The Change

By Rebecca

I thought it would be cool to see what would happen if Syd did lose the ability to talk. I know the season finale jsut ended and we'll find out what happens to her next season. I just wanted to see what would happen if she did have come complications. I hope you enjoy this story, it's the first time I've ever posted a story on the web so be nice. Hope you enjoy.



Joanie stared down at her sister. It had been two hours ssince Syd had awakened from a coma. She hadn't spoken a word since she'd squeezed both Jim and Joanie's hands and had opened her eyes for the first time in a little over a week. Joanie had been thrilled to see her sister awake again but now she was worried that something was wrong.

Joanie was talking quietly to Syd when the door to Syd's room opened. Joanie turned to see Jim followed by Syd's doctor entering the room.

"Hi sweetie," Jim said leaning down to kiss Syd on the forehead. He turned to Joanie who was sitting in a chair next to Syd's bed. "Has she spoken at all since I left?"

Joanie shook her head no. "Dad is something wrong?"

"We don't know yet, I'm taking her down for another CT in a few minutes," Dr. Halburn said. "I mentioned to your father earilier that Syd may have some complications."

Joanie took hold of Syd's hand and squeezed it. Syd squeezed Joanie's hand in response and gave her sister a reassuring smile. She didn't know what was wrong with her and why she couldn't talk. Syd looked around the room for the first time since she'd woken up. There were flowers everywhere, probably from her patients?

"Syd, Dr. Halburn is going to take you down and run a CT," Jim whispered to Syd.

Syd turned to face her father and squeezed his hand. She wanted to let her family know that she was all right but she couldn't. Finally Syd gave up the effort of trying. She closed her eyes and soon she felt herself being wheeled down a hallway and through some double doors.

Sometime later Syd awoke and found Lyndia standing next to her. She tried to tell her mother that she couldn't talk but Lyndia stopped her.

"It's all right dear, you can speak," Lyndia said gently.

"Mom, what's wrong with me? Why can't I talk?" Syd asked.

"That's what your doctor is trying to figure out. Be patient, they'll know in a few hours," Lyndia said.

"I don't want to know in a few hours, I want to know now," Syd snapped sitting up on the bed.

"Listen to you, stubburn as your father," Lyndia said. "Remember dariling you were sent back here for a reason. Oh, yeah the ladies said to tell you hello.

"Mom do you think I'll ever be normal again?" Syd asked.

"I don't know dear, all I know is that you have to try to beat this thing. I know you have the strength in you, after all you are my daugbter," Lyndia said. She kissed Syd on the cheeck and turned to leave.

"Mom," Syd called out lying back down on the bed.

Lyndia stopped in the doorway and turned around. "Yes, dear?"

"Can you stay, jsut until they bring me back to my room?" Syd asked, sounding like a five year old who didn't want Mommy to leave.

"I suppose I could stay a little longer," Lyndai said.

Joanie, Jim and Robbie paced up and down the hallway waiting for Syd to be brought back to her room. They were all worried that Syd might have permanet brain damage and would never talk again.

"Walking up and down the halls isn't going to solve anything," Jim said. "We jsut have to be patient. Maybe Syd will be able to speak again or maybe it's the medication they had to give her."

"I hope so, I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't communicate with my sister," Joanie said. She got up and headed toward the stretcher that was heading down the hall carrying Syd. "Hi, Syd I'm right here."

Syd smiled and squeezed Joanie's hand in response. She didn't want her family to worry. She sighed and closed her eyes as the nurses wheeled her back into her room. Once the nurses got her settled her family gathered around her, all except for Jim who was talking to the doctor. Syd tried to say something but nothing would come out. It was frustrating to Syd that she couldn't tell her family not to worry, that everything was going to be fine.

"I know, it's going to take time," Joanie said. "Maybe with some tharapy you'll be able to talk again."

Syd sighed, she hoped that was true. She turned to her sister who was busy telling her all about her boyfriend, Burt who had saved her from the fire at the barkary.

"Burt is so amazing, I think I already told you this while you wee sleeping but I think he may be the one. Don't tell anyone, I don't want anyone to know until I know myself. Even if he is the one, and things do work out I can't get married without a maid of honor. I need you to get better really fast so that we can get on with my life," Joanie joked.

Syd nodded in response and pointed to the pad of paper that was lying on her bedside table. Joanie understood what Syd was wanting and gave Syd the pen and paper. Syd wrote something on the paper and handed it to Joanie.

Joanie read it out lound to the silence. "I hope I'll get better soon, don't count on me babysitting Hannah anytime soon." Joanie laughed and gave Syd a hug. "I don't expect you to be bouncing off the walls by tomorrow I jsut want you to be OK."

Syd grabbed the pad from her sister. "I'm going to be fine, this is just a minor flaw. I'll be good as new before you know it," Syd wrote. She handed it to Joanie who smiled. Then the door opened and Jim and Dr. Halburn walked in.

"How is she?" Joanie asked Dr. Halburn.

"The damage wasn't as bad as I first expected. With some tharapy Syd's speech should return. It's going to take a while, are you perpared for the road ahead?

Joanie and Syd nodded. Syd sighed, she really was going to be OK.

Two weeks later Syd was released from the hospital. She had regained some speech and was able to communicate, but her speech was still a little slurred. She could tell that her family was happy to have her home. Izzy, her co-worker had also come by and visited Syd while she was still in the hospital. Syd isn't back to work yet at the clinic but she's getting there.

Syd opened her eyes and found Lyndia standing over her. She sat up and smiled. "Mom you were right, I am going to make a full recovery."

"Yes, I was dear. You jsut have to have patients," Lyndia said. She took Syd's hand and squeezed it. "Just relax dear, things will heal on their own time."

Syd awoke with a start. She knew her mother was right. she was going to make a full recovery. Being in a coma had completely changed her life, now she knew what her paitents and their families were feeling. Syd swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. As soon as she took her first step she fell back on the bed. What was wrong with her? Why couldn't she walk? Syd didn't understand it. She had been fine yesterday. Was there more damage then Dr. Halburn had said?

Syd reached for the phone and dailed the main houe number. Joanie ansered the phone and Syd told her as best she could to come out here and help her up. Within seconds Joanie was at her bedside.

"Syd what's wrong?" Joanie asked.

"I can't stand up," Syd said not slurring her words half as bed as she had the day before. "I think there's more damage then Dr. Halburn said there was."

"Syd it might be that you're just weak," Joanie said. She hoped that was all that it was.

Four hours later Syd heaved a sigh of relief. Joanie had been right, it was because she was doing too much too soon. Syd relaxed as Jim wheeld her out of the hospital once again. She was happy that the illness hadn't cause her legs to fail too. She hummed to herself as Jim helped her into the car. She was ready to get home. Now she knew that miracles can happen.


2000 Rebecca

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