Skiing Syd

By Sarah

This is my first story on Fan Fiction! Hope you like it!

Here are the characters:
Hillary- friend
Mrs. Mulligan
Mrs. Schaedler- teacher
Dr. Provost- vice-principal
Sarahís Mom
Ski Instructor
Sarahís Dad
Mrs. Humphrey- teacher

Skiing Syd

In Providence:

It was Sunday night, and I was on vacation, hard to believe. I couldnít think of anything to do on Monday. The weather was snowy and cold for January.

Syd: Hey Joanie, my vacation starts tomorrow!

Joanie: Thatís hard to believe!

Syd: What do you want to do?

Joanie: I donít know.

Syd: I got an awesome idea!

Joanie: What is it?

Syd: Letís go skiing!

Joanie: Are you crazy?

Syd: No, come on. One of my patients said there is a small ski area is Middlefield, Connecticut called Powder Ridge.

Joanie: Letís go online to see their website, hereís the address in your purse.

The girls went to Sydís room to check out the site. Sure enough they found it. They made plans and hired a babysitter for Hannah. It was going to be a great day! Just two sisters skiing for the whole entire day!

Back in Connecticut:

Sarah: Mom, where are my ski goggles?

Mom: In the closet, honey.

Sarah: Thanks. Mom, do we have a half-day tomorrow?

Mom: Yes, you get out at 11:30

Sarah: More skiing time!

It was a normal Sunday night at the Dobrowolskiís house. Sarah trying to pack her bags for ski club and trying to finish her homework at the same time.

Sarah: Dad, can you put my skis by the door?

Dad: Sure.

Soon Sarah was in bed, dreaming about skiing tomorrow and winning a gold medal in the Winter Olympics, one of her favorite things to do.

Back in Providence:

Syd: Well, Joanie good thing we ordered those ski pants and jackets from L.L. Bean, they really come in handy.

Joanie: I know what youíre talking about.

Soon the girls were off to Connecticut on the early Monday morning.

Back in Connecticut:

Hillary: Sarah, are you all right?

Sarah: Yes, Iím fine.

Hillary: You seem off in space.

Sarah: I just thinking about skiing.

Hillary: Of course

Mrs. Schaedler: Class, the bell rings in 10 minutes copy down your homework, please.

Sarah was so excited!

Dr. Provost: Excuse me students for the interruption, but ski club members please report to the office to get there ski passes, and then get dressed, and report to the buses immediately.

Sarah literally rushed out of her desk and grapped her L.L. Bean backpack and swung it over her shoulder.

Sarah: Bye, Mrs. Schaedler

Mrs. Schaedler: Have a great time, Sarah.

Sarah: I will, thanks.

Powder Ridge:

Ski Instructor: Welcome to Powder Ridge Ladies!

Syd and Joanie: Thanks

Syd: We would like to rent two pairs of skis and two pairs of boots.

Ski Instructor: Here are the forms. Fill them out, pay, and then come to me to get fitted for skis and boots. Is this your first time?

Syd and Joanie: Yes!

Ski Instructor: Where are you from?

Joanie: Providence, Rhode Island.

Ski Instructor: Cool.

Syd: Are there going to be a lot of people here?

Ski Instructor: Letís see. East Hampton, Madison, and Cromwell schools. They have about 30 to 50 kids, and then the general public. Mondays arenít that crowded.

Joanie: Cool!

Ski Instructor: The buses are arriving now.

Syd: Well, we have to sign up for a lesson.

Ski Instructor: Good luck ladies!

Joanie: Thanks, will need it!

On the bus:

Mrs. Humphrey: Okay kids be back here at the bus at 8:30 P.M. We will be on the hills and in the lodge at 6 P.M., okay!

Sarah: Hey, Mrs. Mulligan!

Mrs. Mulligan: Yeah, Sarah

Sarah: Can I ski with you for awhile?

Mrs. Mulligan: Sure

Sarah: How come Iím the only girl who signed up for ski club?

Mrs. Mulligan: I donít know, thatís a funny question.

Sarah: Maybe Iíll meet a girl who I can ski with.

Sarah: I meet you at the hills later, Iím going on the jumps!

Mrs. Mulligan: Be careful!

Sarah: Right back at you!

Mrs. Mulligan: Funny!

On the lift:

Joanie: Our Ski instructor was hot!

Syd: Joanie!

Joanie: Well, admit it Syd, you know you liked him!

Syd: Okay, he was kinda cute!

Joanie: Oh! Just kinda cute!

Syd: Hey, we got to get off! Ready?

Theyíre getting off the lift. Sarah is at the top of the hill. Lonely. Syd and Joanie fall getting off! Sarah goes over and helps them.

Sarah: Here, let me help you.

Syd: Arenít you sweet!

Joanie: Thanks, if you werenít here we would still be on the ground!

Sarah: This must be your first time.

Syd: Yup

Joanie: Whatís your name?

Sarah: Sarah Dobrowolski, Iím from East Hampton and Iím the only girl in our ski club.

Syd: Oh! You poor thing!

Joanie: Well, were here to 8:30 so of you want, you can ski with us!

Sarah: Sure!!!!

Sarah: What are your names?

Syd: Iím Sydney Hansen. Everyone calls me Syd. This is my sister Joanie. Weíre from Providence, Rhode Island.

Sarah: Awesome!

Sarah: You want to go for a run?

Syd and Joanie: Sure

Ski Instructor: Hey Joanie, you want to ride with me?

Joanie: Oh my god! Sure!

Syd: Well, Sarah come here cutie you can ride with me.

Sarah: Thanks Syd!

On the lift:

Syd: So Sarah, how old are you?

Sarah: 13, and you?

Syd: Well, 32.

Sarah: Your really young!

Syd: Thanks

Sarah: Youíre so pretty too!

Syd: Thanks Sarah!

Sarah: What do you do?

Syd: Well, I own a clinic.

Sarah: You mean youíre a doctor?

Syd: Dr. Sydney Hansen.

Sarah: Cool, I want to be a doctor too!

Sarah: Are you married?

Syd: Unfortunately, no

Sarah: But youíre so pretty.

Syd: Thanks

Sarah: Well, we got to get off!

Syd: Iím afraid!

Sarah: Itís all right, Iíll help you.

Syd: Youíre a sweetie!

Sarah: Here we go!

And they make it off! Syd and Sarah are so happy. Joanie and her instructor decide to take off to another course and said they will meet them at the lift. Syd and Sarah decide to go down the hill surrounded by trees.

Sarah: Ready Syd!

Syd: Yeah

Sarah: Here we go!

They continue down the hill. It becomes very icy. Sarah is having a hard time controlling her skis.

Syd: Are you all right?

Sarah: Yeah (unsure)

Syd: Iím going over to the side.

Sarah: Me too.

As Sarah is moving away from the woods, she slips on the ice and does a flip through the air landing in the woods.

Sarah: Syd!

Syd: Sarah, Oh my god!

Sarah: Syd!

Syd rushes over to Sarah.

Syd: Calm down.

Sarah: My leg!

Syd: Just stay awake! I donít want to loose you.

Sarah starts to go off. Syd doesnít notice that Sarah is unconscious.

Syd: Okay Sarah, sit up.

Syd: Sarah, Sarah

Syd: Oh my god! She is unconscious.

Syd gets teary inside. Even though she just meant her, things are going through her mind about this wonderful young lady. Just then Joanie and her instructor Mike come down the hill, laughing.

Joanie: Is that Syd and Sarah?

Mike: Yeah, it is.

Joanie: Oh, my god! Sarah! Sheís on the ground.

Syd: Come on Sarah

Syd kisses her forehead

Syd: Joanie

Syd: We need help!

Mike: Hold on, let me call on my walkie talkie.

Mike calls for help. The three surround Sarah. Syd puts her jacket around Sarah keeping her warm.

Soon, help arrives.

Syd: I was with her when this happened. Iím a doctor too.

EMT: Okay, you can come with us.

Syd: Joanie, I need you to find the East Hampton ski instructors and fill them in. Were going to Hartford Hospital. Have them call her parents.

Joanie: Ok

Mike: Iíll take the skis and her bag!

Syd: Thanks

EMT: Are you her mother?

Syd: No, but I have been with her the whole time.


They pull off for the hospital. Sarah is still unconscious. Syd holds Sarahís hand. Thoughts are going through her head about what might happen. The ambulance arrives at the hospital.

EMT: Dr. Hansen

Syd: Yeah

EMT: You can stay with her.

Syd: ok

Just then Joanie comes in the ER.

Syd: Joanie!

Joanie: Syd, Sarahís instructors and parents are on their way. There is a big accident on the highway, so they should be here in the next 2 hours.

Syd: great

Just then Sarah awakes all bandaged up!

Sarah: Where am I?

Syd: Sarah itís me Syd.

Sarah Syd (crying) what happened?

Syd: Calm down. You had an accident skiing.

Sarah: oh

Syd: You have a concussion, broken leg, broken arm, and a lot of bruises, but youíll recover

Sarah: Where are my Mom and Dad?

Syd: There are their way.

Sarah: Will you stay with me?

Syd: Sure

After about two hours, Sarahís parents arrive and find out what happened and visit with Sarah.

Sarahís Mom: Sydney

Syd: Yes

Sarahís Mom: Iím Rosalind Dobrowolski

Syd: hi. Iím Dr. Sydney Hansen

Sarahís Mom: I just wanted to say thank you, very very much.

Syd: No problem

Sarahís Mom: Sarah would like to see you.

Syd: ok

Syd and Sarahís Mom go to her room.

Sarah: Mom, can Syd and Joanie stay with us?

Sarahís Mom: sure

Syd: Oh, Thank you. Let me call my Dad.

Sarah: Syd?

Syd: Yes, Sarah?

Sarah: Thanks for saving my life.

Syd: Anytime, Kiddo


© 2000 Sarah

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