Making Friends

By Rebecca

Summery: This story combines ER and the show Providence. This is Syd's second time at County General and the only person she hasn't met yet is Kerry Weaver.

At County General

Kerry Weaver thrust open the door to the lounge. She had just returned from meeting an old but farely new friend for lunch. Jim Hansen from Providence Rhode Island had come to Chicago to get away from the pain of losing his oldest daughter Syd in an accident several weeks earlier. Kerry had recently gotten back from a lecture in Boston and was very tired. Kerry opened her locker and put her stuff away, putting on her doctors coat she proceeded into the hallway.

"Dr. Weaver welcome back," Carter said coming up to her.

"Thank you Carter," Kerry said as she grabbed a chart from the basket. "Have I missed much?"

"No, traumas have been light the last three weeks. How was the lecture?" Carter asked as the two continued down the hallway.

"Not what I had hoped it would be," Kerry said. Then the paramedics burst through the doors. "That's our cue." Kerry went into trauma one where a girl about fifteen lay on the table. She put gloves and a gown on and walked over to the patient. "What happened?"

"Fifteen year old girl shot once in the chest, BP's 90 over 60," Carol said.

Kerry nodded. She didn't even notice that there was someone new standing beside her.

"We need to get the bullet out now," Syd instructed.

"She needs surgery, wait until she gets to the OR," Carter said.

"She won't make it to the OR," Syd said. She gave Carter a hard look. "We need to do this NOW."

"Syd you own a family clinic," Carter said.

"I can give you a rundown of all my surgical procedures but she'll be dead by then," Syd snapped. Carter nodded and Syd proceeded with the proceedure.

Kerry watched as Syd worked to save this girl's life. Who was she and why hadn't Kerry been introduced to her? After the trauma was over and the girl was taken up to surgery Kerry found Carol cleaning up trauma one. "Carol, can I talk to you for a minute?"

Carol turned around. "Sure, what's up. How was the lecture?"

"I'll tell you in a minute but first I want to ask you something. Who was that girl who just took over the traum a few minutes ago? I've never seen her around."

"That's Dr. Hansen, she's been here about three weeks. She's filling in for Dr. Lockheart, Dr. Corday recamended her," Carol said walking out into the hallway. "I'll introduce you when I see her." Carol walked off leaving Kerry still stunned about who the mystery Syd Hansen was. Then Kerry saw Carter talking to who she assumed was Syd.

"That was a gutsy thing you did," Carter was saying. "I couldn't have done that."

Syd smiled. "Yeah, well it wasn't easy. I don't like watching people die. I've seen to many people die. My mom just past away last year and since then things have been really hard for me and the family."

"Yeah, you told me," Carter said.

"Well back to work," Syd said. She smiled at Carter headed down the hall.

Kerry walked over to Carter and tapped him on the shoulder. "I take it that was the Dr. Sydney Hansen?"

"Yes, I'll have to let you meet her when there's time," Carter said. He grabbed some charts and continued down the hall, Kerry fallowing him.

"When can I meet her?" Kerry asked.

"She's on break in about an hour, meet me in the lounge," Carter said.

An hour later Kerry was sitting on the couch in the lounge taking a break. She was hoping Syd would come in pretty soon. Then the door burst open and Kerry saw two people hurry in talking in angry tones.

"Jerry what are you doing here?" Syd asked. "How did you know I was here?"

"I saw you at the diner this morning," Jerry said. "Syd please, at least have dinner with me."

"Jerry for the last time, I am not having dinner with you. I suggest you get out before I lose my last nerve or better yet before I call security."

"Syd, please don't act like this," Jerry pleaded.

"OUT," Syd almost yelled shoving Jerry toward the door. Syd pushed Jerry out of the room and slammed the door, leaning aginst it.

"Ex boyfriend?" Kerry asked from the couch.

"Yes," Syd said walking toward the couch. "I'm Sydney Hansen."

"Kerry Weaver," Kerry said shaking hands with Syd. "Great job on the trauma today, you were quite the hero."

Syd smiled. "Thanks, I just didn't want to see that girl die. My father would say I'm stubburn, it's comes with a having a doctor for a Dad."

Kerry nodded. "So where are you from?"

"Well I lived in LA for about four years but then I moved back home to Providence after my mother passed away," Syd said. Then Carol came into the room.

"Syd, you have a phone call. It's the hotel, your card to stay there has exspired," Carol said.

"Thank you," Syd said. She turned to Kerry. "Perfect, now I don't have a place to stay. Gee, this day is just getting better and better." Syd sank onto the couch with a sigh.

"Well, look I know we just met but would you like to stay with me?" Kerry asked. "I could use the company and Carter isn't even there half the time."

"Carter is staying with you?' Syd asked.

"Yes, I have a basement that I rent out," Kerry said. "So, what do you say?"

"Sure, why not. It's not like I have any other choice," Syd said. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it," Kerry said giving Syd a warm smile. "Well, back to work. What time are you off?"

"Five," Syd said.

"Me too," Kerry said. "I'll see you then." Kerry walked out of the lounge leaving Syd alone.

Joanie Hansen sighed as she gazed out over the city of Chicago. She was on the roof of her hotel trying to get some air. The past three weeks had been very difficult, since the death of her older sister Syd. Three weeks ago the family had gotten a call saying that Syd had been killed n the taxi going to her hotel. The taxi had burned, leaving only Syd's purse as identification. Joanie wiped tears down her cheeks, trying to keep from crying in front of her daughter Hannah. Luckily Jim, Joanie's dad had decided to take a vacation, to get away from all the memeries of Syd. They'd flown out to Chicago the day before and had eaten lunch with a friend of Jim's, Kerry Weaver eariler today. Joanie sighed, remember the times she'd spent with Syd, talking about boys, clothes. Joanie smiled through her tears, then she felt Jim come up behind her.

"How are you doing?' Jim asked approaching Joanie.

"Fine, I guess. I just can't stop thinking about her. I jsut wish that I could see her one last time, and tell her all the things I want to tell her but haven't," Joanie said as she swiched Hannah from one hip to the other.

"I know but she's with your mom now. Your mother is probably driving her crazy," Jim said.

Joanie laughed. "Yeah, I guess she is."

A week later Syd was moved into Kerry's. Kerry loved having Syd there and they often spent time talking, getting to know each other.

"So, whose coming over for dinner again?" Syd asked Kerry as they stood in the kitchen preparing dinner.

"Some friends from out of town," Kerry said. "They're having a really hard itme right now, Jim's oldest daughter was killed in an accident three weeks ago."

"That's awful," Syd said "Poor guy."

"Yeah, the kids aren't taking it too well either," Kerry said. "You can join us if you want?"

"No, it's OK. I'm beat," Syd said. "I'm going to go downstairs and watch TV in carter's room. What time is he off?"

"Not until tomorrow," Kerry said.

Syd nodded and headed for the basement. "Night Kerry, and don't worry I've already eaten."

"Night Syd," Kerry said. Then the doorbell rang and Kerry opened the door to find Jim, Joanie, and Robbie standng on the doorstep. "Hi, come on in."

"Hi," Jim said giving Kerry a quick hug.

"Have you had a nice week here in Chicago? Kerry asked.

"Yes, it's been wonderul and I'm sorry that we have to go home so soon," Jim said. "We're leavng the day after next. It's time I deal with what's happened to Syd and move on."

Kerry smiled, she couldn't imagine losing a daughter and a husband all in the same year. "I know it's hard right now but it will get better." Kerry noticed Joanie and smiled. "Hi Joanie, Hannah is getting so big."

"Thanks," Joanie said. She looked around. "Nice place."

"Thanks," Kerry said.

"Didn't you say you had someone staying with you?" Jim asked.

"Yes, her hotel card exspired so she's staying with me until she goes home," Kerry said heading toward the table.

While the group was eating dinner Carter came through the door, soaking wet.

"What happened to you?" Kerry asked when she saw him.

"Rain, that's what happened," Carter said. "Do you know where Syd is?"

"Yeah, she's down in your apartment asleep," Kerry said. "Before you go down there I'd like you to meet some friends of mine. This is Jim Hansen, his children Joanie and Robbie and Joanie's daughter Hannah."

"Hi," Carter said to the group.

"Carter you can talk to them but I suggest you go change before you catch a cold," Kerry said.

"Yes, Dr. Weaver," Carter joked. He waved to the Hansen's and went downstairs. Carter found Syd curled up on the couch. He kissed her softly on the cheek and she awoke.

"Carter, you're finally home," Syd said. She sat up and looked at him. "Why are you wet?"

"It's raining," Carter said as he put on a dry pair of clothes. "Why aren't you upstairs helping Kerry intertain her guests?"

"Because I'm exhausted," Syd said. "Besides they're probably talking about hospital stuff anyway."

"Yeah, you're right," Carter said. He sat down beside Syd. "Do you miss Providence?"

"Yes, and I don't know where my family is. I've been trying to call them for the last three weeks. I even faxed them, not one reply or phone call."

"Sorry," Carter said. "Maybe they're on vacation?"

"Why would they go on vacation and not tell me?" Syd asked. "My mother always made it a career of leaving me out of the loop."

"You sound like you're pretty close to your family," Carter said.

"I wasn't until about a year ago when my mom died. She died right in the middle of my sister's wedding. I thought everything was fine, until I got back to LA and had a fight with my boyfriend. I soon realized that LA was where I lived but it wasn't my home. I moved back to Providence, started working in a family clinic and now I own that family clinic."

"Wow," Carter said. "What did you do in LA?"

"I'm a plastic surgeon."

"Cool, we could sure use one of those in the ER," Carter said. He got up and headed for the stairs. "I'm gong to put my wet clothes in the dryer and talk to Kerry's guest, want to come?"

"No, I'll just stay here and read or sleep," Syd said.

Carter nodded and went upstairs. He put his clothes in the dryer and went to find Kerry, and the Hansen's in the living room.

"I was wondering where you were Carter," Kerry said when she saw him. "Have a seat."

Carter sat down beside Kerry. "I just came up to put my clothes in the dryer."

Kerry nodded. "Is Syd still asleep downstairs?"

"Yeah, she looked pretty warn out today," Carter said. "She's having a really hard time getting in touch with her family."

"Oh," Kerry said. She turned to Jim. "Do you have any pictures of Syd?"

"No, not recent but I've got something better," Robbie said. He pulled out Syd's diary from his jacket. "I brought it to read on the plane."

"Robbie what are you doing with that?" Joanie asked. "Where did you find it?"

"In her dresser drawer," Robbie said. He handed it to Kerry. "You can get to know Syd from reaidng her diary."

"I shouldn't, it wouldn't be right," Kerry said.

"She's dead now, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind," Robbie said.

"Robbie," Joanie snapped. She turned to Kerry. "I don't think Syd would mind if you read her diary, I did. She would have wanted you to get to know her if she couldn't meet you herself."

Kerry smiled. "I'll try to get it back to you before you leave. I know this means a lot to you."

"Syd was one amazing girl," Jim said. "I wish you could have known her." Jim checked his watch. "I think we must be going, Joanie has to get Hannnah down to sleep."

Kerry stood up. "Thanks for coming, I hope to see you before you leave. Keep me posted on anything going on in Providence."

"We will," Joanie said. She hugged Kerry and headed for the door, Robbie and Jim following behind her.

"Bye," Kerry said and closed the door. She turned to Carter who was still sitting on the couch. "Going to bed?"

"Yeah, but first I think I'd better kick Syd out of it," Carter said. He noticed the diary. "Are you really going to read that?"

"Yeah, it will give me a chance to know a person I will never meet," Kerry said. She headed for her bedroom. "Night Carter."

"Night," Carter mumbled heading for the stairs.

The next morning Syd came into the kitchen to find Kerry at the table reading something. "Morning."

"Hey," Kerry said. "Were you downstairs all ngiht?"

"No, Carter kicked me out," Syd said sitting down at the table beside Kerry. "What are you reading?"

"A diary, my friend's daughter who was killed in an accident three weeks ago," Kerry sad not looking up. "She really has a pretty instresting life."

Syd nodded. "I bet, a lot of diaries are neat to read."

"OK, listen to this."

Dear Diary,

I feel as though I don't belong here. Mother doesn't give a care about what I do. My father is the only one who is helping me study for my SAT's. Joanie is being just as annoying as usual, if not more. Robbie, well there's not much that's changed. I've finally made my decession, I'm going into medicine just like my father. The one person who I'm not aginst right now is the handsome Jock Kyle Moran....

"And then it just tells about Kyle and how she really likes him," Kerry said. She noticed Syd had become very pale at the mention of Kyle Moran. "Syd are you OK?"

"Yeah, it's just my life you're reading about," Syd said. "Where did you get my diary?"

"From my friend," Kerry said. Then Kerry realized that Jim Hansen was Syd's father. "Syd I had no idea that he was your father. They think you're dead."

"What?" Syd asked. "That's why I haven't been able to get in touch with them, they've been here all this time." Syd got up from the table. "I'm gooing home, there are some things I need to work out with my family. Thanks for letting me stay with you, it's been great."

"Syd you just can't leave," Kerry said following Syd to her bedroom. "What about the hospital?"

"I'm usre you'll be fine without me," Syd said. "Kerry I have an idea, why don't you come with me. There's something I didn't tell you, my mother comes back in my dreams. I could come back in Joanie's dreams and then after a few days I can reveal myself."

"Syd you're losing it," Kerry said. "I can't possibly go with you to Providence."

"Sure you can," Syd said.

Kerry sighed and finally gave in. "OK, let's do it."

The next day Syd and Kerry were in the attic of Syd's house. It was around midnight and Syd knew that her whole family was asleep. Syd had found the outfit she'd warn the day the cab had the accident. Syd had changed and was now waiting for the right moment to go see Joanie.

"Remember the plan?" Kerry whispered. Kerry and Syd had talked about the plan over and over. Kerry didn't even know why she was asking such a stupid question.

"Yes, I wait until everyone is asleep and then I go to Joanie's room and try to pretend that I'm dead. She'll think she's dreaming."

Kerry checked her watch. "It's time."

Syd crept quietly toward Joanie's room and quietly opened the door. Luckily Joanie was a heavy sleeper. Syd looked around the room, there were boxes everywhere. Syd sat down on the edge of Joanie's bed and stroked her forehead. "I know you miss me, I don't blame you."

Joanie stirred and opened her eyes. She gasped when she saw Syd. "I must be dreaming."

"You are silly," Syd sad trying to make this as much like one of her dreams as possible. "Hi, I came to see you. Sorry, mom had an urgent call to attend to but she told me to tell you hello."

"What are you doing here?" Joanie asked.

"To tell you that I'm not completely gone," Syd said. "I know it's been hard, but why on earth did you let Kerry Weaver read my diary?"

"How do you know Kerry Weaver?" Joanie asked.

"We met, about a year ago I believe," Syd said.

Joanie smiled. "I miss you Syd."

"I know and I wouldn't have it any other way," Syd said.

"Can you stay awhile?" Joanie asked hopefully.

"Yes, maybe for a little while," Syd said. She got into bed with Joanie as her mother had done many times before. "Now go to sleep."

"But if I go to sleep and I wake up I'll never see you again," Joanie said.

"Joanie you can see me any time you want, in your dreams," Syd said. She waited until Joanie was fast asleep and then slipped out of the room.

Joanie awoke and looked beside her. Syd was gone once more. Joanie sighed and laid back down. It had been great seeing her again and she couldn't wait for the following night. Joanie sat up looked at the clock, ten AM, she was vey late. Joanie leaped out of bed and ran toward Hannah's room expecting her to be screaming her head off because she was hungry. Instead Joanie walked in to find Syd sitting in the rocking chair holding Hannah. She was reading a book to her, the Runaway Bunny.

"Shucks said the bunny," Syd read. "I might as well stay where I am."

"Syd?" Joanie asked her voice shaking. "I can't be dreaming, unless I'm sleep walking."

Syd looked her sister directly in the eye. "No, Joanie you're not dreaming."

"Then what's going on?" Joanie asked coming further into the room.

"Joanie I wasn't in an accident. I didn't die, I left my purse in the cab that burned," Syd said.

"Then how come you didn't call or write?" Joanie asked. She was crying now and tears were making their way down her cheeks.

"I tried but every time I called I got the machine, I even faxed you Joanie."

Joanie smiled. "I'm glad you're OK and I'm glad you're home Syd."

Syd smiled. "Me too." Syd knew that that was the truth, she was glad to be home.


2000 Rebecca

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