Finding Out the Truth

By Rebecca

This is Rebecca. I just thought it would be neat to see what Syd's reaction was if she found out Lilly had a twin. Hope you enjoy. I just learned that my other story about the same topic was sent so forgive me if I have two stories with the same topic.


Sydney Hansen sighed as she finished the last chapter of Lilly's crossing. She had heard about the book from one of her patients and had wanted to read. Now as Syd thought back through the story she couldn't help but think that Lilly in the story acted a little bit like Lilly Gallagher. Then Syd realized that it was past the one year antiversery of Lilly's death.

"OK, so you don't want to admitt it but you're thinking about Lilly," came Lyndia's voice from beside Syd.

"No, I"m not," Syd said. "OK, maybe a little. Hey, mom I have a question for you. Why wasn't Lilly at Paradise inn when I was there?"

"Lilly was out shopping that day," Lyndia said. "She said to tell you hi, speaking of which I have to get going." Lyndia stood up to leave but Syd stopped her.

"Mom, can't you stay a little longer," Syd pleaded, starting to sound like a five year old who didn't want her mommy to leave.

"Sorry dear but I have to get back. I promised Lilly I'd teach her how to play Bridge," Lyndia said and then she was gone.

Syd awoke with a start. She hadn't realized it was past the one year antiversery of Lilly's death until yesterday when Joanie jsut happen to mention it. Syd dressed and went into the kitchen. She found Jim and Joanie already there making breakfast and reading the newspaper.

"Morning Syd," Joanie said sitting Hannah in her high chair. "Want some pancakes?"

"No, thanks I'm not that hungary," Syd said pouring herself a cup of coffee. "Do you guys realize that we totally missed Lilly's one year antiversery of her death?"

"Syd I totally forgot, with you in the hospital and all my other worries," Joanie said. "Sorry."

"It's OK, it jsut came to me in my sleep. I haven't even thought of her until now," Syd put her coffee mug in the sink and grabbed her coat and purse. "I'm out of here, I'm going to help Izzy open up. I'll try to be home for dinner."

"Bye," Jim said.

"Bye Dad," Syd said kissing her father on the forehead.

When Joanie got to the Barkary later that morning she found Burt on the porch outside the Barkary. "Hi, what are you doing here I thought you'd be at work?"

"I"m fixing to head over to the station. I just wanted to stop by and see if you wanted to go grab a bite at O'Nails this afternoon?"

"That sounds great, I'll meet you there at noon," Joanie said giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Bye, see you at noon," Burt said and walked downt the street.

Joanie smiled, she had the best boyfriend in tbe world.

"Hey, Izzy what do you have for me?" Syd asked a few minutes after she'd reached the clinic.

"A sixteen year old in two complaining of a head ache and a one year old in three with an ear ache. I'll take the one year old," Izzy said.

"Thanks," Syd said taking the file for the sixteen year old. Syd headed toward room two and threw open the curtain. She let out a little gasp at what she saw. On the table sat a girl who looked identical to Lilly. Syd took two deep breaths trying to calm her nerves. She walked slowly into the room. "Hi, I'm Dr. Hansen you must be Emily?" \

"Yeah," Emily said.

"The nurse says you've been complaining of headaches?" Syd asked as she checked Emily's heart and eyes.

"Yeah, I keep takng Tylenol for it but it won't go away," Emily said.

"I"m going to give you a shot to make them go away. I'd like to run a few tests just to make sure we don't have something more serious. I jsut came out of a coma a few weeks ago from a bad headache," Syd said preparing the needle.

"You're starting to scare me," Emily said. She looked at the needle and then at Syd. "Is that going to hurt?"

"It might when it first goes in," Syd said. "Why don't you lie down for me." Emily laid down and Syd injected the needle into her side. "How old are you Emily?"

"I'm seventeen, and I just moved here a week ago. I'm from Oklahoma. I was adopted at birth and my parents wanted me to see as much of where I was born as possible."

Syd took out the needle and helped Emily sit up. "That should make you feel better, if you still have the headaches then come back and see me. Otherwise I hope you feel better. I don't have to run any tests, but if that headache doesn't ease of within a few days then come back and I'll see if we're dealing with anything more serious."

"Thanks Dr. Hansen," Emily said and walked toward the door.

Syd watched the girl go and sighed. She looked identical to Lilly and Syd wondered if Lilly had had a twin she didn't know about or had kept secret? Syd sighed and walked toward the office. She wanted to call social services and find Lilly's medical records but Syd knew she had patients waiting.

Three hours later Syd was finishing her last patient before lunch when Izzy tapped her on the shoulder.

"Dr. Hansen you can take your lunch break if you want. I can handle things until you get back," Izzy said.

"Thanks Izzy," Syd said heading toward the office to rettrieve her stuff. "I won't be long, do you want me to bring you something back?"

":No, my lunch is in the lounge, I'll eat after you get back."

Syd nodded and headed for the door. When Syd got to O'Nails she saw Robbie at the bar and waved to him. Robbie waved back and motioned for her to come over.

"What are you doing on this side of town?" Robbie asked when Syd sat down at the bar.

"I'm on my lunch break," Syd said.

"So, what can I get you?" Robbie asked.

"A hamburger and a water," Syd said.

"OK, coming right up," Robbie said and disappeared into the back.

Syd looked around the busy bar. O'Nails was busier then normal. Then Syd saw Emily, sitting across the bar in a booth. She was sitting next to a lady who Syd guessed was her mother. Then Syd saw Emily head this way.

"Dr. Hansen I saw you sitting over here and thought I'd come say hi," Emily said. "What are you doing here?"

"I"m on my lunch break," Syd said. "Is your headache gone?"

"Yes, thanks to you," Emily said.

"Emily can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure, what's up?" Emily asked sitting down at the bar. Emily was nothing like Lilly when Syd and she had first met.

"This might sound a bit strange, but do you know if you had a twin?" Syd asked watching Emily's reaction to her question.

"Not that I know of, why?" Emily asked.

"You jsut look an aweful lot like someone I knew. Her name was Lilly and she looked exactly like you," Syd said. "I'm sorry I brought that up. You probably want to go sit with your mom."

"No, it's OK," Emily said. "My mom never mentioned me having a twin but I would really like to meet her if I do."

"You can't. Lilly was killed in an accident a little over a year ago," Syd said. "I was jsut wondering if you knew anything." Syd didn't reallize that Robbie had brought her food.

"I'll ask my mom. If you have a picture I'd really like to see it," Emily said. "Well, I think my food has arrived so I have to go sit with my mom. Call me if you find out anything." Emily shook hands with Syd and headed toward her table.

Syd sighed and turned back toward her food. She noticed Robbie giving her a strange look. "What?"

"I didn't know Lilly had a twin. That girl looked identical to her," Robbie said as he cleaned off the counter.

"Neither did I until this morning," Syd said. "I wonder if Joanie happend to take a picture of Lilly one time. Maybe I could show it to Emily."

"Speaking of Joanie, here she is now coming through the door," Robbie said. He motioned for Joanie to come over.

"Hi, Syd what are you doing here?" Joanie asked sitting down beside her sister.

"I"m eating, what else would I be doing?" Syd joked.

"I"m supposed to meet Burt here, but he's not here yet," Joanie said scanning the bar for her boyfriend.

"Joanie can I ask you something?" Syd asked taking a sip of her water.

"Hold it, let me take her order first," Robbie said. "What can I get you today Joanie?"

"I'll have what Syd's having," Joanie said. She turned back to her sister. "So, what did you want to ask me?"

"Do you by any chance have a photo of Lilly?" Syd asked.

"I think so," Joanie said. "Why?"

"I think Lilly may have a twin we didn't know about," Syd said as Robbie cleared her plate.

'You're kidding, how did you find that out?"

"A patient I had this morning looked identical to Lilly. Joanie I'm not kidding, if Lilly wasn't dead I might of thought it was her." Syd pointed to where Emily and her mom were sitting. "Tell me that isn't Lilly?"

"Wow, she does look identical. Have you asked her yet?" Joanie asked as she took a sip of her water.

"Yes, she says she doesn't recall her mother mentioning anything to her about it. She said she was adopted." "Didn't Lilly say that her mother died when she was nine. Maybe the mother couldn't handle two kids so she gave one up?" Joanie suggested.

"Or maybe Lilly is adopted also?" Syd put in. "It's possible."

"Yeah. Oh, Syd I just remembered that I have a photo in my purse." Joanie dug into her purse and pulled out a picture of Syd and Lilly. "It was taken the day that she died, right after we went shopping."

Syd looked at the photo and then looked over at Emily who was standing up to leave. "Yep, Lilly did have a twin." Then Syd and Joanie saw Emily and her mom walking toward them.

"Dr. Hansen I was telling my mom about what you said and she said there was another child but it was already adopted before I was," Emily said. "Mom this si Dr. Hansen, the person I went to see for my headaches."

"Hi Dr. Hansen I'm Shelley Harrison, nice to meet you," Mrs. Harrison said. "Emily was jsut telling me that you seem to think she has a twin."

"Yes," Syd said. She showed Emily and her mom the photo.

"She looks identical to me," Emily said. "Mom I do have a twin."

"Do you know where we can find her Dr. Hansen?" Mrs. Harrison asked.

"I'm sorry but Lilly was killed in an accident a little over a year ago," Syd said. She turned to Joanie. "Mrs. Harrison this is my sister Joanie."

"Hi, nice to meet you," Joanie said shaking hands with Mrs. Harrison.

"Dr. Hansen I'm sorry to cut this short but I have to get to the grocery store," Mrs. Harrison said heading for the door. "Nice meeting you Joanie."

"Like wise," Joanie said waving. Then she saw burt come through the door. "Well, Syd I have to go so I'll see you at home."

"OK, have fun," Syd said gathering up her stuff. "I have to get back to the clinic anyway. I've taken way longer then I should have. Syd told Robbie and Joanie bye and headed back to the clinic. She wanted to find out if Lilly's birth mother was still alive.

An hour later Syd hung up the phone and sighed. The DCWF in Oklahoma couldn't locate Lilly's mom. Syd got up and headed to the front to examine more patients. She had to forget about Lilly for the time being. Later that night Syd lad on the couch when Lyndia appeared beside her.

"Well, did you solve the mystery?" Lyndia asked.

"Sort of, I know that Lilly has a twin but I don't know if her birh mother is alive," Syd said sitting up.

"She is," Lyndia said. "She lives n New York and is an actress."

"Oh, then I guess she doesn't want to know that one of her daughters is dead?" Syd asked.

"No, dear she doesn't want to know that and I don't want you tracking her down either," Lyndia said.

"My mother who adopted me really cared about me," came Lilly's voice. "Hi Syd I've missed you."

"I've missed you too," Syd said giving Lilly a hug. "How are you?"

"I'm fine," Syd said.

"I heard you were in a coma a few weeks ago?" Lilly asked. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, and we have a lot of catching up to do. Can you stay a little while?"

"Yeah," Lilly said and began talking.


2000 Rebecca

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