Syd meets the Camden family

By Rebecca

This is Rebecca. I'm afraid this is going to be my last story. I want to give everyone a chance to post a story. As some of you know it's going to have 7th Heaven in it as well. Hope you enjoy.

Syd meets the Camden family

IN Providence

Sydney Hansen was packing for a trip to Glenoak California for a doctors conference when her mother appeared beside her.
"Going somewhere are we?" Lynda asked sitting on the edge of Syd's bed. She looked into the suit case. "Are you planning to take a trip around the world?"
"No, mother," Syd said in an icy tone. 'It's a two week project mother. Some of the best doctors are going to be there."
"And what exactly is this function going to be?" Lynda asked.
"A doctor from LA is giving a speech on how to be better doctors and manage your time with each patient," Syd said. "I know it sounds crazy and I probably shouldn't be going but I really want to see if there's a way I can equal out my time between my patients."
"That's all you're going for?" Lynda asked. "Is there something else?"
"No, there isn't a guy involved," Syd said giving her mother a stern look.

Syd awoke with a start and smiled. This was going to be the best trip ever. Syd dressed and headed for the house. When she walked into the kitchen she found Joanie alone trying to feed Hannah.
"Morning Syd," Joanie said. "Are you packed for your trip?"
"Yes," Syd said kissing Hannah on the forehead. "My plane leaves at noon."
"It's really going to be weird without you for two whole weeks. Does this person have a lot to talk about or something?"
"Joanie it's more complicated then that. This person is the best doctor in the nation. I'm kind of going back to school except it's a speech, not a class," Syd said pouring herself a cup of coffee. "Besides it will help me be a better doctor."
"Promise you'll call and send me a post card," Joanie said.
"I promise Joanie and I will send you a post card," Syd said putting on her coat. :"I have to go, I want to make sure the new doctor knows what to do."
"Aren't you going to eat anything?" Joanie asked. "You just got out of the hospital six weeks ago Syd. We can't afford you getting sick again."
"I"ll be fine Joanie, and I'll eat something on the way. I'll try to swing by the Barkary before I head to the airport," Syd said heading out the door. "Bye."
"Bye," Joanie said waving.

When Syd reached the clinic she found Izzy and Dr. Wesley at the front desk. "Morning."
"Morning Dr. Hansen," Izzy said. "Dr. Wesley is here."
"Hi, thanks for coming on such short notice," Syd said shaking hands with Dr. Wesley.
"Not a problem, I understand you're going to be attending the conference in Glenoak?" Dr. Wesley asked.
"Yes," Syd said heading toward the office to put away her stuff. "It's supposed to be very useful. I'll be sure to tell you everything you need to know when I return."
"I'd like that," Dr. Wesley said. "What time do you have to leave?"
"My plane leaves at noon so I'll probably have to duck out of here around eleven," Syd said. "Well, let me show you the ropes around here."

At the Camdens'

"Kids some on you're going to be late for school," Eric Camden called trying to get the kids to hurry up.
Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie ran down the stairs almost tripping over one another.
"Remember I have a date with Robbie tonight," Mary reminded her parents.
"Right and where are you two going?" Annie asked.
"Just to a movie, nothing personal," Mary said heading for the door. "Come on let's go."
"I don't have anything planned," Lucy called over her shoulder.
Annie went outside and puled Lucy aside. "Lucy try to take it easy today. It's your first day back since stopping chemo. I don't want you to overdo it."
"I know mom," Lucy said. "It's almost the end of school anyway, Friday is our last day. I promise not to overdo it. I have to go, Mary's playing my song." Lucy ran and got into the car with her sisters and brother. She hoped she could survive the day without kids making fun of her and asking her a lot of questions.

When they reached the school after taking Ruthie and Simon to school Lucy bolted from the car.
"Lucy wait," Mary called. "Remember I'm not going to school today. the seniors get the rest of the week off because of finals."
"OK, whatever," Lucy said. "I have to go or I'm going to be late for school. Don't worry I'll be fine." Lucy walked toward the building.
"I'll see you after school," Mary called.
"OK, and I can drive myself home," Lucy said running back to the car. "Why wouldn't mom and dad let me take the kids to school?"
"Because it's your first day back in the real world and they thought you needed to get back into gear," Mary said putting the car into gear. "See ya."
"Bye," Lucy called as she once again made her way toward the building. Once inside Lucy went to her locker.
"Lucy, welcome back," came Shelby's voice.
"Thanks," Lucy said turning the combination on her lock. "So, what have I missed?"
"Not much," Shelby said. "So, what was it like?"
"What was what like?" Lucy asked.
"Chemo," Shelby said. "Was it gross?"
"I don't want to talk about it OK," Lucy snapped. She grabbed her books and headed for homeroom.
"Sorry," Shelby said. "Well, I have to go so see you later."
Lucy watched her friend walk off and sighed. This was going to be a bad day after all.

IN Providence

"So this is it huh?" Joanie asked Syd as she stood with Syd at the airport waiting for Syd's flight to be called.
"Yeah, but don't worry I'll call," Syd said.She gave her sister a hug. "Tell Hannah bye for me." Syd hugged her sister again. "Tell Robbie and Dad I said bye also."
"I will," Joanie said. She watched Syd head for the plane.
Syd waved and boarded the plane.

Arriving in Glenoak

Several hours later Syd reached Glenoak. As she looked around the noisy airport Syd couldn't help but to feel a little nervous. Syd gathered her suit case and hired a cab to take her to the hotel. After checking in at the hotel and getting settled Syd decided to rent a car and explore her new surroundings. Sid rented a car and cruised the town. She stopped at a park, that looked fairly nice and got out of the car. Syd noticed tons of kids and teenagers playing and hanging out. She noticed one girl in particular sitting alone on a bench by herself. The girl looked about sixteen and looked like she was ready to pass out any minute.
"Ruthie," Syd heard the girl call. "Let's go home nw, I'm not feeling so great."
"What's wrong Lucy?" Ruthie asked running over to her sister.
"Let's just go home OK," Lucy said getting up off the bench. Then Lucy collapsed on the ground.
"Lucy," Ruthie screamed. She bent down to her sister and started shaking her. "Lucy, come on wake up."
Syd ran over to them. She sensed that this girl needed medical attention bad. "Hi Ruthie I'm Dr. Hansen Lucy is going to be just fine." Syd dialed 911 on her cell phone and waited for an ambulance.
"I'm scared," Ruthie said. "How did you know my name?"
"I heard your sister call you that," Syd said. "I'm Sydney Hansen."
"Is Lucy going to die?" Ruthie asked.
"I hope not, does Lucy have an illness?" Syd asked trying to keep Ruthie as calm as possible.
"Yeah, she has Lukemia what ever that is?" Ruthie said.
"Lukemia is a type of cancer. Do you know what cancer is?" Syd asked as she was looking around for the ambulance.
"No, mom said it's something where there are bad cells and Lucy has to take medicine to get rid of the bad cells."
"That's right," Syd said. Then she saw an ambulance pull beside the park.
"What do we have?" a police officer asked. Then he saw Ruthie. "Hi Ruthie, what's wrong with Lucy?"
"She passed out, unresponsive," Syd said. "She needs medical attention right away.I'm Dr. Sydney Hansen."
"Is Lucy going to die Srg, Michaels?" Ruthie asked as a paramedic loaded Lucy onto a stretcher.
"I hope not," Srg. Michaels said. "Why don't you go with this nice lady here and I'll call your parents. Eric will want to know about this."
"But I'm not allowed to ride with strangers," Ruthie said.
"It's OK Ruthie, I'm not a stranger anymore am I?" Syd asked.
"I guess not," Ruthie said.
Syd held out her hand. "Come on, I'll take you to the hospital and we'll meet your parents there."
"My uncle works there, he's a doctor who delivers babies," Ruthie said as she got into the car with Syd.
"Then we'll just have to find him," Syd said.

A few minutes later Syd and Ruthie reached Glenoak hospital. They were met by srg. Michaels who had Eric Camden with him.
"Dad," Ruthie said running up to her father.
"Ruthie," Eric said. "How did you get here?"
"Syd brought me," Ruthie said.
"Who?" Eric asked.
"Hi, I'm Dr. Sydney Hansen," Syd said shaking hands with Eric. "You must be Ruthie's Dad?"
"Yes, Eric Camden. I'm the pastor at Glenoak community church," Eric said shaking hands with Syd. "What brings you here to Glenoak?"
"A doctors conference, someone is giving a speech on how to manage your time between patients. I'll go find out how Lucy is doing," Syd said heading down the hall. When Syd walked into where Lucy lay her heart went out to the girl. Then she heard footsteps behind her.
"Hi, I'm Dr. Porter, Lucy's doctor. Are you a family member?"
"No, I'm Dr. Sydney Hansen, I found Lucy in the park when she passed out. I was exploring the town and happened to come to the park," Syd said. "I'm here for the doctors conference. Did Lucy forget to take her rescue agent?"
"That what it looks like, I've given her a shot and she should be better in a few hours," Dr. Porter said.
"Ruthie?" Lucy called weakly.
"Lucy," Syd said softly.
Lucy looked up at Syd. "Who are you?"
"I"m Dr. Hansen, I saw you pass out at the park and called 911," Syd said. "Did you forget to take your medication today?"
Lucy nodded and looked away.
"Lucy if you don't take your rescue agent every six hours the chemo can kill you," Syd said. She saw the alarmed expression on Lucy's face. "I didn't meant to scare you." Then she heard a voice behind her.
"Lucy, what happened?" Annie Camden asked.
"It's nothing mom," Lucy said. "I just forgot to take my medication and passed out in the park. I'm fine, really."
Mrs. Camden gave Lucy a hug. "I'm so glad you're OK Then she noticed Syd. "Hi, you must be Dr. Hansen Ruthie keeps speaking of."
"Hi," Syd said. "Don't worry Lucy will be fine once her medicine starts taking effect."
"Thanks for all your help. I don't know what Ruthie would have done if you hadn't been there," Annie said.
"Well, I'll let Lucy get some rest," Syd said heading for the door.
"Dr. Hansen, would you like to eat dinner with us?" Annie asked.
"I would love to, thanks," Syd said.

"When is dinner?" Simon asked four hours later. Lucy had been released from the hospital on strict restrictions to stay in bed.
"In about twenty minutes, we're having a guest for dinner," Annie said.
"Who?" Simon asked. "Robbie?"
"No, her name is Dr. Sydney Hansen, she was at the park when Lucy passed out," Annie said.
"Ruthie mentioned something about a doctor but I thought it was another one of her imaginary friends," Simon said. "I'm going to go check on Lucy." Simon bolted upstairs and Annie smiled.

"Mary I"m fine," Lucy told her sister for the tenth time since she'd come home from the hospital. "Stop asking me how I feel."
"Sorry," Mary said. Then she saw Simon in the doorway. "What do you want?"
"I was jsut checking on Lucy," Simon said coming into the room. "Dr. Hansen is having dinner with us."
"She is," Lucy said.
"Who's Dr. Hansen?" Mary asked giving Lucy and Simon a questioning look.
"She's the lady that called an ambulance and helped keep Ruthie calm," Lucy said. Then they heard the doorbell ring from downstairs. "That must be her."
"I'll go down and answer it, you stay here," Mary said walking out of the room Simon following. When Mary got downstairs she found a pretty lady in the foyer talking to Eric.
"Syd this is my oldest daughter and my son Simon," Eric said.
"Hi," Syd said shaking hands with both of them. "I"m Sydney Hansen. Is Lucy feeling OK?"
"Yeah, she's in our room resting," Mary said. "I can take you to see her if you want?"
"That'd be great," Syd said. she followed Mary up to Lucy's room and found Lucy on her bed reading a fashion magazine. "Lucy."
"Dr. Hansen," Lucy said putting down the magazine.
"How are you feeling?" Syd asked giving Lucy a hug.
"Much better," Lucy said. "I'm afraid I won't be able to join you for dinner."
"That's OK, we can talk later," Syd said. She got up to leave. "Get some rest."
"OK," Lucy said smiling.

"So, Syd where are you from?" Eric asked ten minutes later when the family was gathered around the dinning room table.
"Providence Rhode Island," Syd said. "I own a family clinic. I used to be a plastic surgeon and I lived in LA. I moved back home after the sudden death of my mother."
"Do you have any brothers or sisters?" Simon asked.
"yes, I have one sister and one brother. My sister has a baby, Hannah but no husband. My brother Robbie works at a bar and my sister Joanie owns her own business," Syd said taking a sip of her water.
"What kind of business does she own?" Annie asked.
"She sells dog food, it's called Joanie's Barkary. My Dad is a vet, he owns a clinic down in the basement of our house."
"Cool," Ruthie said. Ruthie turned to Annie. "Can Syd sleep over?"
"I think Syd already has a place to sleep," Annie said.
"Would you like to sleep over Syd?" Ruthie asked.
"I don't know, I don't think your parents would like that very much," Syd said.
"We don't mind at all, it will actually be kind of handy having a doctor in the house just in case Lucy gets sick or something," Eric said.
"OK, I'll go by the hotel, get my stuff, check out and be back within an hour," Syd said following Annie into the kitchen. "The twins are so cute."
"Thanks," Annie said. "So, Syd how long are you going to be here?"
"Two weeks, the conference starts tomorrow at ten," Syd said as Annie took her plate and put it in the sink. "Are the kids out of school yet?"
"They get out Friday, tomorrow actually," Annie said.
"Mommy can Syd sleep in my room?" Ruthie asked coming in the kitchen to put her plate in the sink.
"Sure," Annie said. "Will you go check on Lucy for me?"
"Sure." Ruthie smiled at Syd and then disappeared upstairs.
Syd grabbed her coat and headed for the front door. "I'll be right back."
"OK," Annie said.

"She's from Providence Rhode Island?" Lucy asked Ruthie. Ruthie had been telling her all about Syd and her family.
"Yeah, and her father is a vet and owns a clinic in the basement of their house. She has a neice named Hannah," Ruthie continued. "She's sleeping in my room."
"Great," Lucy said. She sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. "I'm going to get something to eat, I'm starved." Lucy walked downstairs and found her parents in the kitchen cleaning up.
"Lucy what are you doing out of bed?" Eric asked when he saw Lucy at the bottom of the stairs.
"I'm starving," Lucy said. She sat down at the bar. 'I heard Syd is spending the night, is she staying the whole time she's in town?"
"Yes, she's going to be here for two weeks," Annie said. "Why don't you go help Mary get ready for her date and I'll bring you a tray up."
"Sure," Lucy said hopping off the stool and disappearing upstairs.

IN Providence

Joanie was feeding Hannah when the phone rang. "Hello?"
"Joanie, it's me Syd," Syd said on the other end of the line.
"Hi, are you at the hotel?" Joanie asked
"Actually I'm not staying at a hotel, I'm staying at someone's house. I found a girl today at the park. Her name is Lucy Camden and she has Lukemia, she passed out at the park."
"And you were the hero?" Joanie asked.
"Joanie," Syd scolded. "Anyway, her little sister Ruthie asked if I could stay there and I agreed. She has six siblings."
"Wow," Joanie said.
"I have to go, so I'll talk to you tomorrow. Tell Dad I said hi."
"OK, bye Syd," Joanie said and then the line went dead.

IN Glenoak

After talking to Joanie Syd went back to the Camdens'. When she went upstairs to find where she was sleeping she found Ruthie in the hall.
"Come with me," Ruthie said taking Syd's hand and pulling her toward her room. "This is where you're going to sleep." Ruthie pointed to the bed closest to the closet.
"Great," Syd said putting her stuff on the bed. "We're going to be roommates."
"Cool," Ruthie said.
"How's Lucy doing?" Syd asked as she went out into the hallway.
"Okay, I think she's helping Mary get ready for her date," Ruthie said heading for the attic. "Let's go see."
Syd followed Ruthie up to Mary and Lucy's room. She found Mary standing in front of a full length mirror and Lucy sitting on her bed staring at her.
"What about this one?" Mary asked holding up a pink silk shirt to herself.
"Perfect," Lucy said. "You could be the next Karry King."
"Funny," Mary said. Then Ruthie burst through the door with Syd right behind her. "Hi Dr. Hansen."
"Hi," Syd said. She looked at Mary. "That really does look like something Karry would wear."
"How do you know Karry King?" Lucy asked.
"Well I should know her, we were best friends from fourth grade all the way through high school," Syd said.
"No way, that is so cool," Lucy said sitting up.
Syd laughed. "How are you feeling Lucy?"
"Better, I just had some soup and haven't thown it up yet," Lucy said pointing to the bowl that lay on the bedside table. Then they heard the doorbell ring.
"That's Robbie, gatta go," Mary said. She grabbed her coat and raced downstairs.
"I take it Robbie is the boyfriend?" Syd said sitting on the edge of Lucy's bed.
"Yeah, he's a liar but Mary says he's changed," Lucy said.
"He's up to no good," Ruthie said. "They were going to get married."

"Wow," Sid said. She looked at her watch and got up. "I'm going to go talk with your parents for a while. Ruthie what time do you have to be in bed?"
"At nine, it's only seven," Ruthie said.
"Actually it's five till eight," Syd said. "Come on, let's let Lucy get some rest."
Ruthie sighed and followed Syd downstairs. When they entered the living room they found Annie and Eric sitting on the couch talking.
"How's Lucy feeling?" Annie asked.
"OK," Syd said sitting down on the couch beside Annie. "Just tired. When will Mary be home from her date?"
"At ten, that's her curfew on school nights," Eric said.
Syd nodded and headed for the stairs. "I think I'm going to turn in, I like to get a good nights rest before a big day."
"What time are you leaving?" Annie asked.
"Around nine or so," Syd said and headed for the stairs.

When Syd entered Ruthie's room she found the girl on her bed asleep. Syd covered Ruthie up and kissed her on the forehead.
"She's so sweet, so well behaved. She looks exactly like you when you were younger," Lynda said appearing beside Syd. "Well Syd, you've stuck your nose in where it doesn't belong, again."
"That is none of your business mother," Syd said as she dressed for bed. "I'm just glad I could help. Ruthie was the one that asked me to spend the night."
"Fine, have it your way. I tell you one thing Syd, this family is going to need all the help and support they can get. You're in for a bumpy ride," Lynda said. She picked up the coloring book Ruthie had been coloring. "What an artiest."
"Mother what are you talking about?" Syd asked as she brushed her hair.
"You'll find out," Lynda said and then disappeared.
"Mother, tell me," Syd screamed.

Syd awoke with a start. What did mother mean? Was something going to happen to Lucy? Syd looked over at Ruthie's bed and realized that it was empty. She checked her watch, seven AM. She had to get a move on if she was going to leave by nine. Syd got up and dressed. After dressing Syd went downstairs and found the whole family in the kitchen.
"Morning Syd," Eric said. "How did you sleep?"
"Weird dream," Syd replied. She kissed Sam's head and sat down at the bar. "Lucy are you going to school today?"
"Yeah, it's the last day," Lucy said from her seat at the table. "I told mom I'd call if I can't make it all day."
"What time is the conference?" Annie asked Syd.
"At ten, I figured I'd leave around nine. It will give me time to meet everyone and all that," Syd said.

A week later the speeches were going great. Syd had learned a lot and had taken valuable notes. She was having a good time staying with the Camdens' but she still didn't know what her mother meant about a bumpy ride. Syd was reading in the living room when Mary came in.
"Have you seen either of my parents?" Mary asked.
"I think they took Lucy to the hospital for her treatment," Syd said. "Why? Is something wrong?"
"No, I just wanted to ask them if I can go out with Robbie for a quick bite. It's going to only be our third date since he got back from his trip to Florida. My parents wouldn't let me to out with him for a long time so all we could do was talk on the phone. I haven't seen him in a while ever since he asked me to marry him which was a month ago," Mary said. "When will they be back?"
"It could be awhile, chemo takes a while to get into your system. Why don't you go and I'll call your parents and tell them where you are," Syd said.
"Thank you, you're a life savor," Mary said and rushed upstairs.
Syd laughed and turned back to the book she was reading. Maybe mother was wrong, maybe there wasn't going to be any bumpy ride. Then Simon came into the room looking like he'd lost his best friend. He sank onto the couch and sighed.
"Women, you can't live with them, and you can't live without them," Simon whispered in an angry tone.
"What's wrong?" Syd asked looking at Simon.
"Deena, she just called and said that she's seeing another guy," Simon said. "I really thought I had a chance with her, even though she moved away a month ago."
"Why don't you talk to her about it, tell her how you feel," Syd suggested.
"I did, she wouldn't listen."
"Did you tell her everything?"
"Like what?" Simon asked looking at Syd with a questioning look.
"Like how you feel about her and that what she did really hurt you."

"I'll try that, thanks Syd," Simon said. "When will my parents be home with Lucy?"
"It could be awhile," Syd said. Then Mary came down the stairs.
"I'm off, I should be back within an hour if mom or dad call," Mary said.
"OK, have fun," Syd said. A few seconds later she heard the door slam. Then about an hour after Mary left the phone rang and Syd answered it. "Hello, this is the Camdens''?"
"This is Dr. Bennett from Glenoak hospital, I'm afraid I have some bad news. Mary Camden has been in a bad accident."

An hour later Syd, Simon, the twins and Ruthie were at the hospital. Eric was already in the ER when they arrived.
"Dad what happened?" Simon asked. "Is Mary OK?"
"She has some broken ribs but isn't in a coma if that's what your wondering," Eric said. "Lucy is almsot done with chemo."
"Does she know?" Syd asked.
"No, she's still in treatment," Eric told Syd.
"Would you mind if I tell her?" Syd asked.
"Certainly," Eric said.
Syd went to Lucy's room. She found Lucy lying in bed looking sick and extremely board. She looked up when she heard someone enter the room.
"Syd, what are you doing here?" Lucy asked weakly.
"Lucy there's something I have to tell you. Mary was in a bad accident on the way to meet Robbie. She's alert but has two broken ribs and a sprained ankel," Syd said.
"Is she going to be OK?" Lucy asked.
"She's going to be fine," Syd said. She headed for the door. "I'll see you at home."
Lucy nodded and was soon asleep.

"See, I told you this family was going to need support," Lynda said appearing beside Syd as she packed to go home. "How was the conference, you haven't spoken a word about it to anyone."
"I know, with everything going on I guess I just didn't want to talk about anything," Syd said. It was a week after Mary's accident and time for Syd to head back to Providence. "I'll miss this family."
"You can keep in touch," Lynda said. "I think you did good this time Syd, even if you are nosy."
"Mother," Syd said laughing.

Syd awoke with a start. She turned to Ruthie who was still sleeping. Ruthie's eyes flew open and she looked straight at Syd.
"I wish you didn't have to leave today," Ruthie said.
"I know but I do. I promise I'll keep in touch," Syd said. "You can call or write any time you want."
"Thanks, the other kids will miss you too," Ruthie said.
"I know but I'll tell them the same thing I told you," Syd said as she got dressed.

Four hours later Syd was standing in the foyer saying good-bye to the Camdens'. She had had a wonderful time and was sorry to leave.
"Bye," Lucy said. "Thanks for saving my life."
"Any time," Syd said giving Lucy a hug. Syd told all the camdens' good bye and told Annie to tell Mary bye for her. It was time to go home and that's exactly where Syd was headed.


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