Providence Fan Fiction

By Katie

"Okay little guy, will you say "Ahhhh" for me," Syd instructed the young boy who was complaining of a soar throat.

"No!" he stuck out his bottom lip.

"Andrew, do as Dr. Hansen says," his mother demanded, giving him a gentle shake.

"I donít want to!" he yelled, shaking his head. His dark hair falling across his tiny forehead.

"It wonít hurt at all, I promise," Syd assured young Andrew. He loosed up at Syd and she could tell by the look in his big brown eyes that he was softening. "Címon," Syd urged him. She softly tickled his tummy.

Andrew smiled and giggled sweetly. "Okay," he obliged, opening his mouth as wide as he could.

"Wow, I can see all the way down to your toes," Syd joked as she peered down his throat with a penlight.

"Really?" he asked, bright eyed.

"I sure can," Syd laughed, the boyís mother smiled with gratitude. "Does this hurt?" Syd asked, softly rubbing the lymph nodes in his neck.

"Mmm hmm," he flinched a bit.

"Okay, Andrew has a throat infection," Syd informed his mother. "Itís nothing serious; antibiotics should clear it right up."

"Thank-you Doctor," the mother said, graciously.

"No problem," Syd handed a prescription to her. "Bye Andrew, I hope you feel better."

"Bye Dr. Hansen,"Andrew waved as his mother carried him out of the office.

"Sydney," Helen called as she peeked her head into the exam room.

"Yes?" Sydney looked up at her coworker Dr. Helen Reynolds.

"Someoneís on the phone for you about Lily," Helen said.

"Oh god, what has she done now?" Syd muttered to herself as she hurried to get the phone. "Hello...oh sheís sick," Syd felt guilty about assuming Lily was in trouble. "Okay Iím going to get my sister Joanie to pick her up... alright, thanks for calling...bye."

"Lilyís sick?" Helen asked.

"Yeah, Iím going to get Joanie to pick her up from school and bring her here so I can check her out," Syd replied.

"You can go get her yourself if you want. I can handle the clinic for awhile by myself," Helen offered.

"No itís okay but thanks."


"Syd, Lily is here," Helen informed her.

"Thanks," Sydney hurried out to see Lily."Hey hon, youíre not feeling too well huh?"

"My stomach hurts," Lily complained.

Syd felt Lilyís flushed cheek with the back of her hand. "Youíre pretty warm, youíve probably got a fever. Come with me to room 2," Syd instructed. "Thanks for bringing her in Joanie."

"No problem."

"Here, lie down on the bed and relax," Syd told Lily. "Have you thrown up at all?" Syd asked as she took Lilyís temperature.

"I puked in History class," Lily groaned. "All over my home work."

"Your temperature is 102.4." Syd stated. "It could just be the flu but weíve got to make sure."

"It hurts really bad right here," Lily said, placing her hand on her lower right abdomen.

"When did it start hurting?"

"This morning. Then it hurt in the middle of my stomach but it moved down to here later in the day."

"Does this hurt?" Syd pressed gently but firmly where Lily said it hurt.

"Ouch...yes," Lily winced.

"How about this?" Syd pressed down on the left side of her stomach.

"Yes, it makes the right side hurt."

"Lily, you have appendicitis," Sydney stated.

"I do? Do I have to be operated?" Lily asked.

"Yes, immediately," Syd said. "We have to get you to the hospital right away. Youíre appendix could burst anytime."

"Will you be operating on me?" Lily questioned.

"I hope I will be able to but if not Iíll make sure you have an equally as good doctor," Syd smiled. "Iím gonna call the ambulance to transport you there.

"Why canít you just drive me?"

"Because we donít want to move you anymore than we have to so we donít cause you appendix to burst," Syd explained. "You just relax and Iíll be right back."


"Is she alright?" elen asked Sydney when she exited the exam room.

"She has appendicitis," Syd replied.

"Oh, do you want me to call the ambulance to come transport her to the hospital?"

"Yes please, that would be great."


Syd sat at Lilyís bedside, waiting for her to awake. She had performed the appendectomy and everything went smoothly.

"Sydney..." Lily moaned softly as she came to.

"Hey sweetheart," Syd softly stroked Lilyís hair. "How are you feeling?"

"Woozy and my stomach is soar," Lily responded.

"Youíll start feeling better soon," Syd promised. " The operation went very well."

"Thatís good," Lily murmured. "Thank-you."

"No problem, itís a really easy, routine procedure," Syd said.

"No, I mean thank-you for everything. For taking me in and caring for me and giving me advice."

"Hey itís nothing," Syd grinned. "Itís great have someone like you in my life. And Iím glad I can help you. You have so much potential; youíre really going to make something of yourself. Iím very proud of you Lily."

Tears filled in her eyes. It had been a long time since someone had said that to her. "Thank-you." Sydney and the Hansens really were her saving grace. She had no idea what she would do without them. "Thank-you." she stared into Sydneyís eyes. She hoped she could turn out to be like Syd. She thought that Sydney was an amazing person and hoped she could be at least a little bit like her.

"Youíre welcome kido," what a special kid, Syd thought. She knew it was definitely providence that had brought Lily to her.

By: Katie (age 14)

© 1999 Katie

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