And Down Came The Rain

By Zerra

This is my first fanfic, please let me know what you think!! -Zerra

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me....not at all, well except for C.J. and John. They're mine. I'm just writing this for fun!!

Dr. Sydney Hansen stared out her bedroom window. She could hardly believe the amount of rain Providence had been getting the past few days. Now it looked like it would be another rainy was only seven in the morning and the now familiar dark clouds had already started to invade the summer sky.

"More rain today, Syd." Joanie Hansen called to her sister from the outside porch. She stopped at the doorway,her two year old daughter Hannah perched on her hip.

"When will this ever let up!" Syd pondered, giving Hannah a good morning kiss on the cheek.

"Morney Auntie Syd" Hannah babbled,happy despite the gloomy day.

"Morning, sweetie." Syd replied. She grabbed her coat from behind the door and followed Joanie and Hannah into the house for breakfast. Pancakes. They smelled delicious.Syd poured some coffee for herself and Joanie and then sat down at the table.

"Dad said that if it even slightly looked like it was going to rain today, to let him sleep." Joanie informed Syd, as she placed Hannah in her high chair and gave her some orange juice.

"Guess he's sleeping in then." Syd replied.

"Guess so.Hey listen-if you see Robbie later today, can you ask him if he can still babysit Hannah tonight. Burt and I were planning to go to the movies."

"Yeah, no problem." Syd told Joanie. Syd finished up her coffee rather quickly and then put her raincoat on.

"Gotta run, Joanie. See ya later."

"Bye, Syd."

Besides a case of the summer flu, it was a relatively quiet day at St. Clares. As the rain poured down that afternoon, Syd was catching up on some paperwork when Izzy frantically burst in.

"Dr. Hansen, you better come out here, quick." Izzy panted. Syd ran out of her office. A girl, around fourteen years of age, stood soaking wet by the door, bleeding heavily from a head wound.

"Oh my God" Syd hurried over to the girl.She seemed a little disoriented but pointed out the door to the street.

"C-c-car....over ther-" She stuttered. Syd and Izzy grabbed her before she toppled over.They laid her gently on the nearest bed and Syd glanced quickly to where the girl had pointed.

"Izzy! Call an ambulance, fast....there's an overturned car up the road."

Izzy hurried off to the phone while Syd focused her attention on the teenage girl. She was in serious condition and needed to get to the hospital-and fast.Syd checked her eyes and vitals and prayed that the ambulance would arrive quickly.

"So much for the quiet day." Izzy said, trying to calm down.

Joanie and Hannah ended up playing games all day at the Barkery.They played peek-a-boo,I spy and read funny little stories. No one was out shopping at all. It seemed like everyone in Providence was tucked away in their houses, staying cozy and dry. It certainly wasn't good for business.

"The stores in the mall must be doing well.."she muttered, annoyed that no one wanted to venture outside, to the downtown shops accompanied by an umbrella.

Burt walked in just before Joanie decided to close up and head home.

"Burt! We still on for tonight?" Joanie said smiling.

"Yeah. Sounds good. Is Robbie going to look after Hannah?"

"Yeah. He called earlier. Said he wanted to do SOMETHING amusing. Hannah should be just the thing! What have you been doing all day?"

"Not much. We went to the site of a pretty bad car accident though, luckily the car wasn't on fire. It was pretty bad." Burt said.

"I heard about that on the news." Joanie said.

"A girl apparently got out of the car and went for help.They don't know how she's doing but the Guy in the car, well, it's not promising."

"I don't know why these things happen." said Joanie."It's terrible.

Syd went to the hospital with the ambulance. She already knew the condition of the man in the car..he wasn't doing well at all. The girl, however, stood a fair chance at a full recovery.

After treating her in the ER, Syd sat at the girl's bedside, waiting for her to wake up. She had stitched up a deep gash in the girl's head and another on her arm and she had a bad concussion but compared to the other guy, she was practically unharmed. After about an hour, Syd found herself gazing into a pair of green eyes.

"Hi there." Syd said gently. "I'm Dr. Sydney you remember what happened?" Much to Syd's surprise, the girl nodded slowly.Syd took her hand.

"Can you tell me your name?"

"I'm C.J.-well, at least I think I am." the girl said with a slight smile and wince that followed.

"You have a last name C.J.?" Sydney asked with a laugh.She was glad to see that C.J. had a sense of humour despite what had happened.

"Archer." She told Syd.

"And C.J. stands for...."

"Colleen Jennifer"

"Good." Syd told her."And what day is it today?"

"It's Wednesday and it's still raining." C.J. groaned.

"I feel the same way, trust me." Syd said with a smile."Well, you're doing okay, C.J. You have a concussion and I must say that I am amazed that you can remember the accident. You also have some deep cuts and a broken rib but you're going to be just fine."

"Thank-you, Dr. Hansen.Thanks for helping..I didn't think I would find help after the car crashed, and I lucked out and found the perfect place to go."

"You certainly did. The neighbourhood was pretty quiet no one really noticed the accident. There aren't too many houses down that end of the street." Syd explained.

"Tell me about it." C.J. said."How is my Uncle doing?" she asked, taking on a serious tone. "They told me he was going to be okay."

Syd looked down at the floor."I don't know yet, C.J. but I'll find out for you." Syd stood and gave C.J.'s hand a squeeze and then went to find out the news.

Heather and Robbie decided to take Hannah out that evening. Syd hadn't arrived home yet, and Jim surprisingly went out with some of his old school buddies so Heather and Robbie didn't want to stick around and watch the rain. They decided to go for dinner at a quirky deli near the Barkery.Heather had assured Robbie that they had a fantastic kid's menu for Hannah....Heather had already tried everything on it.

Syd fell asleep in the Doctor's lounge waiting for news on C.J.'s uncle. It was taking such a long time......

"Wake up dear." Lynda Hansen ordered. Syd looked up and sighed.

"Yes, Mother."

"I brought you a little surprise today."

"Oh really? " Syd asked."Is it wet?"

"Well she can be if you prefer her that way." Lynda said,slightly confused.

Syd clued in."Oh yeah, I forgot, it doesn't rain in heaven."

"No....I guess it's been pretty wet down here." Lynda said.

"So, what's the surprise, mom?" Syd asked, now curious.

Lynda waved her hands about in the air."Ta-da!!!! I present to you....Lilly."

"Lilly?!" Syd asked."Is it really you?" Lilly Gallagher ran up and hugged Syd.

"It's me.Your mother has been teaching me how to play Bridge." Lilly said.

"Mom, you play Bridge?" Syd asked.Lynda shrugged.

"God I've missed you Lil." Syd said, suddenly overcome by emotions.

"It's okay, Syd, I'm really happy here..Don't you worry about me..there's someone else that needs you now."

"Really? Who?"

"You'll know Syd. Her situation is about to become a little bit like mine helped me out and now it's her turn." Lilly said.

"Her?? Who...." Syd looked around her, wanting to know what Lilly and Lynda were talking about.

"Trust me, Syd. You know what needs to be done." Lilly said." Oh, and don't worry, I'll come visit you in your dreams more often, I would have come earlier but I was kind of getting this whole angel takes practice you know." Lilly laughed.

Just then, Syd woke up. She looked up to see her colleague, Dr. John Tomlin standing beside her.

"How is he?"

John shook his head."We did everything we could, Syd.Everything. He didn't make it."

Syd shook her head. It was so unfair. "God."

"Do you want me to tell C.J.?" John asked.

"Uhhhh,I will,but we better contact her parents first.."Syd said.

John shook his head again. "She doesn't have any parents. She lived with Jay Archer all her better tell her now."

Syd let out a breath. C.J. was on her own now. How was she going to tell her? Syd's mind wandered back to what Lilly had told her in the dream. She knew C.J. needed her..and she would be there to help her.Syd looked out the window. The rain had finally stopped.

( be continued)

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