A Hectic Day

By Karen

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It is early morning and Lynda is trying to get syd up Come on Honey time to wake up!mmm Mother give me a few more minutes please??No you had enough time syd! Fine I will get up.
Syd walks downstairs syd sees Jonie feeding Hanna.Morning Jonie.Oh morning syd how are you??oh could not be better how about yourself Jonie??oh not to great I have this fever and I have been hacking and coughing all morning and night.Well Jonie Iam just heading to the clinic know.If you dont feel any better today come and see me please?? Yeah sure syd whatever u say.Jonie I mean it!Syd walks to the door and leaves. At the clinic Morning Izzy.what do u have for me??Oh good morning DR.Hansen lets see we have a 17 year old in room 3 complaing of a sore stomach and a 21 year old in 1 with a sore throat.And Dr.Hansen if I were u I would take the 21 year old.Thanks Izzy Syd walk's over to curtin area 1 and opens it.Hi iam DR.Hanse..Robbie What are you doing here?hey Syd I have been having this sore throat for the past few days.Well Robbie why did u not mention it to me at home??It did not start again hurting Till this morning.Syd looks in his throat and feels his throids.Well  Robbie it is just a bad case of strep throat.iam going to give u some antibyotics that should clear it right up.And I want to see you back here within 3 to 4 says ok Robbie?? Yeah thanks syd.The morning just flys by.syd is treating a 15 year old when Izzy come's in hey Syd got a patiant for u.a 21 year old in curtin 4.Izzy iam kinda busy know cant u take it??No DR.Hansen she wants you.Fine Izzy can u take over??Sure DR.Hansen.Walks over to curtin area 4 Hi iam DR.Hansen.Oh hey Jonie notices Hanna laying on the table and Jonie is sitting in a chair.your cold not better Jonie??Oh Syd it is not me it is Hanna she wont eat anything and whatever she eats she throws right back up.Ok Jonie when did this start??Right after u left syd.ok Jonie she just has the flu.Put her right to bed ok?thanks syd your welcome jonie.
Syd is at home know.She notices Robbie and Jonie sitting at the table.Hey u two how are u??
Oh hi Syd iam feeling a lot better thanks syd.Hey syd Hanna is feeling better.Thats good well iam going to go take a shower.hey syd that was some nice things u did for your brother and your sister.Oh mom I was just doing my job. Yeah but you treated your family.
Yeah well night  Mother.Night syd.


2000 Karen

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