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A Providential Meeting by Kalinanew
A Minor Miracle by Rebeccanew
Picture Perfect by Ashley & Sarah
Ship of Dreams by Tracy & Rebecca
The Return of David by Amanda
An Unexpected Surprise by Rebecca and Tracy
Good Enough by Mary Ellen
Making Friends by Rebecca
Meeting Again by Rebecca
And Down Came The Rain by Zerra
Girl Trouble by Sarah & Ashley
Syd in Seattle by Kelly
Raindrops by Tracy & Brittney
A Hectic Day by Karen
Houseguests by Tracy & Rebecca
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Ashley & Sarah
Syd Goes ER Style by Rebecca
Northern Lights by Tracy
Doctor Sydney Hansen: Mother of teen twins by Sarah & Ashley
Hostage by Rebecca
Skiing Syd by Sarah
Syd Meets The Camden Family by Rebecca
Return Of An Old Friend by Rebecca
Finding Out The Truth by Rebecca
An Unknown Fact by Rebecca
The Change by Rebecca
Alternate Ending To Season Finale by Kelly
Newport Summer by Hollie
Calm Before The Storm by Hollie

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