An Unknown Fact

By Rebecca

This is Rebecca again with yet another story. I just thought I'd mention Lilly again. I thought it would be cool to figure out that Lilly had a long lost twin. I hope you enjoy the story. I wanted to bring Lilly back since it's the one year antiversery of her death. Hope you enjoy.


Sydney Hansen smiled as she finished reading the last chapter of "Lilly's Crossing" She had found the book at the library and thought it had looked good. Syd closed the book and started to get up when she heard a voice behind her.

"Syd don't act like Lilly didn't exist," came Lyndia's voice. "Admitt it Syd, you can't go one day without thinking about Lilly."

"Mother that's not true," Syd said. "OK, I admitt it, I have thought about her a lot over the past week. It is the one year antiversery of her death. I miss her Mom, I don't know why but..." Syd was cut off.

"You miss her for the same reason you miss me dear. You miss her because you cared for her. Lilly made a mistake and she knows it. Oh, yeah she said to tell you hello," Lyndia said sitting down in a chair.

"You talked to Lilly?" Syd asked, giving Lyndia a look that said tell me more.

"Yes, we have lunch together everyday," Lyndia said.

"Why wasn't she there when I was, you know in a coma?" Syd asked.

"She was out shopping with her mom," Lyndia said. She got up to leave. "Sorry to cut this little chat short dear but I have to run. I promised Lilly's mom I'd take her to a movie while she goes and gets her hair cut."

"Mother, you never told me how she's doing," Syd said. "I want to know."

"Sorry dear, maybe some other time," Lyndia said and then she was gone.

"Mother!" Syd screamed.

Syd awoke with a start and sighed. She soon realized that last week had been the antiversery of Lilly's death and Syd had been in a coma. Syd sighed and dressed quickly. After dressing Syd went into the kitchen to find Joanie up and making breakfast.

"Morning," Syd said sitting down at the bar. "Joanie did you know that last week was the antiversery of Lilly's death?"

"Syd I completely forgot. With you in the hospital and everything else that was going on it totally slipped my mind," Joanie said turning to face her sister. "I'm sorry Syd."

"It's OK, hey I didn't remember until Mom told me this morning," Syd said getting up and pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Do you think Mom knows Lilly?" Joanie asked getting Hannah, who had started to wine out of her high chair.

"I suppose," Syd says putting her coffee cup in the sink. "Where are Dad and Robbie?"

"Dad is already downsatirs and Robbie is no where to be seen," Joanie said.

Syd checked her watch and grabbed her coat and purse. "I have to go, Izzy probably needs help opening up." Syd kissed Hannah on the forehead.

"Bye Syd," Joanie said.

Syd waved and headed for the clinic. When she got to the clinic she found Izzy at the front desk a stack of files in her hand.

"Good morning Dr. Hansen," Izzy said cheerfully.

"Morning," Syd said heading toward the office. "What do you have for me?"

"A sixteen year old in two named Emily complaining of a stomach ache, a four year old in one who busted his head open," Izzy said.

"I'll take the sixteen year old, thanks Izzy," Syd said heading toward room two after putting her stuff away in the office. Syd pulled the curtin aside and saw the girl who looked exactly like Lilly. Syd tried to clear her head to make sure she wasn't seeing things. She took two deep breaths and slowly walked into the room. "Hi I'm Dr. Hansen, you must be Emily?"

"Yeah, I've had a really bad stomach ache for the past few days. I tried taking something for it but I keep throwing everything I eat and drink, including the medicine,' Emily said.

"You probably have that nasty stomach flu that's been going around. Have you had a fever at all?" Syd asked as she listened to Emily's heart and looked into her eyes and nose. Syd thought that Emily's voice sounded exactly like Lilly's. Emily looked identical to Lilly and Syd wondered if there was a secret Lilly hadn't told Syd.

"Yes, it was 99.9 an hour ago," Emily said.

"Why don't we check and make sure it hasn't gone up," Syd said. She stuck the thamomentor in Emily's ear. "Don't worry, this will only take a second. So, Emily do you live around here?"

"No, I jsut moved here from Oklahoma about a week ago. I'm not even enrolled in school yet. I was adopted when I was a baby and my parents wanted me to see as much of where I was born as possible," Emily said.

Syd took the thamomentor out of Emily's ear and checked her temperature. "You're fever's rising. I'm going to put you on some medication that should make you feel better soon." Syd filled out the proscription. "How old are you Emily?"

"I jsut turned seventeen last month," Emily said getting off the examine table.

"I would like to see you back here within a week," Syd said. She wanted to get to know Emily and see if she knew if she even had a twin. Syd handed Emily the proscription.

"Thanks Dr. Hansen," Emily said. "I'd better be going, I told my mom I'd be back at the apartment by ten."

Syd watched the girl leave. Emily looked exactly like Lilly and Syd wondered if Lilly had had a twin she hadn't known about or had kept secret? Syd tried to push the thought out of her mind so that she could concentrate on her other patients.

At the Barkary Joanie was putting freshly cooked dog bisckets into a jar when the door opened. Joanie smiled when she saw Burt, carrying his puppy.

"Hi, what are you doing here?" Joanie asked giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I was jsut on my way to the station and thought I'd swing by. I came by to see if you wanted to grab lunch later?" Burt asked.

"Sure, we can go eat at O'Neils," Joanie said. She closed the jar and gave Burt a hug. "I wanted to thank you for being so supportive when Syd was in a coma. You really helped me out a lot and I"m sorry I haven't been the worlds best girlfriend lately."

"I understand, believe me. My brother was in a coma when I was fourteen. He wasn't as lucky as your sister though," Burt said.

"Burt I'm sorry," Joanie said, her tone softening,

"That's OK, it was a long time ago," Burt said. He haded for the door. "I have to get to the station. I'll see you at O'Neils at noon."

"Great," Joanie said smiling.

Back at the clinic Syd sighed as she hung up the phone. She had jsut called the DCYF to see if they could track down any other living relatives that Lilly might have had. the DCYF had not located anyone and Syd was frustrated. How was she going to find out if Emily was Lilly's twin. Sighing, Syd grabbed her coat and purse. She needed a break and lunch would be a good excuse to get away for awhile. Syd asked Ixzy if she still needed her and Izzy told her no. Syd informed her coworker about the posability of a former patient having a twin.

"And Lilly is dead?" Izzy asked.

"Yes, she was killed in an accident over a year ago," Syd said. "I have to know if this girl is her twin. Maybe I can get a little background on whre she was from. Emily said she was adopted when she was a baby and jsut moved here from Oklahoma a week ago."

"That's going to be hard information to get. Emily may not want to talk about her personal life," Izzy said. "Go on, I've got things under control here."

"Thanks Izzy, I'll be back within an hour," Syd said heading toward the door. She turned around. "If I'm not back within an hour, page me."

"Will do," Izzy said waving.

When Syd arrived at O'Neils she saw Robbie behind the bar and waved to him. Robbie motinoed for her to come over and Syd walked over to the bar and sat down.

"What are you doing on this side of town?" Robbie asked. "I figured you'd be at the clinic?"

"I was but I decided to take my lunch break a little early," Syd said.

"Great, so what can I get you?" Robbie asked.

"A hamburger and a water," Syd said.

"Sure, be right back," Robbie said and hurried off toward the back.

Syd gazed around the busy bar. O'Nails seemed busier than normal. Then Syd saw a familior face. Emily was sitting near the bar at a booth with a lady who Syd guessed was her mother. Then Emily got up and was heading this way.

"Dr. Hansen, I didn't expect to see you here. Don't worry I'm not eating I'm just here with my mom," Emily said. "Are you on lunch break?"

"Yeah, listen Emily can I talk to you for a minute?" Syd asked not wanting to lead into the question directly.

"Sure," Emily said. She sat down beside Syd.

"This may sound a little weird and kind of personal but do you know if you had a twin. I remember you telling me you were adopted?" Syd asked.

"Not that I recall but I think my mom said something about me havng a twin. She said something about us being seporated," Emily said. "I'm not really sure if I do or not? Why do you ask?"

"No reason, I was jsut wondering. You just an aweful lot like someone I knew," Syd said hardly notcing that Robbie had brought her food.

"Who?" Emily asked. "I'm jsut wondering."

"Her name was Lilly Gallagher, she was from Oklahoma as well. She had been an orphan since she was nine. they put her in foster care but she ran away and came here," Syd said taking a sip of her water.

"I haven't seen anyone that looks like me yet but I"ve only been here a week," Emily said. "I don't really know anyone yet?"

"Oh, Lilly was killed in an accident over a year ago," Syd said. "I'm sorry I didn't meant o sound nosy. When I saw you in the clinci this morning, you kind of reminded me of Lilly. Actually at first I thought I was seeing things."

Emily laughed. "I can understand how that can happen."

"Thanks for talking with me, I know you probably want to get back to your mom," Syd said.

"No problem, it was fun. Maybe we can hook up some other time and you can tell me more about Lilly," Emily said.

"Yeah, and don't forget you come see me in a week," Syd said.

"I won't and I let my mom know," Emily said standing up. "I got my proscription filled already and have already taken it. That's why I feel well enough to be here." Emily waved and went to join her mom.

Syd smiled and turend back to her food. She saw Robbie give her a strange look. "Don't ask it's a long story?"

"Who was that?" Robbie asked as he cleaned the counter.

"A patient of mine, I think she might be Lilly's twin," Syd said.

"Lillly had a twin?" Robbie asked.

":I don't know, that's what I want to find out," Syd said. She took a bite of her hamburger. "Maybe Joanie has a picture she took of Lilly one time when they went on their shopping sprees?"

"Speaking of which, here she is now," Robbie said.

Syd turned around and saw Joanie coming toward them. She checked her watch, Eleven-thirty, Syd only had thirty minutes before she had to get back to the clinic. "Joanie, over here."

Joanie waved and headed toward the bar. "Hi Syd, what are you doing here. Are you on your lunch break already?" Joanie hung her coat on a chair and sat down.

"Yeah, do you have a date with Burt?" Syd asked.

"Yes, but he won't be here until twelve," Joanie said.

"Hey, sis what can I get you?" Robbie asked.

"A hamburger and a water," Joanie said.

"Are you and Syd sharing the same brain today, that's the exact same thing she ordered," Robbie said.

"Cut it out Robbie," Joanie said.

"One burger coming up," Robbie said and he disappeared into the back once again.

"Joanie can I ask you a question?" Syd asked her sister as Joanie ate some of Syd's fries.

"Sure, what's up?" Joanie asked, her mouth full of fries.

"Do you have a picture of Lilly by any chance?"

"I think so, Why?" Joanie asked.

"I had a patient come in the clinic this morning. She looked exactly like Lilly, I'm talking identical. I think Lilly might have had a twin," Syd said taking a sip of her water.

"You think Lilly could have had a twin?" Joanie asked, not believing what she was hearing.

"Yeah, the girl's name is Emily. When I talked to her a few minutes ago she said she was adopted and jsut moved here from Oklahoma. That's where Lilly was from, remember?" Syd asked.

"Yeah, yeah, She said she was going to Florida origionally but landed here becasue that's how far the truck driver was going," Joanie said starting to catch on to what Syd was saying.

"She's here Joanie, sitting over there near the window," Syd said pointing toward the right side of the bar.

"Wow, she does look like Lilly. You're right, I would have easily mistaken her for Lilly," Joanie said turnign back around to eat her food. "So what are you going to do about it?"

"Well, first I'm going to see if I can track down any past medical records of Lilly's and then I'm going to see if they match with Emily's. The mother couldn't have given them up right away."

"It's possible," Joanie said.

"Yeah, but Lilly said that her mother died when she was nine and she didn't mention anything about being adopted," Syd said as Robbie cleared her plate.

"Maybe she didn't know?" Joanie said takng a bite from her hamburger.

"Maybe, I'm going to try to find out more when I get back to the clinic." Syd looked at the clock. "Speaking of which, that's where I have to head now. I'll see you at home." Syd grabbed her coat and purse and headed for the door.

"Tell me what you find out and I'll give you the photo of Lilly tonight when I get home," Joanie said.

"OK, bye," Syd said and was out the door.

On her way into the clinic Syd felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She turend around to see Emily standing behind her.

"Emily what are you doing here? Do you still not feel well?" Syd asked, concern in her voice.

"No, it's not that, I feel fine. I was thinkng about what you said back at O'Nails and I told my mom about it. She said that Lilly was adopted too and that she met the mother who adopted her."

"Lilly's mother is dead," Syd said walking into the busy clinic, Emily right behind her.

"Oh, well I think I am her twin. If you have a picture of her I think I can tell," Emily said.

Syd thought for a moment. Joanie said that she'd had one but Syd didn't know if she did. Then Syd remembered she had a photo of her and Lilly at the park. Syd went back into the office, Emily following. She reached into her locker and pulled out the photo.

Emily stared at the photo. She felt as if she were looking into a mirror. "You were right Dr. Hansen, I do have a twin Lilly was my twin. Thiank you so much for helping me find a lttle piece of my past. I've been trying to find my birth parents for years. You just gave me a clue." Emily gave Syd a big hug. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, and promise me that you'll keep in touch, I'll give you both my numbers." Syd wrote down her work and home phone number and gave it to Emily.

"I will, and I have to go tell my mom the news," Emily said and hurried out the door.

That night Syd was asleep on the couch when she felt a tap on the shoulder. She awoke to find her mother standing beside her, along with Lilly.

"You had quite a day dear," Lyndia said. "Thanks to you Lilly now knows she was a twin."

"Yeah, you helped me out a lot Syd, again," Lilly said. She gave Syd a hug. "I'm so glad to see you again."

"I've missed you so much," Syd said squeezing Lilly's hand. "Do you know who your real mother is now?"

"Yep, she's a reporter and lives in New York," Lilly said. "Keep an eye on Emily for me and I'll keep an eye on you."

"Thanks and I won't let anything happen to Emily," Syd said as Lilly sat down beside her on the couch.

"I can't believe Hannah is walking. How is Joanie and Robbie?" Lilly asked.

"Joanie is fine, she actually has a new boyfriend named Burt but I don't want to get into all that," Syd said.

"Syd are you okay, I heard you were in a coma a few weeks ago?"

"I'm fine, and I ddin't see you when I had my little encounter with life before heaven,' Syd said.

"I was busy, but your mom told me you'd been there," Lilly said. Then a beeper went off and Lilly unclipped it from her pocket. "That's me, mother calling. Guess I"m late. I hve to go Syd but I'll try to be back soon."

"bye Lil, it was so nice seeing you again," Syd said giving her a hug.

Syd awoke with a start. Now she knew the whole story behind Lilly Gallagher's life. Syd smiled and closed her eyes once more. She was happy to know the ending of that story and a new one was about to begin.


2000 Rebecca

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