms. Elsewhere: Robbie is deflated to learn that his girlfriend Tina (guest star Maria Pitillo) wants to reconcile with her ex-husband (guest star Jim Pirri); Jim laments turning his gifted pooch Fearless over to the police to be trained as a narcotics-sniffing dog; Joanie helps Elliot (guest star Scott Thompson) find out if there's any mutual interest in a winsome waiter (guest star Rick Peters).

04.27.01  #319  MEET JOE CONNELLY
A single-minded Syd fights the system when she treats a deathly sick baby boy suffering from failure to thrive and her only hope is to convince a major pharmaceutical company to provide a precious life-saving drug -- but she can't seem to free her way through the red tape. Meanwhile, Syd encounters a handsome, helpful congressman (guest star Steven Ekholdt) whose field office is next door and Robbie hopes to rough it when he sweeps Tina (guest star Maria Pitillo) off to a mountain cabin until natural disasters make them feel like the Out-of-Towners." Elsewhere: Joanie urges Elliot (guest star Scott Thompson) to inform his visiting mother about his sexual preference, and Jim suspects that listless Fearless might be one "unfulfilled" dog.

04.20.01  #318  MAGICIAN
Syd, Joanie and Robbie are surprised by the appearance of their rich and aloof grandfather (guest star Josef Sommer) who entices each of them with a huge cash sum if they all agree to work for him in faraway locations -- and while each has a gaping need for money, they weigh his offer with suspicion. Meanwhile, while Syd needs a financial infusion to save St. Claire's from the wrecking ball, she remembers how her grandfather broke her mother's heart. In addition, Jim travels to Chicago to consider his own monetary inducement to wage a campaign against puppy mills.

04.13.01  #309  BIG NIGHT (R)
An anguished Syd is forced to recall a repressed childhood memory of her late mother Lynda's flirtation with a neighbor while she nurses a dying elderly woman (guest star Eileen Ryan) who struggles to remain alive long enough to reconciliate with her arriving daughter. Elsewhere: Joanie poses as Syd at a pharmaceutical convention in order to get her sister some much-needed drug samples but winds up in jail with a gaggle of hookers; Robbie mistakenly ends up playing a serious game of cards with some mob wiseguys; and Jim turns the house upside down when he becomes obsessed with ousting a playful but evasive mouse.

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