Doctor Sydney Hansen: Mother of teen twins

By Sarah and Ashley

Hope everyone loves our story! Sarah is Emily and Ashley is Elena.

"Doctor Sydney Hansen: Mother of teen twins"

At the Hansenís House on a sunny Sunday morning:

Syd: Dad, Iím taking Emily and Elena to their softball game. I promised them Iíd stay for the whole game and treat them to lunch after, so we'll be back later this afternoon.

Dr. Hansen: Ok, have a nice time.

Emily: Syd!

Elena, to Emily: We're going to be late!! And I can't find my other Nike cleat.... do you know where it is??? Syd, where's my shoe!!!!!!

Syd: Iím coming, Emily! What Elena????

Syd: I didnít know twin cousins were so pushy these days!

Emily: Sorry, do you know where my catcherís helmet is and where Elena's Nike cleat is?

Syd: They're in my room, I have no idea why, though! Weren't we looking for new ones online and needed them to see what kind you would want?

Elena: Yeah, me too, Iím sorry for being pushy. I didn't mean to sound rude. I'm just a little stressed that's all.

Syd: I know kiddos. Itís been a tough last couple of months.

Itís quiet for a moment. Syd was talking about Emily and Elenaís Mom and Dad that died a couple of months ago in a serious car accident. Their older two sisters were off at college and they were still in middle school, so they live with there cousins Syd, Joanie, and Robbie, and of course Dr. Hansen and Hannah.

Emily: Syd...

Syd: What?

Emily: Iím glad youíre here to take care of us.

Syd: Iím not the only one. What about Joanie always making your lunches and Robbie getting you guys signed up for sports and activities, and my Dad for helping you with your science projects...

Elena: But you are always there to talk, you always buy us the best clothes, pick us up from school, help us with our homework; tell us what you think of all of our boyfriends!

Syd: Really? I didn't know you felt that way about me.

Emily: You are like a Mom to us!

Syd: Wow!

Emily and Elena: We love ya!

Syd: I love you too girls!

Syd: Come on letís go to the game before we're any later than we already are.

Syd goes arm in arm around Emily and Elena and they get into the car and drive off to the game.

Meanwhile at the game:

Syd: Come on Emily! Go Elena!

Elena pitches a perfect pitch and strikes the team's best batter out. All of a sudden she holds her wrist.

Emily, taking off her catcherís mask: Hey, Elena are you okay???

Elena: Yeah, I'm fine, it's just that it hurts a little. I'll be's felt like this before.

Emily: I hope so!

Syd, to Emily: Is Elena all right?

Emily (unsure): Sheíll be all right, I hope.

Elena throws another 3 perfect pitches.

Elena: Strike three---you're out!

Emily and Elena run to the dug out ready to bat.

Emily: Are you all right, do you want me to get Coach or Syd?

Elena: No, Iíll be fine! I'm sure Syd has the lookout on me anyway!

Coach: Emily, you're up!

Emily: ok

Emily stands up to the plate.

Syd: Come on Emily! Hit it hard!

Emily smiles.


The ball goes to right field. Emily rounds first then sprints to second.

The crowd cheers!

Coach: Nice hit!

Syd: Go Emily!

Elena is up.

Syd: Come on Elena!

Ball one.

Next pitch.

Elena swings. Strike one.

Emily steals third. As Emily slides in, everyone hears a crack by home plate and watches Emily cower in pain.

Elena: My wrist! Syd, my wrist!!!

Elena falls to the ground. Coach runs to her.

Emily: My leg! Coach! Syd!

Syd runs over to Emily and Elena.

Coach: I got Elena Syd! Go to Emily! I heard that crack and it doesnít sound good!

Syd: Emily!

Emily: Syd!

Syd: Itís all right Emily! Iím here.

Elena: Coach my wrist feels like it is gonna fall off! Syd!

Syd: Iím here Elena with Emily! Itís all right! You'll be okay, I promise!

Emily and Elenaís teammates gather around them.

Syd: Coach!

Coach: Yeah

Syd: We need an ambulance! Emily looks like she's going to need more than my help! Howís Elena?

Coach: Not to good herself!

Syd: Iíll call 911 on my cellphone!

Emily (crying): Syd, the pain is so bad!

Syd: Donít worry honey, help is coming soon! I'm going to see how your sister is.

Elena: Coach Iím going to be all right? Syd what did I do?

Coach: Donít worry!

Syd: Elena, are you all right! I'm not sure and that's one swollen wrist we have here. Are you feeling ok, you're not dizzy or anything?

Elena: Does it look like it?

Syd: Emily looks like she has some broken bones and Elena too.

Coach: Youíre a doctor, right?

Syd: Dr. Sydney Hansen

Syd: Your wrist looks broken or maybe fractured, I'm not sure yet,Elena.

Syd hears the sirens and runs back to Emily.

EMT: Dr. Hansen!

Syd: Yeah

EMT: What are you doing here?

Syd: These are my girls! I guess today was a good day to come to their game, huh?

EMT: Emily and Elena?

Syd: Yup, Emily has a broken leg and Elenaís wrist is bad, I mean bad!

EMT: Letís get them in!

The ambulance takes off with the twins, Syd, and Coach. Inside the ambulance, Emily and Elena are talking with Syd and hoping for the best.

Syd: Elena, how did your wrist feel this morning???

Elena: Well, I wasn't going to tell you this, but Emily and I were sliding down the stairs and I pulled it a little too far when I was coming down once. Would that have anything to do with it?

Syd: Of course!!! And why were the two of you doing that anyway? Did it hurt then?

Emily: She said it felt kinda funny, but didn't want to tell you so she could play in today's game.

Coach: You should have said something........I could have wrapped it or something... and Syd could have given you some Tylenol and ice for it to reduce the swelling.

Emily and Elena talk while Coach and Syd discuss what could have happened to Emily's leg.

Emily: See, I told you that going down the stairs was a bad idea...

Elena: Oh, shut up Emily you were doing it too! At least I can slide into a base.

Syd: Girls, girls, relax!!! What happens happens, and there's no use arguing over it now. The main concern here is figuring out what's going to happen to the two of you!!!

They all arrive at the hospital and are carried out on the gurneys into the ER. It turns out that Emily broke her leg and tore one of her ligaments. Elena had broken 5 bones in her wrist and would need a little surgery to put them back in the right place.

Elena: Syd, will you do the surgery for me? I want someone I can trust.

Syd: Sure, but I'm warning you, it's not my specialty......are you sure you don't want another doctor there and I can assist?

Elena: That would be fine...I just want you there.

Emily is getting her cast in place and Elena is preparing for surgery. Both of the girls are scared and Emily is worried about her sister.

Emily: Syd, what if it doesn't heal right??? What if Elena's doesn't heal right??? I just got over one bad thing and now another!!!

Lynda: Relax, darling, it's all right.....what's the worst that could happen? Her arm falls off??

Syd: Mom!! What are you doing here! And put out that cigarette!! It smells so bad!

Lynda: I'm just here to tell you that this all happened for a reason. You'll'll see...

In an instant Lynda is gone and Syd and Emily remain puzzled.

Syd and Emily see Elena ready for her surgery.

Syd: I'll be right there hon...right there! Well, Emily, I gotta go...this will only take a few minutes and we'll be home in less than an hour.

Emily: OK, see ya both after, Iím starving!! Whereís the cafeteria?

Syd: Well, your back to your old self, quickly! Itís on the bottom floor, but go into the doctorís lounge and get some money from my purse.

Emily: Thanks Syd, and good luck!

Syd: You too, Emily! I can see youíre having trouble with those crutches!

Emily: Iíll manage!

Syd: See you soon, kiddo!

The surgery takes place and the three of them go home to find all the Hansen's sitting at the dinner table. Joanie has made dinner and everyone is in shock to see the condition of everyone when they come home.

Joanie: Oh my God Syd what happened??

Robbie: Yeah, and where's a magic marker?? I want to sign Emily's cast!

Syd: ROBBIE!!!

Robbie: Ok, ok.....sorry...I thought we needed some comic relief here.

Dr. Hansen: But what happened??

Elena and Emily tell their story and the Hansen's are glad that they are all ok. They eat supper and talk about everyone's activities for the upcoming week.

Later Emily and Elena are in their room, getting ready for bed. Joanie comes in.

Joanie: You didn't think I'd let you guys go to bed without some food did you? Hannah and I made some chocolate chip cookies. I'm glad you're ok and I have one question: Were any of the EMT's cute?? I know Burt is mine but you can always keep your eyes open ya know!

The girls all share a laugh and Joanie leaves to get Hannah in bed. Syd comes in to give them some Tylenol and some words of wisdom, like she usually does.

Syd: I'm really glad that you both handled everything so well. You have added a lot of fun to the Hansen house.

Elena: Thanks, we like it here too.

Emily: Of course!

Syd: Well, I have to get to work really early tomorrow to open up the clinic. Itís gonna be a crazy Monday! Iíll come and check on you both on my break. Don't stay up too late and no guy advice tonight!(laughing)

Syd gives each of them a kiss and a hug and goes to her room to get ready for bed.

Emily: I love Syd!

Elena: Me too!

Emily: Hey Syd!

Syd: I know what youíre going to ask!

Elena: Can you sleep in here?

Emily: Please!

Syd: Sure

Emily: What would you do without us?

The three girls laugh.

Syd: I think Iíd have a lot more free time.

Emily throws a pillow at Syd.

Syd: Just kidding. I love you girls to death!

Elena: I love ya Syd!

Emily: Me too.

Syd: Well, good night girls, it has been a very interesting day!

Emily and Elena: You can say that again!

The day was a little different, but everyone learned a little lesson, without Syd's advice!


© 2000 Sarah and Ashley

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