Picture Perfect

By Ashley and Sarah

Hey Everyone! We hope you enjoy another fan fiction with Emily and Elena! Enjoy reading!

Dream sequence:

Lynda: Now isn't this cute? Your first grade picture.......

Syd: Mom............what are you doing here?

Lynda: Don't you just love this picture? And look at those curls......

Syd: I hated my hair in first grade. I was the only one with curly hair.

Lynda: You just wanted to fit in with the rest of the other girls......like everyone else.

Syd: Why are you telling me this Mother?

Lynda: Just remember.......every girl has a time in her life when she wants to be exactly like what she has in her dreams........toodles!

Syd: Mom! MOM! I hate when you do this!

Syd wakes up to a beeping alarm clock and starts her day that is soon to be filled with patients. An hour later, Syd goes in the house and catches Joanie rushing Emily and Elena.

Joanie: Hurry up! You don't need the entire Clinique counter on your face! Oh hi Syd.

Syd: Buenos dias........are the girls ready?

Joanie: Almost.......they still have breakfast.

Elena and Emily come down the stairs.

Joanie: Ready for breakfast?

Elena: I think I'm gonna take a rain check on that one......I'm running too late.

Emily: Yeah........me too.......but we'll have a glass or orange juice to go!

Joanie: Coming right up!

Syd: Only today girls........I don't want you sleeping in class!

The girls grab their orange juice and rush out the door with Syd.

In the car......Emily remembers that she and her sister were invited to go shopping for New Year's dresses with their friend Starlyn.

Emily: Hey Syd, can we have $200?

Syd: You're not doing a crack deal after school are you?

Elena: No......we're going shopping after school today with Starlyn.

Syd: I guess.....but don't spend it all!

Elena: Thanks Syd! I knew I loved you!

Syd: No prob.........well, you're at school.......don't lose that money! You're lucky I just cashed one of my paychecks yesterday!

Emily: Bye Syd....love ya!

Elena: Yeah me too! Adios!

Syd: Bye girls........if I were that young again!

Syd goes to work at St. Clare's and finds her first patient to be a 16-year old girl named Andrea. She opens the curtain and tries to determine why she is here.

Syd: Hi Andrea......what can I do for you today?

Andrea: Make my mother happy and tell her that I'm not anorexic!

Syd: Well, I can't do that right away.........why don't we weigh you and then we can talk a little bit?

Andrea: Ok.

Syd weighs Andrea and finds that she is nearly 20 pounds underweight for her height. Syd believes Andrea's mother is right.

Syd: Andrea, you're very underweight for your height......how much food do you eat? And what food do you eat?

Andrea: I don't have breakfast, I usually have a salad, only lettuce of course with water, and 1/2 cup rice with chicken.

Syd: What about exercise?

Andrea: I exercise for 4 hours a day.......is that bad?

Syd: I think you're going to have to eat more and exercise less.......why don't you come back in a week and we can talk about this more?

Andrea: Fine.....although I still think both of you are wrong.

Syd: Well, I do have the education to distinguish this.........promise me you'll come???

Andrea: Yeah.

The girls go with Starlyn to the mall. They decide to start at Nordstrom and find the cutest dresses.

Elena: Look at this one! It's red, short, and glittery!

Emily: Everything Syd doesn't want it to be! Try it on!

Starlyn: You guys are so bad!

Emily: we know

Elena: oh Em, this would look hot on you

Starlyn: I agree girl

Elena goes in the dressing room and tries on the dresses with her sister and Starlyn.

Elena: I'm getting this one!

Emily: look at this one? Do you guys like it?

Elena thinks to herself: I must be getting fat! All these dresses are way too tight!

Elena: That one's cool Em!

Starlyn: ya, we just need to stuff your bras, you guys are so flat!

Emily: thanks Starlyn, I'll take that as a comment!

Elena: Funny Star.......you need it more than we do!

The girls finish their shopping and head home slamming their doors.

Joanie: what the heck?

Syd: was that the girls?

Joanie: They must be mad at each other, probably PMS

Syd: hum… I was talking to Em last night…

Joanie: what?

Syd: I don't know, she just doesn't seem herself

Joanie: think something's up?

Syd: I don't know I just got this feeling that something is going on between Elena and Emily, usually Emily can't keep it a secret. But something, I just can't make the connection with it.

Joanie: You know, their grades have been slipping lately. And did you see Emily's last track meet? She ran like she was in my shoes! Slow as molasses!

Syd: I know...and Elena........she hasn't had her peppiness when she's cheering at the games

Joanie: something's going on and we are going to be the last one's to find out

Syd: Elena also told me some weird things a few days ago

Joanie: like what?

Syd: I'm sure they'll tell us.......just that she wishes that she had a smaller skirt for the games.......she thinks hers is the biggest

Joanie: ya and Emily told me she wish she had a flatter stomach so when she was doing her floor exercise in gymnastics she didn't feel like a blimp

Syd: Geez I hope we're not gonna be grandparents!

Joanie: I don't think it's gonna go that far, if I'm sticking around

Syd: I wonder if we should wait and let them tell us for a change......I wonder if that will make a difference

Joanie: maybe

Syd: Well, do you think we should go up?

Joanie: Well, we should eavesdrop first

Syd: Joanie! Well, if nothing happens in 15 minutes, I'm going up.

Joanie: me too

The scene changes to the girl's rooms.

Up in the girl's room. Emily and Elena are talking about their dresses

Elena: I love this dress, but I wish I looked better in it!

Emily: you look great, I'm the one who needs weight watchers!

Elena: Hey! That's a good idea!

Emily: do you think Syd and Joanie are noticing our fling with out weight

Elena: I don't know. Let's try to lose 10 each before New Year's eve! It can't be that hard! Let's just exercise a lot, be careful with our eating, and no one will notice!

Emily: I don't know........hopefully not......if they know we'll be dead

Joanie(whispering): Did you hear that?

Emily: Yeah.....they might like it....otherwise they'll be staring at fatties in a few months after winter!

Emily: I'm going downstairs to show Syd my dress

Syd: OMG........you know what means......I'm not going to scream, and I'm not going in there

Joanie: Move!

Elena: Hey Em, wait up! I'm going too!

Emily: ok, let me just get the door. hold this for a sec

Emily opens the door to find Syd and Joanie running in the other direction

Emily: omg Elena. did they just hear our conversation?

Elena: I hope not!

Elena: Syd, come here for a sec

Syd: ya girls?

Syd....talking to Joanie: See......I'll find out when I'm gonna be a grandma!

Elena: Come in our room.......you should see something!

Syd: ok

The girls show Syd their dresses.

Syd: these are gorgeous

Syd: But a little short girls

Emily: I'll go get Joanie

Syd: hold that thought Em

Emily: huh?

Syd: come here you two, sit next to me

Elena: Why?

Syd: just come here

Elena: ok..

Syd: What happened when you got home today?

Emily: nothing, why?

Syd: You looked a little upset

Syd: you guys slammed you doors too

Elena: oh.....that? I was just mad that I spent too much money on the dress and forgot to get shoes and a purse to match

Syd: (unsure) really...

Emily: yup, yup and I was kinda upset about the track meet from the other day

Syd: so that's it?

Elena: yup, you're free to go now

Syd: ok... Emily were leaving in a few for gymnastics

Emily: Can Elena go too? She has to work on her jumps for the game

Syd: how much homework do you have?

Elena: Not that much........please?

Syd: what about that project for science?

Elena: SYD! I can manage my own time!

Elena: I really need to practice my Russians and hurkies!

Syd: chill. I guess. But not for the whole time. That's a three-hour class. I'll pick you up halfway

Elena: Fine. We'll meet you downstairs in a few minutes

Emily: where's my Adidas leotard?

Syd: which one? You have like 9 of them from Adidas

Emily: never mind, found it. Joanie washed it. It's right here

Syd: ok, hurry up girls

Syd leaves and goes downstairs

Elena: I can't believe we lied to her!

Emily: where the heck are my Adidas sandals?

Elena: right here. Em, we never lie to Syd

Emily: don't worry about it Elena

Elena: whatever

Syd: (from the bottom of the staircase) come on girls, let's go!

Elena: coming!

Emily: (running down the steps) whoa Syd, slow you roll! What's with the attitude?

Syd: I have an attitude? You're the ones who just kicked me out of your room!

Emily: whoa Syd

Syd: Sorry, I just got my period. I'm in a bad mood

Elena: calm down girls. Let's go

Syd: I agree

The girls arrive at the Gymnastics Academy of Providence.

Syd goes in to pay Emily's 10-week fee and Elena's fee for using the gym.

Clerk: That's $440

Syd: whoa, Em is costing me a fortune!

Clerk: but she's a great gymnast! Thanks have a good night

Syd: bye

Clerk: Bye Miss Hansen

Syd drives home and finds a worried Joanie at the kitchen table

Syd: hey

Syd: What's on your Christmas tree? You looked bummed

Joanie: I did something bad Syd

Syd: what?

Syd: you aren't pregnant again?

Joanie: NO!! At least I hope not. We spent so much time talking about the girls that they never ate dinner!

Syd: oh jeez

Syd: They must be starving

Joanie: your telling me

Back at the gym.

Elena: hey Em, guess what?

Emily: what?

Elena: I didn't have dinner and I'm not even hungry!

Emily: me too!

Elena: and here comes Syd

Emily: gotta go I'm on for floor

Syd: Hey Elena.......ready to go

Elena: almost

Syd: wow. let's watch Em on floor

Elena: ok

Syd: just grab your stuff and.........OMG

Elena: what?

Syd: Your sister just fainted!

Elena: what?

Syd: Em, are you ok?

Emily: Yeah, I'm just a little dizzy

Coach: Syd, I don't what happened

Syd: that's fine.....I think I'm going to take her home anyway just to be safe

Coach: she was doing a wolf jump and was doing some footwork and next I know she was down

Emily: Syd! I need to practice!

Coach: take tomorrow off hon, you'll be fine. All elite gymnasts need a break sometime

Emily gives a depressed sigh and says "I guess"

Elena: I'll got get you stuff

Syd: Here's you warm-ups hon and your sandals

They go to the car and Syd is extremely worried and almost mad at the girls

Syd: I wouldn't be surprised that you fainted......no breakfast.......no dinner.....the next thing I know you'll be not eating at all!

Emily: calm down Syd!

Syd: I'm not going to just calm down! This better be a one-day thing!

Emily: it's not like I died!

Syd: Well, you can if you keep this up

Syd: Elena, what did you have for lunch today?

Elena: aaaa........some PowerAde

Syd: Just a drink? Anything else?

Elena: Nope, and you woke me up........can I go back to sleep?

Syd: Elena Hansen! You better be listening!

Elena: umm yeah uh huh

Emily: Syd, can we just drop this? It's nothing, ok?

Syd: fine! Don't listen to the doctor!

Emily: I didn't mean that, I just really don't want to talk about it

Syd: What about you Elena?

Emily: She's asleep again

Syd: just let her go

Syd: You guys are like my real daughters, I care about you two and if anything happened to you, I don't know what I'd do if you two weren't here

Elena: (waking up) really?

Emily: We know that........and you're telling us this because we didn't have breakfast or dinner.

Syd: no Emily, I'm telling you what's coming from my heart

Elena: Are we home yet? I should start stretching for tomorrow game

Syd: almost

Syd: but, I want you two to think about what I said tonight

Elena: We will( rolling her eyes at Emily)

Elena: finally were home!

Elena runs to the front door letting herself in. Syd helps Emily out of the car.

Syd: everything all right hon?

Emily: Yeah, I'm fine, would you just relax for a while?

Syd: what's up Emily? Something doesn't seem right about you

Emily: I'M FINE! You think I died because I fainted! It's not like I did die or something

Syd: ok, take a chill pill hon

They walk inside and Emily goes to her room with Elena stretching on the floor

Elena: .......7.........8.........9..........10! That one's a killer!

Emily: (throwing her bag on her bed) what the heck is up with Syd? She keeps asking me a million questions.

Elena: I don't know.........all I do know is that we gotta keep this diet thing a bigger secret because Syd is way too suspicious

Emily: I know!

Elena: Tomorrow morning we'll take breakfast as usual, only take it to go and throw it out once we get to school!

Emily: I don't feel so great.

Elena: sucks to be you, I'm going online

Emily: I'm going downstairs

Elena: whatever you want

Emily goes into the kitchen and sits next to Robbie on the counter.

Robbie: what's up little cousin?

Emily: your sister thinks I'm dying because I fainted at gymnastics practice!

Robbie: really? Cool, what was it like?

Emily: It wasn't anything big, I was doing a wolf jump and all the sudden I woke up and Syd was right there!

Robbie: whoa, well I gotta go kiddo

Emily: where are you going, it's almost 9 p.m.

Robbie: gotta go close up O ‘ Neil's

Emily: oh, see ya later

Robbie: bye

Time passes by and soon morning comes.

Elena's in the bathroom blow-drying her hair.

Elena: Why can't you just go the way I want!

Syd: hair trouble?

Elena: yup

Syd: Where's Em? She's gonna be late

Elena: your Dad said she could stay home, she doesn't feel good.

Syd: oh, want me to help you with your hair? Then I'm going to check on Em

Elena: sure, what should I do?

Syd: your cheering today at the game right?

Elena: ya

Syd: how about French braid pigtails?

Elena: great idea

Syd: are you sick Elena? Your complexion looks pale.

Elena: I feel fine, Em is the one that is sick.

Syd: you sure?

Elena: yup

Syd does Elena's hair and then marches off to the girl's room to see how Emily is feeling.

Syd: (whispering) Emily?

After a few moments.

Emily: Syd?

Syd: I'm right here hon. (sitting next to Emily on her bed)

Emily: I don't feel good

Syd: I heard

Emily: I'm all dizzy and I have to memorize the table of elements in chemistry I don't think I can even remember what Hydrogen is!

Syd: H, I think.

Emily: oh yeah, can I have something for this headache?

Syd: sure. I'll pick up a prescription for you too.

Emily: ok

Syd: Joanie and Hannah are leaving for the Barkery, Elena and me are leaving in a few, and your Dad and Heather are in the basement, but Dad will be in and out.

Emily: maybe I'll go say hi to Heather later

Syd: that would be nice, I gotta go. Love you

Syd pulls Emily's hair away from her face and kisses her on the cheek.

Emily: love ya too

Syd: bye hon, get some rest. I'll call you to check on you.

Emily: bye

Syd goes back downstairs to the kitchen and grabs her purse, coat, and coffee.

Syd: Elena!

Elena: coming!

Elena hops down the steps

Elena: Oh, hold on one sec I forgot my sweater

Syd: it's on the dryer. I washed it last night

Elena: no, that's Em's GAP sweater, I want my cheerleading sweater

Syd: oh

Elena runs back upstairs

Syd: ready

Elena: yup

Syd: did you have breakfast?

Elena: no, the cheerleading squad is having breakfast together in the cafeteria today.

Syd: (unsure) ok

Elena: let's go

Syd and Elena run out the door.

Down in the basement:

Heather: morning Doctor Hansen

Jim: morning Heather. Emily's sick today so she might be down here.

Heather: oh, poor thing.

Emily walks down the steps.

Heather: Hey Em. How ya feeling?

Emily: not so great

Heather: that's too bad

Emily: ya, but Syd is here to take car of me

Heather: that's true, look at this! I got this cute outfit at the mall last night!

Emily: sweet. Where did you get it?

Heather: American Eagle, and guess what? I went a size down!

Emily runs up the stairs. Heather can tell there is tears in her eyes

Heather: Doctor Hansen, crying teen! I'll be back soon! (knocking into the counter)

Doctor Hansen: what? Oh Heather


Heather sees Emily on the couch crying

Heather: Emily? Are you okay?

Emily: you know what you said

Heather: about going down a size?

Emily: ya! You're so skinny, and there's me I'm so fat!

Heather: oh jeez, Emily. You're so skinny! How much do you weigh?

Emily: 99 pounds

Heather: Are you and Elena dieting?

Emily: no, no……okay, yes we are

Heather: you guys are so young!

Emily: do you think I should tell Syd?

Heather: of course! Would you like me to?

Emily: would you? That would really mean a lot to me!

Heather: sure hon, come on let's get you something to eat

Emily and Heather make their way to the kitchen

In the car:

Syd: you're really quiet this morning? Everything all right?

Elena: ya, I'm just tired

Syd: ok. Don't forget about breakfast and about what I said last night.

Elena: oh there's Starlyn! Thanks for the ride Syd!

Syd: don't forget!

Elena: I know. The game should be over at 6:30, can you pick me up?

Syd: me or Joanie will

Elena: bye

Syd: bye hon

Syd goes to pick Elena up from her game.

Syd: Hey cutie!

Elena: hi, how's Em feeling?

Syd: I heard she was doing better when I called at the Barkery

Elena: oh

Elena: that's good......on the way home, can we stop at CVS? I need to get some pencils

Syd: sure because I need to pick up Em's prescription, so while I'm getting that you can go get your stuff

Syd: I stopped off at home on my break to check on Em, but she was fast asleep on the coach, so I just left her a note.

Elena: That's fine......I'll probably beat you to the car though.......can I have the keys?

Syd: ya, hold on let me just get a parking space

Elena: Ok

Syd and Elena run into CVS

Elena grabs some pencils, whiteout, and some OTC diet pills. She hurries to the counter and pays and leaves

Syd comes out soon and starts up the car

Syd: Did you get everything?

Elena: Yeah

Syd: Did you get any extra stuff?

Elena: just some whiteout

Syd: Ok, just checking

Elena: I felt weird walking in there with a cheerleading outfit on!

Syd: I bet

Elena: Did you get Em's prescription?

Syd: Only one of them, the other will be ready in an hour. I got a small dosage because she really doesn't need that much

Elena: oh, she's not going to Gymnastics tonight, right?

Syd: I don't think she is!

Syd and Elena come home, and Elena hurries up the stairs

Syd walks into the living room where Emily is watching ER.

Syd: Hey kiddo

Emily: hi

Syd: Are you feeling better?

Emily: a little

Emily: Where's Elena?

Syd: upstairs

Emily: I'm gonna go talk to her

Syd: ok, I'll come up in a few and give you your medicine, the other one will be ready in an hour, if you want, you can come with me.

Emily: Ok

Emily goes upstairs and finds Elena taking some sort of medicine

Emily: Elena?

Elena: yeah?

Emily: what are you doing? Are you crazy? How did you get those?

Elena: Syd took me to CVS...........I told her I was getting pencils

Emily: Elena, when you told me we were just going to diet, I didn't been it had to get this carried away?

Elena: well, I'm losing it, and that's what I want!

Emily: What if Syd finds out/

Elena: She won't! I took the whole box!

Emily: are you crazy? I'm telling Syd, this is gotten way to far!

Elena: NO!!!!!!!!

Elena: If I feel sick I'll tell her

Emily: promise? I don't want anything to happen to you!

Elena: sure

Syd: What's going on in here? You sound like you're going to kill each other!

Elena: nothing's going on, we were just talking

Emily: About something that could send you to a shrink!

Elena: I know.......he's a waste of my time I guess

Emily gives her a weird look

Syd: Ok....you all have been weird that past week........what is going on! I feel like I'm the last person to know!

Elena: You will be (as she leaves the room with an attitude and goes downstairs)

Syd: what was that all about?

Emily: I know, but I don't know........what I'm trying to say is that I can't tell you

Syd: Well is it a guy? Drinking? School? What is the general idea?

Emily: no. It's nothing like that.

Emily: it's like every girl has a time in her life when she wants to be exactly like what she has in her dreams

Syd: wait a sec, where did you here that?

Emily: I don't know where, some old saying

Syd: If it has ANYTHING to do with her health I have to know Em

Emily: Well, you're close but it's not with her health

Syd: come on Em, let's get you medicine

Emily: Ok.........can Elena go too?

Syd: Why?

Emily: Because she told me she forgot to get something for her science project

Syd: really

Emily: yup

Syd: That's fine.......let's get going then Let me just go to the bathroom, meet me downstairs and take your medicine

Emily: Ok

Elena is downstairs and is out of her uniform.....she realizes that she is losing a lot of weight, almost too fast

Syd: (coming down the steps) Em, let's go

Emily: Coming!

Syd: Elena!

Elena: What?

Syd: Are you coming or do you want us to just pick up your stuff?

Elena: I'm definitely going........woah......that was not fun

Syd: Elena?

Elena: Syd I think I'm gonna pass out!

Syd: here just sit down with you head between your knees

Elena: No! I don't wanna move.....I'm shaking! Can't you tell?!?!?!

Syd: Elena, calm down!!!!

Syd: Why are you so sick?

Syd: And why are you so tiny? Your watch NEVER was this big on you! It looks like it's two links too big!

Jim Hansen comes in and sees the situation

Jim: Syd?

Syd: Dad, Elena is having a reaction to something, she needs to take a chill pill!

Jim: Elena? What is bothering you so much!

Elena: My watch isn't b........

Emily: Did she pass out? Or does she have that weird sleeping thing?

Syd: she has narcolepsy

Syd: How do you know about that? Well anyway, Elena?

Elena: I'm fine

Elena: Can we go to the store now?

Syd: I think you should stay home with Joanie

Joanie: (entering the room) what about Joanie?

Syd: Something happened to Elena......no one really knows what it is

Joanie: What happened?

Elena: I just dizzy and tired

Syd: why don't you go to bed? It's almost 7 anyway.

Elena: it's too early!

Elena: Em, will you get my stuff for me? I have a list up in the bedroom...........I'll go get it

Joanie: well than, get in your pj's and come watch tv with me

Emily: ok

Elena goes upstairs and writes down the medicine she wants Emily to get and a few other things to make it look like she actually needs things for her project

Elena: here you go, Joanie I'm gonna take a quick shower, I'm all nasty from the game

Joanie: Ok

Syd and Emily go to the drugstore and get the prescription, and Emily buys Elena's medicine

On the way home:

Syd: so what did Elena need?

Emily: just some markers, and construction paper. I already did mine with Joanie

Syd: What's that tiny box

Emily: just some colored pencils

Syd: oh

Emily: Syd?

Syd: ya hon?

Emily: I need to ask you something, and I want you to answer me as a doctor, not my mom

Syd: ok, shoot

Emily: When you know someone's doing something wrong, do you tell then and if they don't listen, you just help them?

Syd: yes, I always help them, to show them that they're harming themselves

Emily: so, if one of your friends was doing something bad and they wouldn't listen, you would just give up and let them do what they want?

Syd: Am I missing something here?

Emily: I think we both are. I'm just so.....

Syd: Can you clue me in a little better?

Emily: You know why I think I fainted the other day at gymnastics and why I've been doing so poorly in track?

Syd: why?

Emily: because........wait I can't say it!

Syd: Joanie and me accidentally heard about the fatty conversation

Emily: (her eyes light up) what did you here?

Syd: well, first of all, I have to ask you if you ever pay attention to all those lectures

Emily: always.........ok not all the time

Syd: Jeez I don't know how to ask this

Emily: what?

Syd: Umm.....

Emily: If you think I'm pregnant.......

Syd: please so you're not!

Emily: I'm not, don't worry Elena isn't either

Syd: then what is it?

Syd: and if you ever are, tell me!

Emily: I will

Emily: Can I just tell you later?

Syd: promise?

Emily: Ok

Syd and Emily arrive home and find Joanie and Elena on the couch.

Emily: Syd, I'm gonna go in the shower.

Emily: Elena I have your project stuff

Elena: ok, put it on my bed.

Syd: Come in my room after you're done and I'll do your hair

Syd: And Elena, go in my room

Elena: why?

Syd: just go up there now

Elena: ok

Emily hops in the shower

Meanwhile in Syd's room:

Syd: (closing her door) What the heck is going on?

Elena: what?

Syd: fainting? Come on Elena, I know something is going on.

Elena: did Emily say anything to you?

Syd: maybe she did, maybe she didn't

Elena: well, what did she say?

Syd: just some things

Elena: Like?

Syd: Let me do some tiny things right now, k?

Elena: like what?

Syd: Let's call it a mini-doctor visit

Elena: Syd what is wrong with you!!! You're being so mean!

Syd: this won't take long, trust me

Syd takes her temp., weight, and a few other things.

Syd: you can leave now

Elena: ok

The next morning the girls come downstairs in tighter shirts and Syd notices how thin both the girls are

Syd: whoa, cleavage there

Emily: yeah.....it looks good!

Joanie: just orange juice girls?

Elena: Of course!

Emily: no, I'll have some cereal and an English muffin

Syd looks at Elena

Syd: Elena, where did the other half of your body go?

Elena: what do you mean?

Syd: You're skinny!

Elena: whatever.

Syd: well girls, let's go to school!

Elena: a friend is picking me up

Syd: really. by who

Elena: one of my guy friends

Joanie: really

Syd: well, Em what time do you have to be in at?

Emily: not till 7:45, school starts at 8:05 so I don't need that much time to get to Design

Elena: Yeah, he's boyfriend material, and you gotta see his car!

Syd: just be careful

Elena: He has a Mercedes convertible!!

Joanie: nice, Burt's got a nice firetruck to smolder my flames!

Syd: Ok.....be REALLY careful!

Emily: funny Joanie

Elena: I will, here he comes

Joanie: I'm peaking out of the window

Elena hops in the car

Syd: Is that her boyfriend?

Joanie: whoa he is sweet!

Joanie: It sure looked like it!

Emily: kinda, ever since she started stuffing her bra, and cheerleading all the guys get close to her

Emily: the bra thing was a joke

Syd: Does she like it?

Emily: who wouldn't?

Emily: I guess so. I swear she stuffs her bra really though! I mean look at me? I'm the one who should. I guess its kinda good I don't have a chest like Syd when I'm doing floor exercise....whoa!

Emily: Just kidding

Syd: watch it honey!

Emily: we better go to school

Syd: We still got 10 minutes.

Emily: ok, can you do my hair?

Syd: sure

Emily runs upstairs to get a brush

Joanie: oh, there goes Hannah! I'll be back

Emily: here you go

Syd: Ok........I'll use it wisely......how about a fro?

Emily: do that and I'm not going to school

Syd: just kidding, how do you want it?

Emily: a twist thingie

Syd: ok

Syd does Emily's hair

Syd: let's get ready to go

Syd: ok.......now we gotta go!

Syd: got everything?

Emily: yep

Syd takes Emily to school and heads over to the clinic.

Izzy: Good Morning Dr. Hansen.

Syd: (in a cheerful mood) Morning Izzy.

Izzy: you are in a great mood today. Syd: I had a really good morning. I got to spend some time with Emily last night and found out about Elena's weight problem.

Izzy: is she dieting?

Syd: I'm positive, I just need some evidence. Emily's too scared to tell me anything.

Izzy: So do you think Emily was doing it too?

Syd: I think for a short time, but after she fainted in gymnastics and she did really crappy in track, she knew that I'd find out sooner or later.

Izzy: She fainted?

Syd: ya, and she knew if she wanted another first place all around she couldn't faint again. That's when she stopped. She has a meet next week and she's been training really hard for it.

Izzy: that's great. Good luck with Elena.

Syd: thanks. Who's my first patient?

Izzy: sorry to spoil you mood, but Andrea is here.

Syd: (sarcastic) really?

Izzy: look for yourself.

Syd peers into exam room two and sees Andrea sitting in the chair.

Syd: goody. Did she come with anyone?

Izzy: nope.

Syd: here goes nothing.

Syd: hi Andrea. (sitting down next to her)

Andrea: hi

Syd: so you decided to come back and see me.

Andrea: uh huh.

Syd: well, are you gonna tell me what's wrong?

Andrea: well……I don't know really how to say this, but…I haven't gotten..

Syd: what?

Andrea: I'm late. I have been like for 3 months. I know I'm not pregnant but I don't know what's wrong

Syd: when was the last time you had your period?

Andrea: about 4 months ago.

Syd: when did you start loosing all this weight?

Andrea: 3 months ago.

Syd: Are you throwing up your food? Are you even eating? Don't worry, if you tell me, I'm liable not to tell anyone. Your records are confidential.

Andrea: yes and yes. I saw a magazine article about it and I decided to try it once. I tried it once and I have been doing it ever since.

Syd: anything else you want to tell me? Are you taking any diet pills?

Andrea: once I took a whole box, after that I fainted but I was home alone and I never told anyone.

Syd: (putting her arm around Andrea) Do you feel better after telling me?

ndrea: ya, are you going to tell my mom?

Syd: I can't, without your permission. But I don't think I'm the right one to tell her.

Andrea: you mean I have to?

Syd: it would be a good idea to tell her hon.

Andrea: ok, I guess. How do you get so well with talking with teenagers?

Syd: I've got 14-year-old twin girls.

Andrea: really?

Syd: yup. Emily and Elena.

Andrea: oh. I think I know who Emily is! Does she go to Gymnastics Academy of Providence?

Syd: yes, she's on the elite team.

Andrea: wow! I've seen her in competition. She's awesome!

Syd: thanks. She's a handful. Actually and expensive handful, we even have a trampoline in our backyard and a low beam in the den.

Andrea: cool, well I better get going.

Syd: don't forget what I said.

Andrea opens the door to leave but turns around one last time to look at Syd.

Andrea: thank you Dr. Hansen (giving her a hug)

Syd: (Responding quickly) your welcome Andrea. Good luck, come back and visit me.

Andrea: I will. Bye

Syd: Bye

Syd stands and think for a moment. Izzy enters the room.

Izzy: okay Dr. Hansen?

Syd: fine. I found out that Andrea is anorexic.

Izzy: good for you Dr. Hansen.

Time passes by, Syd sees many patients and time flies by.

Syd finally approaches her lunch hour

Syd: Izzy, I'm going home for lunch, then I'm going straight to do my hospital rounds. Call me or page me if anything big comes up

Syd arrives home at the Hansen's and eats a quick lunch. She notices she has 10 minutes extra and decides to put the laundry away.

Syd: Wow, Emily's sweater is dry now!

Syd carries up the laundry to the girl's room.

She puts away everything for them and start walking towards the door when she notices something in the trashcan

Syd: what the heck? (Noticing diet pill boxes)

Syd: Oh my gosh, so this is what has been going on.

Syd also notices that the entire box is gone

Syd: Elena.....Oh jeez

Syd decides that she will talk to the twins tonight and get everything settled.

Syd puts the box in her pocket and goes downstairs

On the way out the door Heather bumps into Syd

Heather: sorry Syd!

Syd: that's ok

Heather: did Emily tell you?

Syd: about what?

Heather: ouch........I shouldn't have said that

Heather: about their dieting problem

Syd: Dieting problem?

Heather: yeah, you didn't know about it?

Syd: I think I have it all figured out Heather, thanks!

Heather: ok..

Syd: gotta go!

Heather: bye (bumping into the staircase)

Heather: Gosh!

Syd rushes over to the Hospital to do her rounds

Syd talks to the receptionist and looks at the charts of some of her patients

ER doc: we got a teenager coming in unconscious

Syd: need me?

Dr: yup

Dr: We found her at school....nothing in her locker or bags, but probably an overdose of some kind

Syd: What's the name?

Dr: a........Elena......Elena Hansen! Is this your daughter?

Syd: omg! yes! Where's Emily?

Dr: she is still at school would you like me to have her bought here?

Syd: yes, can you call Joanie at the Barkery?

Dr: sure, good luck The doctors pump her stomach to find several diet pills

Syd: I knew it!

Dr: Knew what?

Syd: that she was dieting, I was planning to confront her tonight

Dr: well; she really did it.......she's 23 pounds less than her last update on her chart, which was 2 weeks ago

Syd: whoa!

Everything is settled in about 45 minutes and Elena is resting in her room

Emily: Syd?

Syd: (hugging her) why didn't you tell me?

Emily: She told me she'd hate me!

Syd: oh hon

Joanie: sorry it took so long! I had to rush all my customers out and lock up and then sign Emily out of school, but we are finally here!

Syd: it's all right

Joanie: I had Emily on my cellphone the whole ride calling Dad and Robbie

Syd: Em you talk to Joanie.......I'm gonna go see Elena

Joanie: Good idea....Em.......tell me what's going on.

Syd walks in to Elena's room and sits on her bed.

Syd: Hi

Elena: Hi

Syd: So..........do you want to tell me why you did this? I was worried before and now I'm REALLY scared

Elena: It's really complicated.

Syd: I can help you..........all you have to do is ask. Honey why did this have to happen?(Syd is crying.)

Elena: I thought I'd be a better person if I were thinner. I didn't see any other way to lose it secretly unless I took a lot of those pills. I'm sorry Syd........I really am

Syd: It's ok, but I don't want you to do this EVER again........we love you no matter what you look like.

Elena: But I had this image of my being skinny and beautiful in my mind, and I want it still. How am I going to do that unless I keep dieting?

Syd: There are many options........you just took the one that "seemed" the best, but now you face liver damage, and heart problems..........I just wish you never do this again.

Elena: I'm not making any promises.

Syd: Well, one thing that I'm promising you is that you ARE seeing a dietician with me and you ARE going to take a few days off to get back to normal.

Elena: But I have to cheer Syd!

Syd: First comes health, then the rest of life!

Syd: Well, one thing that I'm promising you is that you ARE seeing a dietician with me and you ARE going to take a few days off to get back to normal.

Elena: But I have to cheer Syd!

Syd: First comes health, then the rest of life!

Elena: But........

Syd: no buts it's for your own good

Elena: Well, what am I gonna be doing on my time off then?

Syd: oh, don't worry, we'll think of something!

Elena: Am I going to have to gain all my weight back?

Syd: gradually

Elena: no!

Syd: Emily has gained back most of hers

Syd: you have too hon

Syd: you and Em both fainted b/c your hearts were weak and that's probably made it worst even after what happened with the jetski, you don't wanna be in a coma again, do you?

Elena: No, but I look good Syd!

Syd: you'll look better with the weight you gain back

Elena: So, what exactly happened to me? Why did you let me get this skinny?

Syd: actually, I think I've been working so much I didn't really notice

Elena: thanks

Syd: I think we all need to take some time off.

Elena: What I need is a belt

Emily and Joanie walk in.

Emily: hi

Elena: Hey.........sorry guys!

Joanie: it's all right, we decided to come up, Emily is really worried about you

Elena: I should've let you talk me out of it Joanie!

Joanie: I was surprised, you didn't come to me first!

Elena: That's because I knew you would be mad at me! And Syd too!

Emily: I went to Syd, b/c I was really worried!

Joanie: sounds like Em, run to Syd!

Emily: hey!

Joanie: just joking Em

Elena: What did you tell Syd?

Syd: that she was really worried

Emily: I didn't want anything to happen to you.

Elena: Nothing else?

Syd: She didn't tell me about the dieting

Elena: you kept it a secret?

Emily: uh huh

Syd: Yep, but I know now!

Syd: And Joanie and I thought you were pregnant!

Joanie: Whoa! Slow your roll!

Syd: That's at least what I thought!

Emily: when I fainted at gymnastics, I got really worried so I went to Syd

Syd: speaking of gymnastics! You have a competition in 2 days!

Elena: will I be able to see Em perform?

Syd: Probably not

Elena: why not? I feel fine!

Syd: The medicine is going to make you really tired and sick

Emily: don't worry, it's gonna be live on NBC!

Joanie: you can invite Starlyn over and you two can watch it together, since we will all be there, but calling you on the cellphone every five minutes!

Syd: Well, I think someone needs to relax for a while

Joanie: okay, every 10 minutes, but that's my final offer!

Syd: well, Elena I think we better leave ya alone, you need a lot of rest hon!

Elena: ok

Syd: See ya later.......I'll come back to check on your stats

Elena: when can I go home?

Syd: tonight, maybe! If the doc will trust me!

Elena: I'm sure he will!

Syd: I gotta take Em to gymnastics and then on the way home we will come and see if we can take you home. ok?

Elena: Ok

Syd: love ya!

Emily: love ya sis!

Elena: love ya both!

Syd takes Emily to gymnastics and then they head to the hospital after.

Syd and Emily walk into Elena's room.

Syd: ready to come home?

Elena: really?

Emily: I got your clothes right here

Elena: I'm in my pj's.........I'll just leave in these

Syd: it's freezing out hon!

Elena: ok

Elena: (whispering) a Syd, can Emily help me get changed? I'm really weak..

Syd: Sure

Syd: Or I can help you

Elena: I don't care, whoever

Syd: ok, Em why don't you help Elena get dressed while I go sign you out.

Emily: ok, I brought your old navy flares, gap gray logo tee, your Adidas sneaks, your gap socks, (whispering) your underwear, and your Gap bra.

Elena: oh Emily! You don't have to tell me everything!

Syd laughs

Syd: leave it all to Em!

Syd goes and signs our Elena soon they are out of the hospital at home, and time flies by to Emily's gymnastics meet.

At the meet Emily is warming up. Syd, Jim, Joanie, Burt, and Robbie (taping it) are sitting close to Emily's team area.

Back at the Hansen house, Starlyn is sitting on the floor playing with Hannah and Elena is on the couch wrapped in a blanket.

NBC announcer: Live from Providence, Rhode Island………

Elena: it's starting!!!!!!

Announcer: And for the next two hours we will have the top elite young woman in the state competing. One who is excepted to take home gold is Emily Hansen, a fourteen-year-old teen from Providence, Rhode Island.

Announcer: and right here next to me I have Emily, her mom Dr. Sydney Hansen, and her coach Morgan Townshed, Olympic gold medallist on floor exercise.

Elena: there's Em! And Syd!!!! And Morgan!

Announcer: So, Emily how do you think you are going to do today?

Emily: I hope to do well, I have been training really hard since I was injured over the summer and I have finally been able to compete.

Announcer: and Morgan as her coach, what are her strengths?

Morgan: Her strengths? Just about everything! She has scored a 9.98 her floor exercise, which is unbelievable for her age! I think she will score fairly well in floor and beam, and on bars and vault, pretty good.

Announcer: And has does it feel to be her mother, Sydney?

Syd: Hectic, but it's a great joy. When she accomplishes something she feels so great about it, it's really taught her something about life. I feel that today looks like a great meet, and I wish good luck to her and all the other gymnasts on the elite team!

Elena: That is so cool! They are on tv!

Announcer: Any last words Emily?

Emily: Actually yes, the whole entire Hansen family and Burt would like to say "get well" to my twin sister Elena who was just released from the hospital and hopes she is having fun at home watching me with her friend Starlyn and hopefully watching Hannah!

Announcer: (laughing) Yes, and as you heard from jr. world champion on floor exercise, Emily Hansen says she thinks today will be a good meet, and get well to her twin sister Elena who is watching her and babysitting at the same time.

Elena: Did you hear that?

Starlyn: And about her friend!!!!!

Elena: And even Hannah name was announced!

Back at the meet:

Announcer: Emily has competed in vault which she placed second with a 9.56, bars where she placed second with a 9.69, and is now onto beam. In order to win all around Emily must capture first in beam and floor, which are her two best apparatus.

Syd: Go Emily!

Emily starts a solid routine on beam.

Announcer: And Emily starts with a press to handstand mount, then a graceful switch leap-wolf jump-wolf jump . Now watch this, she switches to a nice ff-layout-layout, then a nice cat leap-tucked side salto, then…oh that was a great full turn to a wolf jump 1/1, nice aerial front walkover-tuck jump , switchside leap, straddle jump-backdive , a beautiful round-off to double back dismount.

The crowd cheers

Syd: Ya Emily!

Robbie: Whoa Emily, nice dismount!!!!!

Jim: That's my girl!

Joanie: Go Emily!!!!

Burt: Ya!!! Go Em!!!!

Back at the Hansen home:

Elena: That was awesome!!!!!!!!

Starlyn: I couldn't believe that was Em!

Back at the gym:

Morgan: Em, I don't know what to say! That was excellent!

Emily hugs her coach.

Emily: I wasn't that nervous, so I didn't fall thank goodness!

The judges process her score.

Announcer: That was an awesome performance by 14-year-old Emily Hansen.

Announcer: Final score for Emily Hansen on beam……9.8

The crowd goes wild

Emily: Whoa! I didn't expect to get that high!

Syd: Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back at the Hansen home:

Elena: Jeez! That is a sweet score!

Starlyn: Nice!

Back at the gym:

Emily is currently tied for first. She must beat a 9.81 on floor to capture all-around.

Emily gets in her position to start. Music starts

Announcer: Nice hand moves, and Emily start with an RO-whip-2 1/2 twist-punch front, which is right on target! Next a switchside leap-straddle jump 1/1 Shushunova. A beautiful front handspring-front full-front layout. A graceful wolf jump 1 1/2-wolf jump 1/1. And finally an RO-back handspring-double pike. Awesome performance! That will definitely will capture first. Let's go to the judges.

Syd: Final moment!

Joanie: I hope she captures gold!

At the Hansen house:

Elena has fallen asleep and Starlyn is cheering with Hannah.

Emily: So was I good?

Morgan: Don't even say good, that was spectacular!

Emily smiles and waves to Syd.

Syd waves back.

Announcer: And the judges give Emily Hansen a……oh folks a 9.91!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily: Oh my god!!!!!

Morgan: You sure rocked out there Em!

The crowd goes wild

The whole entire Hansen clan and Burt are cheering.

Syd: She did it!

Joanie: She got what she wanted!

Robbie: When can we go see her?

Joanie: We have to wait for awards.

Jim: Five more medals and a plaque to add to the twin's trophy case!

Syd: And Elena's big cheerleading meet is coming up…more medals!

Emily: I really got 1st in all around?

Morgan: Yup

All of Emily's teammates congratulate her and the awards ceremony starts.

Emily accepts her medals for her four events.

Announcer: and finally what you have all been waiting for our all around winner. This year's winner is Emily Hansen of Gymnastics Academy of Providence. Emily will be traveling to the New England Competition and if she wins she will travel to States. Good Luck in the future Emily and congratulations.

Emily accepts her plaque and her gold medal. The Hansen family is screaming for joy.

Syd: now we get interviewed!

Meanwhile at the Hansen's house:

Dream Sequence:

Lynda: So Elena are you going to listen to Syd from now on?

Elena: Aunt Lynda? Am I in a dream?

Lynda: Of course darling! I'm dead! So your sister is sure a star today.

Elena: Uh huh.

Lynda: You know, sometimes Syd is right. Dieting isn't very healthy you know.

Elena: I can see you didn't listen to Syd about smoking.

Lynda: No, and I regret it, she couldn't even save me after 4 years of college and 6 years of residency. Oh well, life is great here.

Elena: Hum

Lynda: Gotta go, toodles darling

Elena wakes up suddenly.

Elena: Did….

Starlyn: She got first in all around!

Elena: Ya Em!

At the gym:

Emily, Morgan, and the whole entire Hansen family is being interviewed.

Announcer: So Emily how does it feel?

Emily: Really awesome! I never expected all around I thought that the other girl would beat me out, but I guess not. I'm really happy it's finally over. I can't wait to compete in the New England meet.

Announcer: How about you Morgan?

Morgan: I'm very proud of Emily. At such a young age capturing all around is phenomenon, I'm very happy for her.

Announcer: And I see Emily that you bought a whole crew with you?

Emily: Uh huh.

Announcer: So you guys what's one word to describe Emily?

Hansen family: Loud!

Syd: Emily and her sister are great to watch while they perform in sports. It's just something about them that makes you feel like a kid again.

Announcer: Could the curly hair have something to do with it?

Syd: Maybe, but right now, there's something about them that makes you want to just hug them!

Announcer: Well thank you everyone. And congratulation Emily for capturing all around!

As they left the gym, Syd thought to herself, "hum..maybe I really did teach them something, you don't always have to be picture perfect."


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