Girl Trouble

By Sarah And Ashley

Hey Everyone! This is another twin story! Look for another one coming soon!

A Dreary and rainy Tuesday morning at the Hansenís house:

Dream Sequence:

Lynda: Well Syd, remember mother daughter day at my work?

Syd: of course

Lynda: Thatís good, because youíll need the skills

Syd: (rubbing her eyes) What?

Lynda: Look whose next to you

Syd: Emily?

Lynda: Shh! Donít wake her up!

Syd: (stroking Emilyís hair) oh, sorry

Lynda: Just think about what I said and youíll get it right. Be careful this 
week, I donít want a roommate.

Syd: huh?

But it was too late her mother was gone.


Syd: (groaning) I need a day off!

Syd: Emily?

Syd lets Emily sleep and goes and hops in the shower.

*  *  *  *  *

In the bathroom:

Knock, knock, knock

Joanie: Syd?

Syd: Oh, hi Joanie

Joanie: Whatís Emily doing in your bed?

Syd: I have no idea.

Joanie: I think something is really bothering her.

Syd: Why do you say that?

Joanie: All day, she kept asking me is Syd gonna be home soon?

Syd: andÖ

Joanie: I also heard her on the phone.

Syd: Joanie!

Joanie: I didnít mean to listen. It was Amy. All I heard was, ďCan you come 
over tomorrow?Ē ďOh, well have a great time at mother daughter work day.Ē

Syd: Oh, jeez. I completely forgot! What should we do?

Joanie: Why donít you talk to her?

Syd: She must be so upset!

Joanie: Syd, take a reality check!

Syd: Sorry, I had a really weird dream.

Joanie: Why donít you talk to her when you get out of the shower?

Syd: I will

Joanie: Ok, well Iím going to get breakfast ready.

Syd: Joanie, thanks

Joanie: Anytime sis

Syd finishes with her shower and walks to her room in her robe, Emily is 
still asleep

Syd: hum, what should I wear?

Syd decides to put on a skirt, a tank top, and a jacket. She puts on her 
makeup and fixes her hair.

Before she goes downstairs for breakfast, she sits down next to Emily and 
gives her a kiss on the forehead and tucks her curly brown hair behind her 

Joanie: Is she up?

Syd: no not yet

Joanie: Well here have some coffee, you look like you need it.

Syd: (changing the subject) So Joanie, where should we go on vacation this 

Joanie: I want to go somewhere that I can relax all day and get a nice tan 
and hang out with you and the girls.

Syd: Well, Dad was talking to me last night about where we should go. I 
mean, itís almost the end of July, we got to decide soon.

Joanie: Whoís paying for it?

Syd: Well, Dad will pay for everything except the plane tickets, if we canít 
drive there.

Joanie: Well, the only places we could drive to would be Massachusetts, 
Connecticut, and all the other states in New England.

Syd: Well, we could go to Cape Cod.

Joanie: We went last year.

Syd: Well, I know that the girls want somewhere hot enough where we can swim 
and jetski.

Emily: hi Syd and Joanie

Syd: Hey kiddo

Syd: Could you grab that bottle of Ibuprofen?

Emily: Sure

Emily: Why do you need Ibuprofen?

Syd: You know, not the greatest time of the month.

Emily: Oh, I think I know your status.

Joanie: Well, Iím feeling great. How about you Emily?

Emily: (unsure) great

Joanie: you okay?

Emily: I think so

Syd: Well, good for you two. Iíll survive.

Emily: (sitting in Sydís lap with her head on her shoulder) Itís all right 

Syd: Jeez, when was the last time you sat in my lap?

Joanie: You feeling all right?

Emily: ya, I love you Syd.

Syd: (kissing her forehead) I love you too Emily

Joanie: Is this a Kodak moment or what?

Emily: I have a questionÖ

Joanie: Ask away

Emily: Well, Amy was telling me that her mom is bringing her toÖ Oh, it 
doesnít matter.

Joanie: to what?

Syd: (puzzled about Emilyís shyness) You can tell Joanie and me.

Emily: Tomorrow is mother-daughter workday and I have no one to go with.

Joanie: Is that it?

Syd: Joanie! I know what youíre going through honey. But donít worry were 
here for you.

Joanie: Of course

Emily: Thanks, I knew I could count on you.

Syd: Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Emily: (unsure) Nothing I know of.

Joanie: (unsure) ok

Syd: Why donít you give me a call at the clinic this afternoon? Just a 
little chat to see how your doing.

Emily: Iíd like that

Syd: Great, Iíll look forward to it.

Joanie: (watching tv) Hey Emily, you want to go shopping today? I just heard 
on the weather channel that it is supposed to rain and thunder all today and 

Emily: Ok

Syd: Oh no, flood watches and warnings all ready?

Emily: (pouring herself a glass of juice) Thatís what it looks like. I hate 
thunder. I hope the power doesnít go out!

Syd: (putting her arm around Emily) I know Emily, I hate thunderstorms and 
when the power goes out. I remember when me and Joanie would hide underneath 
my bed when there was a thunderstorm.

Joanie: We used to be so scared.

Syd: I remember the year that you and Elena were born there was the worse 
storm Iíve ever seen. I was 16, at the time.

Joanie: I remember, it was like a day like today. We had no power for days. 
Providence was in a wreck.

Emily: Freaky

Joanie: Very freaky

Emily: Hey Elena

Syd: Hi Elena, were in for a big one!

Elena: What?

Joanie: Syd is talking about the big storm were supposed to have. Warnings 
and watches have already been issued.

Elena: Jeez, I hope the power doesnít go out. I hate when that happens. I 
was gonna watch tv and eat all day!

Emily: Join the crowd.

Syd: Well, girls I gotta go to work.

Elena sits down at the table with Joanie and Hannah. Syd and Emily are by 
the counter.

Elena: You sound thrilled.

Syd: It has been so busy these past couple of weeks, it just burns me out.

Syd: Well, see ya later. Call me when you get back from the mall or stop by 
the clinic.

Syd: (kissing Emily on the cheek) bye Emily, donít forget what I said!

Syd: Bye Elena!

Syd: Joanie, donít buy the whole mall. Bye Hannah. See ya Joanie.

Joanie: It looks like it is getting darker.

Emily: Yeah, it does.

Elena: (changing the subject) So Joanie, I canít wait till Saturday!

Joanie: Burt said that he has two jetskis and we have two.

Emily: 4 jetskis! Wow! And we have two tubes.

Elena: Where are we going on the jetskis?

Joanie: Narragansett Bay

Emily: I love the bay!

Elena: What type of jetskis?

Joanie: Well, he has a 2 seater and a 3 seater.

Emily: What do we have, a 3 person andÖ

Jim: another 3 person.

Joanie: Hey Dad!

Jim: The only reason I know that we have two 3 seaters is because I paid for 

Robbie: Paid for what?

Emily: the jetskis!

Robbie: Arenít we going with Burt onÖ

Elena: Saturday

Emily: on the jetskis and cookout!

Jim: So what is exactly the plan?

Joanie: Well, Burt is coming over at 8 on Saturday to hitch up the jetskis. 
Then weíll have a quick breakfast, pack the cookout food and bags, and weíre 

Elena: Hannah is coming too.

Robbie: Well, I gotta get going to O'Neill's.

Emily: Bye Robbie

Jim: Well, I have patients to see.

Joanie: Bye Dad

Elena: So, when are we going to the mall?

Joanie: About 10 or so

Joanie: We have to drop Hannah off at the sitters first

Emily: ok, come on Elena lets get dressed

Joanie: Iím gonna take a shower, then weíll get ready to leave

Elena: Fine with me

Emily: me too

*  *  *  *  *

At the Clinic:

Syd: Hey Izzy!

Izzy: Hi Dr. Hansen. How ya feeling? Howís everything at the Hansen house?

Syd: Well, this isnít the greatest time of the month for me.

Izzy: Join the club. How are the girls?

Syd: Elena is great, but Emily isnít looking too hot.

Izzy: what do you mean?

Syd: Well, I woke up this morning and she was lying right next to me and 
Mother daughter work day is tomorrow.

Izzy: Oh jeez! We did have a bad storm last night. She could have gotten 

Syd: I donít think thatís why. But, we decided that Emily would come with me 
and Elena would go with Joanie to the Barkery.

Izzy: So the problem is fixed?

Syd: Not quite. Emily still isnít herself. I plan to find out what is wrong.

Izzy: Well tell Emily I said hi.

Syd: I will. I think I need a day off.

Izzy: When do you plan to talk to Emily?

Syd: By Saturday because we have that picnic and vacation and I went to get 
everything out.

Izzy: This age is the worst! You go through all those changes and especially 
girls they have to get used to all those new things happening in there life.

Syd: I feel that I havenít done something.

Izzy: Youíve done everything Dr. Hansen.

Syd: Well, enough about my life! Let me see those patients.

Izzy: Ok, in exam one Mr. Adams is complaining of lost of breathÖ

Syd: Oh, here goes another day!

Syd: One more thing Izzy.

Izzy: What is it Dr. Hansen?

Syd: If Emily calls, come and get me. I promised her a little afternoon 

Izzy: Of course

Syd: Thanks

*  *  *  *  *

Back at the house:

Joanie: Ready?

Elena: Yup

Emily: Let me get my purse, then we can go.

Joanie: and were off!

*  *  *  *  *

In the car:

Elena: I had a great time Joanie

Joanie: Yeah, Syd will love what we got her. Right, Emily?

Emily: yeah

Joanie: It sure is getting windy.

Elena: And itís raining really hard!

Emily: Are we almost at the clinic?

Joanie: just about

The girls drive a couple more minutes in the hurricane weather. They soon 
arrive at the clinic.

Emily runs in to see Syd and Joanie and Elena follow her.

Izzy: hi Emily

Emily: Hi Izzy, is Syd around?

Izzy: Iíll go get her, go wait in her office.

Syd: Hi girls.

Emily: Syd! Look what we got you!

Emily pulled out a light purple tank top.

Syd: Where did you get this?

Emily: The Gap.

Elena: And all four of us have one.

Syd: Thanks, weíll have to wear them on Saturday

Joanie: We just wanted to swing by and say hi. Weíre on our way to pick up 
Hannah. Then were going home to cook dinner. Dad and Robbie wonít be home 
till late tonight so maybe we can rent a movie and have a little girl time.

Syd: Sounds great, I could go for that!

Joanie: How ya feeling?

Syd: (unsure) All right, I guess.

Joanie: Do you need anything?

Syd: Actually can you run to the drug store and get me some Ibuprofen?

Joanie: Sure

Syd: Thanks

Syd and Joanie walk out of Sydís office where Elena and Emily are waiting.

Syd: It sure looks bad at thereÖ

All of the sudden a huge tree fall onto the roof of the clinic caving into 
the ceiling.

Syd: Oh my god! Is anyone hurt?

Izzy: Looks like everyone is all right except for the roof. Were gonna have 
to close down.

Syd: Could this get any better?

Izzy: Iíll call the tree service and the repairman, you get all the patients 

Syd: Thanks Izzy.

Joanie: Want us to help?

Syd: You can help get these patients out.

Soon the clinic is cleared and the tree service and repairman are working 

Izzy: Why donít you go Dr. Hansen?

Syd: That sounds great Izzy! Thanks

Izzy: Hope you have a better day tomorrow! See ya tomorrow Emily!

Emily: What?

Syd: Mother daughter workday?

Emily: (with a huge smile) really?

Syd: Sure thing kiddo

Emily: (hugging Syd) Thank you Syd!

Syd: Your welcome

Emily: You have no idea how much this means to me!

Syd is puzzled at what Emily just said

Syd: Bye Izzy

Izzy: Bye

Syd:  Well that was an interesting day

Joanie: I sure bet it was.

Syd: I just want to go home and get out of these clothes and spent time with 
you and the girls.

Joanie: That sounds great.

The girls hop in the car and drive off.

Syd: Can we stop off at the drugstore for a sec.

Joanie: Sure, what do ya need?

Syd: Just some Ibuprofen.

Emily: Can I come in?

Syd: Sure, but it will only take a sec.

Emily: I know

Joanie: Can you get some snack food too, were gonna run and get a movie 
while your getting your stuff.

Syd: Sure, whereís the umbrella?

Elena: right here

Syd: Thanks

Syd: Come on Emily!

The two girls huddle under the umbrella with Sydís arm around Emily and 
Emilyís arm around Sydís waist.

Joanie: Have you noticed anything different about Emily?

Elena: Not really. I mean she has been kinda close to Syd.

Joanie: Kinda? A lot! She now climbs into her bed at night!

Elena: Really?

Joanie: yup

Elena: But, Emily is just like Syd and Iím just like you.

Joanie: I know it all just seems to work out.

Elena: What movie are we gonna get?

Joanie: A funny one!

Elena: How about Superstar?

Joanie: Syd would love that!

Elena: Great

The girls pull into the movie store and run in to get the movie.

*  *  *  *  *

Syd: I think we got everything.

Emily: Yup, lets go to the counter

Cashier: $15.96

Cashier: Is this your daughter? You look so much alike?

Emily eyes open wide

Syd: actually yes she is and she has a twin too

Cashier: wow, twins

Syd: Here you go

Cashier: Thanks, have a good evening

Syd: You too

Emily: What was that all about?

Syd: Come on Emily, I am like her mother. I have the consent for you and 
your sister. I pay for everything, I take you to the orthodontist for your 
braces, I go to conferences at school, I sign all your homework papers for 
you, and your last name is Hansen.

Emily: I guess your right, I love being a Hansen!

Syd: me too, Oh thereís Joanie

Emily: Hi Joanie! What movie did you get?


Syd: Oh, jeez this is gonna be a funny movie, Iíve heard all about it from 
my teenager patients.

Joanie: Well, lets go. Elena and me are going to drop you girls off and then 
go pick up Hannah, since I know Syd wants to go home.

Syd: Great! Iíll get Emily in the shower and then Iíll take one and weíll 
get in our pjís.

Emily: I just hope the power doesnít go out.

Syd: me too

The girls arrive home and Syd and Emily hop out.

Joanie: See ya soon.

Syd gets her key and lets her and Emily in.

Emily: You can take you shower first since I know you donít feel that great.

Syd: Thanks Emily

Syd goes up to her room and gets ready for her shower.

Ring, Ring, Ring

Emily: Hello?

Joanie: Hi Emily, tell Syd that were at the babysitters house caught in the 
storm. Weíll try to be home in the next hour and a half.

Emily: Ok, Iíll tell Syd, sheís in the shower

Joanie: Bye, Kiddo

Emily: Bye

Emily runs up to Sydís room.

Emily: Syd! Syd!

Syd: Yeah, Iím in my room getting in my pjs.

Emily opens the door.

Emily: Joanie says theyíre caught in the storm

Syd: (putting on a tank top) Oh, I hope there all right!

Emily: Me too

Syd: Why donít you hop in the shower?

Emily: Ok

Syd: Iíll bring up your pjís when theyíre out of the dryer.

Emily: ok, thanks.

Emily goes and takes her shower.

After cleaning up her room, Syd walks down the hall to check on Emily.

Syd: You all right Emily?

Emily: Yeah, you can come in

Syd opens the door.

Emily: Can you hand me a new bottle of shaving cream, please?

Syd: Sure, sorry I must have used it all up when I was in.

Emily: Itís all right.

Syd: Iíll go get your pjís

Syd walks down the steps to the laundry room to get Emily pjís: a tank top, 
cotton shorts, and underwear.

Syd:  Here you go Emily.

Emily: Thanks Syd, Can you grab my towel for me?

Syd: Sure

Emily turns off the shower. Syd holds open the towel for Emily to step into.

Syd wraps Emily in a big fluffy towel and wraps her hair in a towel too.

Emily: Thanks

Syd: Why donít you dry off and hop in your pjs. Iíll set up for dinner and 
then come in my room so I can do your hair.

Emily: Ok

Syd: Iíll be in the kitchen, call me up when youíre done.

Syd walks down to the kitchen to set up for dinner.

Ring Ring Ring

Syd: Hello?

Izzy: Hi Dr. Hansen

Syd: Oh, hi Izzy, howís the roof?

Izzy: it looks like weíll be closed for a week.

Syd: a week?

Izzy: yup, but at least youíll have some time off.

Syd: What about the patients?

Izzy: Weíll have to send them to the hospital.

Syd: Any more news?

Izzy: Oh yes, Dr. Anna Del Amico called from Hartford Hospital. They need 
you for a plastic surgery on Thursday.

Syd: What time?

Izzy: 8:30 a.m., it should be over no later than 11. You need to be there by 
7:15 though.

Syd: Could I bring Emily? She would really be interested.

Izzy: That should be all right.

Syd: great

Izzy: feeling better?

Syd: A little, ya know

Izzy: Howís Emily?

Syd: Oh my gosh! Mother daughter workday!

Izzy: Oh jeez, Tell her about the hospital sheíll love it.

Syd: Ok, great. Joanie and Elena are stuck in the storm, and I just got out 
of the shower. I promised Emily Iíd do her hair.

Izzy: Ok, Iíll let you go.  Bye.


Emily: Syd, Iím ready

Syd: Coming hun

Syd walks up the stairs to her room

Emily: who was that?

Syd: Izzy

Emily: oh

Syd: (coming out her hair) she said the clinic is gonna be closed for the 

Emily: Oh man!

Syd: (putting Emilyís hair in a twist like her own) I gotta talk to you 
about something.

Emily: what?

Syd: You know mother daughter workday?

Emily: (tears rolling down her eyes) oh no!

Syd: come here Em, itís all right

Emily sits down in Sydís lap with her head on Sydís shoulder

Syd: On Thursday I have a surgery in Hartford. Would you consider postponing 
mother daughter workday?

Emily: for you, sure

Syd grabs a tissue and wipes Emilyís tears

Emily: thanks Syd

Syd: your welcome honey (kissing her forehead)

Syd: Emily do you feel all right?

Emily: Fine, why?

Syd: you feel awfully warm. Let me take your temperature.

Syd goes and grabs the thermometer.

Syd: just pop this in your ear, than wait a sec

Emily: ok


Syd: 100.3 ouch, let me give you some Ibuprofen.

Emily: Can I still stay up for the movie?

Syd: As long as youíre not bouncing around.

Emily: ok

Syd: letís go down to the kitchen and get you some soup and some tea.

Syd and Emily go downstairs

Joanie: Hello?

Syd: your home

Elena: finally, whereís Em?

Syd: In the kitchen, she has a fever though, she should be all right.

Elena: Iím going in the shower.

Syd: ok, Joanie why donít you get in your pjís then come into the kitchen.

Joanie: ok

Joanie: goes and gets dressed and quickly comes to the kitchen with Hannah

Joanie: Hey Emily, how ya feeling?

Emily: ok, hi Hannah

Syd: Let me fill you in Joanie

Syd explains about the clinic, Hartford, and Emily

Joanie: Sounds great. I was planning to take Elena to the Barkery tomorrow 
and Thursday anyway.

Syd: Well thatís good

Elena: Ok, Iím out. Can we go watch the movie?

Joanie: yeah, but letís get the snacks first.

The girls carry everything in the living room and start the movie. Elena and 
Joanie are cuddled together on one couch and Emily and Syd are lying on 
another couch together.

The movie starts and so does the thunder and lighting.

Syd: please donít let the power go out now.

During the movie the girls laugh hysterically.

The movie ends and the girls are still laughing.

Joanie: that was great

Syd: and the power didnít goÖ

All the sudden the lights blink, come back on and then go off again, not 
coming back on.

Emily: I think we spoke too soon.

Syd: Letís go get the flashlights and candles and bring them into the living 

Ring Ring Ring

Joanie: At least the phone isnít dead.

Joanie: Hello?

Robbie: Hey Joanie, the roads closed and Iím stuck at my girlfriendís house. 
Iím gonna stay overnight, ok?

Joanie: Yeah, we lost power

Robbie: us too, bye

Joanie: bye

Syd: Who was that?

Joanie: Robbie, heís spending the night at his girlfriendís house since the 
road is closed, they lost power too

Ring Ring Ring

Syd: Iíll get it

Syd: Hello?

Jim: Hi Syd, weathers bad in Pawtucket at this dog conference. Iím gonna get 
a room at the hotel. Ok?

Syd: ok

Jim: Howís everything?

Syd: Weíve lost power and Emily is running a fever.

Jim: oh, How are the animals?

Syd: fine, Elena just checked.

Jim: great. See ya tomorrow

Syd: bye, I love you

Jim: I love you too, bye

Elena: Who was that?

Syd: My dad, heís spending the night in Pawtucket.

Elena: So, itís just us?

Syd: Yup

Elena: Letís go into the living and have a girl talk.

Syd: Sounds great

Joanie: I put Hannah in her playpen in here, so I donít have to worry about 

Syd: Looks like itís just us. Robbie and Dad are spending the night 
somewhere else.

Joanie: Well, this gives a great time for a girl chat.

Syd: Well, I have something that I remember.

Emily: What is it?

Syd: I remember me and Joanie getting a phone call sometime ago from your 

Joanie: Oh, this is a good one.

Syd: She wanted to know if me and Joanie could take you girls shopping.

Emily: Oh, this is embarrassing.

Syd: I know. She wanted to know if Joanie and I could take you two bra 
shopping since we were experienced!

Elena: She did not say that!

Joanie: Yes she did! Experienced, totally!

Emily: I remember when we went shopping for them.

Syd: That was great, it brought back old times from when Joanie and me would 
go bra shopping.

Elena: I remember there were two changing rooms and Syd and Emily went into 
one, and Joanie and I went into the other.

Joanie: We tried on everything and finally found the perfect ones for you.

Emily: That was great!

Syd: (laughing) Shows how much experience we have!

Elena: That was a great time we had.

Syd: Well, I share an experience that Iíve kept a secret.

Syd: It was when Kyle and me were sitting on the couch and he asked if we 
were going steady because we had never kissed and he wanted to know.

Emily: andÖ

Syd: I showed him. He sure is a great kisser. I miss him so much.

Joanie: Youíve kept that a secret for so long!

Emily: That must have been so romantic.

Elena: yeah it must have. Kyle must have been the luckiest man in the world 
at that time.

Syd: Thanks Elena.

Joanie: So what else, any other confessions?

The girls talk and laugh for the next two hours while the storm goes on 

Syd: Well, Iím tired.

Elena: me too

Joanie: Iím gonna tuck Hannah in and then go into the girls room to say 

Syd: ok

Elena: Iím going to the bathroom.

Syd: Remember, donít flushÖ

Elena: I know, the power is out

Syd: You all right Em?

Emily: I think so, just really tired.

Syd goes and sits down on the couch next to Emily.

Syd: (putting Emilyís hair behind her ears) I know how you feel. These past 
two weeks have been very busy for me. Iím sorry that I havenít been spending 
much time with you and Elena.

Emily: Itís all right, but Iíve really missed those chats with you about 
guys, and growing up, and all those great things.

Syd: Iíve missed those too. But Iím gonna fall asleep right here, so let me 
get you into bed. Iím gonna take your temperature before you go to bed 
though and give you some Triaminic.

Emily: (getting up) ok

Syd and Emily walk up the dark staircase to the girlís room.

Joanie: Itís about time you came up here.

Emily: I couldnít get up. Iím so tired.

Elena: Whereís Syd?

Emily: She went to get the thermometer and some medicine.

Elena: oh

Syd: ok, Em Iíll put this in your ear and wait a minute.


Syd: 101.4, ouch itís rising. We gotta get it down, here is some Triaminic.

Emily: oh man!

Joanie: Poor Emily

Syd: Well, letís get some sleep.

Joanie: I agree.

Joanie: (kissing each twin) Goodnight Elena, goodnight Emily and hope you 
feel better

Emily: Thanks Joanie.

Syd: (kissing each twin) Goodnight Elena, Good night Emily, if you feel sick 
come into my room or Joanieís, ok?

Emily: ok

Syd: Love you both

Elena and Emily: Love you too Syd

Joanie: goodnight, love you both

Emily and Elena: love you too Joanie

Emily: Love you Hannah

Elena: Love you too Hannah

Syd: ok, enough I love you

Emily: good night

Everyone is tucked in at the Hansenís household

*  *  *  *  *

The Wee hours in the morning, about 1:34 to be exact:

Boom, Boom, Boom

Emily awakes with a start and so does Elena

Elena: Em?

Emily: Iím up, come in my bed

Elena comes and hops in her sisters bed

Elena: you feel warm

Emily: I hate being sick!

Elena: Sorry

All the sudden the window lights up with lighting and a huge boom almost 
shakes the house.

Emily and Elena: Aahhhhhhhhhh! (and run into Joanieís room and Sydís room

Elena: Itís just me Joanie.

Joanie: oh, I was getting scared myself

Elena: Emily is in Sydís room

*  *  *  *  *

In Sydís room:

Syd: Emily?

Emily: Iím scared

Syd: hop in

Emily hops in Sydís bed and her and Syd are face to face

Emily: I donít feel that great and every time I breathe I get this sound

Syd: Woozing

Emily: yeah

Syd and Emily sit up in the bed

Syd: Let me get a flashlight and candle, and my bag

Emily: ok

Syd sits back on the bed with Emily

Syd: Lift up your shirt and take deep breaths.

Emily: ok

Syd listens to her chest and heart for a few minutes.

Syd: now lie down

Emily lies down

Syd lifts her shirt up to listen to her heart more

Syd: Emily, youíre very congested. Your heart sounds okay but you are very 

Emily: Is that bad?

Syd: It can be serious.

Emily: oh

Syd: Not to be nasty or anything, but what color is your mucus?

Emily: green

Syd: Just what I thought, and when you sneeze does yellow flem come up?

Emily: mmm.

Syd: I think you have very serious allergies and a sinus infection with a 
high fever that is rising.

Joanie: Everything all right?

Syd: Emís got allergies and a sinus infection that is running a high fever.

Joanie: (sits down on the bed) Iím sorry Emily

Emily: thanks Joanie.

Syd: Your stomach might ache like you have cramps, but itís the flem in you 

Emily: Does it eventually go away?

Syd: Thatís one thing you have to be careful about.

Emily: Throwing up it, right?

Syd: yup

Joanie: Iím going back to bed, call me if you need me

Syd: Iím sorry Emily, I should have looked at you better before.

Emily: Itís all right, I didnít feel worse before.

Syd: You can sleep with me

Emily: ok

Syd: Come here, give me a hug

Emily gives Syd a hug and a kiss

Emily: I love you

Syd: I love you too

Syd: letís get to bed

Emily: ok

Syd and Emily hop in Sydís bed and fall asleep

Time flies by to about 4 a.m.

Emily: Syd? Syd? (shaking her)

Syd: what?

Emily: (crying)I feel like Iím gonna throw up.

Syd: Oh jeez, letís go to the bathroom. Hurry.

Syd and Emily run into the bathroom with the flashlight

Emily: Blah!

Syd: (patting her on the back) itís all right honey,calm down

Emily: I feel a little better.

Syd: Are you all finished?

Emily: I think so

Joanie pop her head in the bathroom

Joanie: you all right?

Syd: Emily just tossed her cookies

Joanie: Oh jeez, are you all right now?

Emily: yeah

Joanie: Ok, Iím going back to bed

Syd: ok

Emily: Syd, I have to go to the bathroom.

Syd: This toilet is gonna overflow, I hope the power goes on.

Emily: Can I use Uncle Jimís bathroom?

Syd: Sure

Emily: Can you come with me? Itís still dark and in case I throw up again.

Syd: sure

Emily and Syd walk down the hallway quietly.

Emily goes to the bathroom and her and Syd walk back to Sydís room

Syd: Letís go to sleep, if you can

Emily: ok, I still feel warm

Syd: Iíll take your temperature.

Syd pops the thermometer into Emís ear and waits a minute


Syd: 102.9, We gotta get that fever down

Emily: Iíll have a cold washcloth on my head.

Syd: I have a Poland Spring water bottle and some ice and a washcloth. Iíll 
go get it.

Emily: ok

Syd comes back and puts it on Emís head

Syd: That should do it

Emily: Thanks

Syd: Well, lets go to bed

Emily: ok

Syd: (kissing her cheek) I love you

Emily: I love you too.

Syd and Emily fall asleep.

*  *  *  *  *

7:30 a.m.

Joanieís room:

Joanie: Elena?

Elena: Yeah, Iím up

Joanie: I think the storm finally stopped.

Elena: Letís go wake up Syd and Em.

Joanie: Letís let them sleep. Syd has been up all morning with Emily.

Elena: Why?

Joanie: Emilyís pretty sick, and was throwing up all morning

Elena: Poor Emily

Joanie: Well, letís go get some breakfast ready and see if Hannah is up.

Elena: ok

Joanie and Elena go get Hannah and go down to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Joanie: Well, all we can really have is cereal.

Elena: Letís call the power company and see how long till we get power on.

Joanie: Ok, Iíll get the phone and you get the phone book

Elena runs and gets the phonebook while Joanie gets the phone.

*  *  *  *  *

Back in Sydís room:

Dream Sequence:

Lynda: Rise and shine Syd, itís gonna be a long day!

Syd: Not now Mother, I want to sleep

Lynda: too bad, you gotta get up, see what has happened since last night

Syd: (running her eyes) What happened that I donít already know?

Lynda: Letís just say Providence looks a little different

Syd: Oh no

Lynda: And itís just gonna get worse, as the week progresses.

Syd: jeez

Lynda: and a long day today.

Syd: Why do you say that?

Before you know it Lynda is gone.

Syd wakes up instantly.

Syd: Emily?

Syd: Emily?

Emily isnít up yet. So Syd gets up and goes to the bathroom.

Syd comes back to her room and sees that Emily has just opened her eyes.

Syd: Hey hon, how ya feeling?

Emily: a little better actually.

Syd: Well, thatís good. You still feel very warm though

Emily: I do?

Syd: Yeah, unfortunately

Emily: did the power come back on?

Syd: nope

Emily: Iím hungry

Syd: I bet you are, you probably have nothing in your stomach

Emily: Will I be able to go to Connecticut tomorrow?

Syd: Iíll have to see how youíre feeling tonight and in the morning.

Emily: ok, thanks for staying up with me when I was sick

Syd: Youíre welcome, I couldnít just leave you alone

Emily: Of course not, Iím talking to Sydney Hansen!

Syd: you and Joanie

Emily: sorry

Syd: thatís all right, I suppose itís true.

Emily: Thatís what I like about you

Syd: Well thatís nice to know, Wanna get something to eat?

Emily: sure

Syd and Emily go downstairs to the kitchen

Joanie: Hey girls

Elena: How are you feeling Emily?

Emily: better

Syd: You still have a high fever though

Joanie: we called the power company

Elena: Power should be restored at about 9:30 a.m.

Syd: great

Joanie: Iím taking a shower, than Elena, Hannah, and me are going to go food 
shopping, stop by the barkery, then go to the mall because we have to get 
new bathing suits for me, Hannah, and Elena.

Elena: so the power better come back on soon

Joanie: need anything while were out?

Emily: actually, can you get me that tankini that I tried on?

Joanie: sure, size 3?

Emily: yeah

Syd: wish I was that size! What does the tankini look like?

Emily: it is a periwinkle blue with a light purplish/ pinkish outline.

Syd: sounds nice

Elena: by the way Syd, how are you feeling?

Syd: funny, Elena. I feel the same. Not my best.

All the sudden the lights turn on and the girls go nuts

Joanie: finally, Iím going in the shower! Elena, be ready in 45 minutes!

Elena: I will Joanie

45 minutes pass quickly and the three girls are off

*  *  *  *  *

Syd is in her room and Emily is downstairs watching tv.

Emily walks up to Sydís room

Emily: Syd?

Syd: yeah Em?

Emily: I was thinking, could I take a bath?

Syd: sure, I was thinking the same thing

Emily: my body feels really sore

Syd: it must, how about in my dadís tub?

Emily: the one with the jets and Jacuzzi thing?

Syd: you bet kiddo

Emily: really?

Syd: really, Iíll go set up your bath and why donít you grab some magazines 

Emily: what ever you say

Syd: Iíll grab your towels too

Emily: ok

Soon the tub is filled up and Syd is in the other bathroom getting some 

Emily: (from downstairs) Syd?

Syd: up here

Emily: (walking up the steps) I got some magazines, is my bath ready yet?

Syd: just finished filling the tub

Syd and Emily walk to the bathroom

Emily gets undressed and hops in the tub

Syd: (looking through the magazines) teen, seventeen, L.L. Bean, Good 
Housekeeping, Parenting Report?

Emily: thought you might want to see it

Syd: Thanks Em

Emily: so what can I do today?

Syd: Well, you could run a few errands with me

Emily: like what?

Syd: Well, Izzy is at the clinic doing some paperwork and I want to bring 
you in for a check-up.

Emily: what do ya mean?

Syd: I want to run a few simple tests and get you a prescription.

Emily: then what?

Syd: come back and hang out for the rest of the day. Maybe go on the 
Internet to look for some new clothes.

Emily: sure

Syd: Dad and Robbie called and said theyíd be home later,

Emily: oh

Syd: Iíll take your temperature when you get out

Emily: ok

Emily: could you wash my hair?

Syd: sure, itís kinda hard for you to do it be yourself in the tub

Emily: yeah, it is

Syd: your hair is exactly like mine, very very curly and hard to style

Emily: everyone always asks where me and Elena get it and I say, it runs in 
the family

Syd: The picture I have of you two on my desk always amazes everyone

Syd: ď Oh your daughters look just like you!Ē

Emily: well we do a lot

Syd: curly brown hair, green eyes,

Emily: and a nice tan

Syd: you always get so nice and brown

Emily: you do too

Syd: not as much

Emily: can I get out now?

Syd: sure

Syd hands Emily her towel and helps her to her room

Syd: Iím gonna take a quick shower

Emily: ok

Syd: call me if you need me

Emily: yeah

Syd takes a quick shower and then goes to her room to get dressed.

Syd: hey Em, what should I wear

Emily: wear what Iím wearing

Emily comes into her room wearing khaki shorts, a light blue tanktop, and 
Old Navy flip-flops

Syd: Is that my J. Crew tank top?

Emily: yeah, can I wear it?

Syd: well, you already have it onÖ

Emily: thanks

Syd: almost ready?

Emily: yup

Syd: let me just grab my purse

Emily: ok

Syd: ok, letís go

The girls hop in the car and head toward the clinic

*  *  *  *  *

Meanwhile at the the mall in the J. Crew store:

Joanie: oh my gosh! Look at the bikini

Elena: the light purple one?

Joanie: yeah, letís buy it

Elena: for who?

Joanie: Syd!

Elena: sheíll be picking up the guys at the beach

Joanie: so now everyone has a bathing suit

Elena: even Robbie and your Dad

Joanie: letís go look for school clothes now

Elena: ok

*  *  *  *  *

Back at the clinic:

Syd: hey Izzy

Izzy: hi Dr. Hansen, Hi Emily

Emily: hi

Izzy: so, I heard you havení t been feeling good?

Emily: yeah, but Syd is taking care of me

Izzy: Well, thatís good! Did you lose power like the rest of Providence?

Syd: yup, just after watching our movie.

Izzy: I lost power too, and itís still not restored.

Emily: ours came on this morning

Izzy: lucky you

Syd: Ok, Izzy lets start those tests so we can get out of here

Izzy: ok Dr. Hansen

Syd gives Izzy a list of tests she wants to do and Izzy and Syd start to 

Syd: take her pulse and BP

Syd: ok Emily Iím just gonna listen to your heart and chest.

Syd: still sounds woozy and congested when you breathe.

Emily: like it did before?

Syd: yeah, Iím just gonna have you lie down and Iím gonna just push your 
shirt up so I can listen to your chest

Izzy: Iíll take her temperature

Syd: ok

Izzy sticks the thermometer in Emilyís ear and waits a sec


Izzy: 101.3

Syd: thatís what it was this morning

Syd: why donít you give her something to reduce the fever

Izzy: sure thing Dr. Hansen

Izzy goes and gets a vaccination for Emily

Izzy: here you go Dr. Hansen

Syd: ok Emily this might pinch a bit

Syd sticks the needle into Emilyís arm

Emily: ouch

Syd: ok, let me just put a Band-Aid on and your all set.

Emily: ok

Syd runs a few more tests and comes to an agreement

Syd: Emily you have a sinus infection, allergies, and a fever all tied into 

Emily: Is the fever gonna go down?

Syd: it should now with that shot I gave you

Emily: good

Izzy: ok Dr. Hansen I sent everything out to the lab and youíre free to go 

Syd: great, did you call in the prescription?

Izzy: yes it should be ready soon

Syd: great, we have to go drop off the movie we rented and pick up half of 
my wardrobe thatís at the dry cleaners

Izzy: ok, bye

Emily: bye Izzy

Syd: see ya

Syd and Emily walk out of St. Clareís toward the car.

Emily: do you think I can go tomorrow?

Syd: I think so, as long as you donít have a fever.

Emily: ok

Syd smiles

Syd: well, lets stop at the dry cleaners and then at the pharmacy.

Emily: Whatís my prescription for?

Syd: to reduce your fever and clear up your chest and allergies.

Emily: oh

They arrive at the dry cleaners and Syd and Emily go and get Sydís clothing.

Syd: ok, letís go pick up your prescription

The girls go to the pharmacy counter in the store.

Syd: prescription for Emily Hansen

Clerk: and youíreÖ

Syd: Sydney Hansen

Clerk: Dr.

Syd: yup

Clerk: here you go

Syd: thanks (paying him the money)

Clerk: bye

Emily: are we going home now?

Syd: yeah

Emily: good, Iím tired

Syd: me too

They soon arrive home.

Syd: are you gonna take a nap?

Emily: maybe, but first Iím going on the Internet.

Syd: you can use my labtop if you want to lie down

Emily: ok, thanks

Emily goes off to her room

After about 30 minutes Syd goes up to Emilyís room to check on her and give 
her medicine.

Syd: hereís your medicine and let me just pop this in your ear.


Syd: 99.6, I think your fever is mostly gone

Emily: well thatís good

Syd: Whatcha doing?

Emily: instant messaging my pen pal Ashley that lives in Illinois on AOL

Syd: oh

Emily: oh, sheís gotta go. Wanna look at some stuff?

Syd: sure

Syd hops on the bed next to Emily and they start clicking the mouse away

Joanie: hello?

Syd: up here!

Elena: there up in our room

Joanie: lets show them what we got

Elena and Joanie walk up to the girlís room and start showing Syd and Emily 
what they got

Syd: oh my god Joanie! I love it! But is it me?

Elena: of course, itís totally your style

Syd: whatever you say

Joanie: so youíll wear it on Saturday?

Syd: Ok!

Joanie: great

The rest of the day flies bye and before you know it, itís Thursday

*  *  *  *  *

Dream Sequence:

Lynda: so look who crawled into bed with you again?

Syd: mother! Leave her alone, sheís going through some hard times.

Lynda: yeah, yeah. Just wanted to tell you that sometimes you canít help 
yourself. You need other to help youÖ

Syd: what?

But it was too late. Lynda was gone, but Syd awakes with an instant

Syd: Emily?

Emily: what?

Syd: get up! Your fever is gone, you can go!

Emily: awesome!

Syd: well, hurry up! We gotta take showers quick and be outta here soon!

Emily: ok

The girls shower and dress and soon are on their way.

They arrive at the hospital and the surgery is now done. Syd and Emily are 
given a tour of the hospital and soon are on their way home.

Emily: that was great Syd! Thanks for taking me.

Syd: your welcome

The girls arrive home and the rest of the day flies by and so does Friday.

*  *  *  *  *

Dream Sequence:

Lynda: remember Syd let others take care of youÖ Itís not your turn.

Syd: what?

Lynda was gone though. Syd awakes with an instant.

Saturday really early in the morning:

Syd: Emily?

Emily: yeah, there was a bad thunderstorm. I got scared and crawled into bed 
with you.

Syd: itís all right honey. Letís get up! Burt will be here at 8!

Emily: what time is it?

Syd: 6 a.m., Go get Elena and tell her to get into her bathing suit and run 
downstairs to help Joanie, since sheís been up since like 4!

Emily: ok, Iíll get into my bathing suit too and put on shorts and a tank 

Syd: ok, Iím going to get into my bathing suit too

Emily: ok

Emily runs off and gets Elena. Both twins get dressed and our downstairs 
with Joanie.

Joanie: ok, lets get the picnic basket together.

Emily: where are your dad and Robbie?

Joanie: there outside getting the sandtoys, tubes, and putting gas in the 

Emily: Elena, you help Joanie and Iíll get Syd. Weíll get clothes and towels 
and goggles then come down to you to help.

Elena: ok

Emily: Syd!!

Syd: up in my room!

Emily runs up to Sydís room.

Syd: you donít think I look fat?

Emily: no, you are a toothpick!

Syd: thanks, I like this bikini.

Emily: you like mine?

Syd: I love it!

Emily: Joanie wants up to get towels, clothes, and goggles in the beach bags 
while her and Elena get the picnic baskets ready. Robbie and your Dad our 
outside putting gas in the jetskis and air in the tubes and getting all the 
toys and chairs ready.

Syd: great, letís go

Time flies by and everything is loaded in the car. Burt, Jim, and Robbie are 
just finishing putting the jetskis on the cars.

Syd: ready?

Everyone: yup

Jim: ok, letís go

And theyíre off.

They arrive at the bay and unload everything that they had jammed into the 
two cars.

Syd: We finally got it all out!!! I think I'm ready for some swimming!!!

Emily: Me too!!!!

Robbie: Hey Syd if you see any girls out there.....come get me!!!

Syd: OK Robbie....whatever!!!

Elena: Joanie, I got everything moved into the cabins......I'm going to go 
play with Hannah in the sand.

Joanie: Great!!!! Let me grab my camera and I'll take some pictures.

Elena: OK..... come on Hannah....who wants to go play in the sand!!!!!!

Syd and Emily are swimming.

Syd: Hey are you feeling??? I don't want you to get any worse.

Emily: I'm fine....I feel good actually. Hey what do you think of that guy 
over there??? He's cute!!!

Syd: Go for him!!! I'll leave the two of you alone.........I don't want to 
get grossed out (smiling).

Emily: thanks!!

Syd: plus, it looks like we're going to eat soon.....I'll help Joanie.

Syd walks by and notices Elena and Hannah.

Syd: sandcastle!!!

Elena: Thanks.....Hannah's taking an interest in eating the sand more than 
playing with it!!!

Syd: Hannah.......don't eat the sand!!!

Elena: Hey can you watch Hannah while I help Joanie set up for lunch. 
Where's my sister???

Syd: She beat you to it for meeting a guy already. I think she'll find us on 
her own.

Elena: WOW!!!! That's a first!!!!

Joanie: Hey Elena, can you set up these tablecloths??? Dad and Robbie got 
the jet skis in the water and have the tubes ready to go!!!

Elena: Great!!!! I'm hungry!!!

The Hansen's eat and finally are ready to go tubing.

Elena: Emily I go first!!!!! I'm tubing first!!!

Emily: SOMEONE'S excited to go tubing!!!!

Robbie: How could you tell!???

Emily, Elena, and Robbie go tubing on one jet ski and Burt and Joanie take 
one, and Syd takes Hannah with her on the other one. Jim has his own jet 
ski. All of a sudden Elena falls off the tube and Emily gets her turn.

Emily: Ha, you fell off.

Elena: Only because Robbie can't drive a jet ski!!!!

Robbie: Do I sense some tension here??? Its vacation!!! Relax!!!! Hannah 
loves the ride and Joanie and Burt are having fun too.

Jim: Hey guys why don't we take a break and unpack our stuff?? I don't want 
us to all be tired right away!!

Syd: Yeah......I'll get Robbie and the girls and you can get Joanie and 

Jim: Sounds great!

Everybody pulls into the harbor and they unpack for their week at the cabin. 
An hour goes by and Emily reminds Syd about her promise to take her and 
Elena on the jet ski.

Syd: OK, let's go.....Dad, I'm taking the girls for a ride. We'll be back 

Jim: have a nice time!!!

Emily: I can't wait!!!! Syd, you're so excited you forgot your life 

Syd: Oops.....hold on a sec.

Elena: Blondie!!!!

Syd: Hey be careful what you say!!!

The girls are all ready to go.

Emily: Who's gonna drive?

Elena: I think Syd should for a while

Syd: ok

Emily: I get the middle!

Elena: So Emily can keep her eyes on that guy and I can look for one of my 

Burt: All ready girls?

Syd: I think so

Emily: I am!!!

Emily holds on to Syd's waist and Elena holds onto the strap.

Burt: be careful, the clouds are rolling in!

Elena: I hope it doesn't storm!!!!!

Emily: me too

Syd: so where do you want to go?

Emily: out to all of the waves!

Elena: yeah!!!

the girls are jetsking and notice a few clouds getting darker

Elena: Syd......this looks kind of freaky.  Umm.....can we head in a few 

Syd: We're really far from shore. Let's go near that island for protection.

Emily notices some sharp rocks with high waves near them

Emily: Be careful Syd!

Emily: Syd watch out!!!!!!

Syd: Elena hold on to Emily

Elena: ok

Elena: Syd arenít you scared???

Syd: yes, but we can make it!

Emily: Hurry, there's a big wave!

A huge wave comes and throws Syd off hitting her head on a sharp rock.

Emily: Syd!

Elena: Oh no another wave!

Elena: oh my god!!!  What do we do??? SHE'S the doctor!!!

Emily: lets try to get her on the jetski

Emily and Elena are thrown off too. Emily hits her arm and leg on the rock 

Emily: ouch

Elena: I'm hurt too

Emily: Lets get Syd on the jetski

Emily: Syd???

Syd: what??? What happened?

Syd: Oh my god I'm bleeding!

Emily: Calm down!

Elena: you hit your head on the rock

Emily: I think I can walk, but it really hurts. Let's get Syd on the jetski

Elena: I think I dislocated my really hurts!!!

Back at the beach:

Joanie: where are the girls??? are they ok??? they could be dead!!  Oh my 
god. I hope theyíre ok!!!

Joanie: Burt, I'm getting worried! It's starting to sprinkle and looks like 
gonna thunder.

Burt: Joanie theyíre fine......theyíre smart and will be in any minute!

A few minutes go by and Burt decides to go and look for them.

Burt: I'll take the two person and Robbie and Jim you take the other 3 

Robbie: ok

Joanie: good luck!

Jim: ok......Iím starting to get worried

Burt: let's go!

The men go off to find the girls leaving Joanie and Hannah at the beach.

meanwhile out on the bay:

Syd:  Girls.....hang on to the jetski and try not to move your arm Elena!  
Emily are
you ok????

Emily: (in tears) no!

Syd: calm down Em!

Elena: I hear a boat or something!

Syd: it's dad!!!!

Emily: and Burt and Robbie!

Burt: what happened?

Elena: we'll tell you later!

Emily: Sydís hurt...we all are!!!!

Syd:  make sure the girls are ok.....ill be fine if I can get to the beach 

Emily: My arm and leg kill!

Burt: I'll take Syd on there jetski and Robbie you take Elena on mine and 
Jim you
take Emily on yours

They arrive at the beach

Joanie: Oh my god! I'll call 911

Joanie runs off and call 911 and soon 2 ambulances arrive.

Syd: good idea Joanie.......get 2 ambulances

EMT: Dr. Hansen?

Syd: yup that's me

EMT: Well, take Syd.

Other EMT: Well take the two girls

Burt: All of you go in the car!

Burt: I'll stay and bring the jetskis to harbor and lockup

Joanie: we'll see you there!!!

The ambulances arrive at the hospital with the worried Hansen mobile behind 

Elena: I hope Sydís ok....we pushed her to take us on that ride!!!

Emily: I know

In the ER:

Doctor: trauma 1,2,3 all Hansen's?

Nurse: we need three rooms ready for a jetski accident

Nurse: all Hansen's

Doctor: Syd?

Nurse: and her twins Emily and Elena

Doctor: Oh my god! Let's go!

Dr: were going to take extra special care of them!

The doctor comes out to the waiting room where the Hansen's and
Burt are waiting.

Jim: Are they all right?

DR: Syd has really hit her head and will need stitches

Dr. She suffered a small concussion too

Joanie: What about the twins?

Burt: yeah, what about the girls??

Dr: They came in very injured, Elena has  a dislocated shoulder and a 
concussion too

Joanie: oh my god! What about Emily?

DR: Emily has a broken arm up to her elbow, a slight concussion, and has 
hurt her leg, maybe a fracture

Jim: will they be all right?

Dr: we really donít know....they all have to be admitted.  would you like
them all to be in the same room???

Dr: we can get a special room that can hold 4 beds

Everyone: yes!

Dr: ok, I'll have that done. Emily is getting her cast on and Syd just
finished getting her stitches in

Joanie: What about Elena?

Dr: she is in very serious pain because of her shoulder.

Dr. sheís not always here too....the concussion was the worst of the three

Dr. Emily is also in a great amount of pain.

DR: I donít know how they managed to hang on out there

DR: Jim, can they go on morphine for a little bit for the pain??

Jim: of course. What about Syd?

DR: their bodies were in shock and didnít respond yet

Dr: Syd is in her room crying over how this happened

DR: She can choose what she wants to do.....but id try to help her

Joanie: that's Syd

Joanie: I'll go talk to her....she must feel horrible

Jim: When can we see the girls?

DR: I'd wait a while, and Iíd go talk with Syd...sheís a mess right now

Dr: Just remember that they are still in shock. They respond, but it is
hard for them to talk

Dr: and Emily seems to have an infection from something

Jim: Joanie while don't you go see Syd first

Jim: Syd was up with Emily a lot this week.....allergies

Burt: I'll take Hannah

Jim: that way I can talk with the Dr about their
wouldn't understand our conversations anyway

Joanie goes and sees Syd in her room

In Syd's room:

Nurse: you must be Joanie, let me remind you that Syd is still in a lot 
shock, she is crying over and over too

Joanie: Hey Syd

Syd: (in tears) Oh, Joanie I'm so glad to see you. How are the girls?

Joanie: I don't want to upset you, but not so hot. The doctor said
that we can't see them yet

Syd: (crying) I can't believe this happened! How's Emily, did they
say anything about a fever?

Joanie: yes, she has some sort of an infection.

Syd: I wish I could help those doctors!

Syd: I feel horrible that I did this to them!

Joanie: It wasn't your fault it was an accident

Syd: When can I get out of here?

Joanie: they said youíre going to be admitted for a few days

Syd: and the girls?

Joanie: They don't know yet

J: theyíll be in here for a while

Syd: (crying) what should I do?

Joanie: your asking me?

Joanie: relax!!!

Syd: You know how Emily has been so close to me?

Joanie: yes

Syd: not anymore, she'll probably hate me!

Syd: I feel like I let her down, not to mention ditching Elena for a while

J: she wonít hate you!!! you canít believe how worried they are about

Syd: how do you know?

J: Because the first thing they asked was how is Syd?

J: sisterly instincts, and an EMT told me

Syd: (laughing in her tears) they did?

J: of course

Joanie: I mean we are there mothers! You mostly! You signed the papers! I'm 
like the big sister!

Dr: Joanie, can I speak to you out here?

Joanie: sure, Iíll be right back Syd

Dr. The girls have gotten worse and have fallen into a coma.

Joanie: (crying) oh my god!

Dr: Iíve told your father and he is telling everyone right now, but I think 
youíre the best one to tell Syd.

Joanie: ok

Joanie: Syd?

Syd: yeah

Joanie: I have some bad news.

Syd: what

Joanie: (crying) Emily and Elena have fallen into a coma.

Syd: oh my god!

Joanie: The doctor said that they will eventually wake up.

Syd: (crying) Can I see them?

Joanie: Iíll have to ask the doctor.

Joanie: Can Syd and us see them?

Dr. Sure. Letís get an elevator.

Dr: We got them the best room

Syd: thanks

Dr: Ready to see them?

Syd: yes

Dr: here's their room

Syd: (tears in her eyes) Oh jeez!

Syd: they look so helpless

Syd sits on Elenaís bed and cries

Joanie: it's all right! Oh, look at Emily's cast!

Syd: bright orange!

It's about 7 p.m.

J: why don't we sign it to surprise her when she wakes up???

Joanie: Syd, I'm going to go home and put Hannah to bed with the babysitter.

Syd: Ok

Everyone signs her cast.

Syd: Can you get me some clothes and my makeup kit

Joanie: sure

Syd: and get some stuff out of the girlís will make them feel 
more at home when they wake up

Syd: oh yes, and my labtop

Joanie: ok, Burt and me are going to drop of Hannah and then go to the cabin

Syd: ill e-mail some of their friends and tell them what happened

Joanie: were going to pack everything and get the jetskis out of the water 
because were getting a storm.

Joanie: Then were going back to the house and going to bed. Burt is going to 
the night.

Syd: ok

Joanie: Syd, it's gonna be all right.

Syd: I know, they'll wake up

Joanie kisses all the girls goodbye and her and Burt and Hannah leave.

Syd: please God let them be ok

Jim and Robbie come over to Syd and say that they're going with Burt and 
but Jim said he'll be back tonight with all of there stuff

Syd: ok

Syd sits in the chair and falls asleep for awhile.

Joanie: Syd?

Syd: oh hi. Did you get my stuff?

Joanie: we got everything.

Syd: good

Joanie: we got everything out of the cabin and the jetskis our in our 

Syd: I thought Dad was coming?

Joanie: he was too tired.

Syd: oh, we'll be fine tonight

Joanie: ok, bye

J: I hope so

Syd sits down next to the bed and talks to the girls about how she is sorry 
about what happened.

Morning comes and still nothing has happened to the girls.

Everyone visits. Emily's and Elena's friends, Hillary, Amy, and Sarah. Izzy 
comes too

A special person also comes to visit Syd.

Elizabeth: hello?

Izzy:  I got a sub for you so you donít have to come back until you're ready

Syd: Lizzy?

E: I heard and flew in

Syd: oh my god!

E: So it's true.

Syd: I feel terrible.

E: It's not your fault.

Elizabeth cries for the first time that Syd has ever seen.  the girls are 
close to her
and almost like daughters to her

E: I brought mark and Rachel with me....they wanted to see the girls

Syd: are you still an item?

E: yes,

Syd: have them come in.

Mark: Syd Iím really sorry.....and this really hit Lizzy hard

Rachel: Hi Syd

Syd: Hi Rachel

Rachel: these are for you. (handing Syd the flowers)

Rachel: I'm sorry to hear about it, and I hope you like the flowers

Syd: thanks

Mark: come on Rachel let's leave Lizzy and Syd alone

Rachel: ok

Lizzy and Syd talk for awhile. The day goes bye. Many more visitors the next 
days. Friday afternoon rolls on over and still no sign

Lizzy: what medicines are they on?

Syd tells her all of the medicine.

All the Hansen's arrive with Bert, Mark, and Rachel.

Lizzy: those poor girls!!! it's going to take them forever to get back to 
normal and
then to get all the medicine out of them!

A slight moment itís quiet and Elena's hand moves.

All the Sudden Elena's eyes open!

Syd: Oh my god!!! ELENA!!!!

Joanie and Lizzy: you're back!!!

Everyone crowds around Elena's bed hugging and giving her kisses.

Doc: She's back all right.

Dr: ok Elena, I'm going to take out the tube. On the count of 3 blow out. 

Elena: (whispering) Syd?

Dr: Hold on a sec Elena, only whispering.

Elena coughs and Lizzy, Mark, and Syd do the rest of her medical checks

Elena stares over at the other bed with her twin sister

Mark: sheíll come back I promise you

Tears roll down Elena's face

Elena: Emily...

Syd: don't worry Elena, she'll come back

After about an hour Mark, Rachel, Bert, Jim, Robbie, and Hannah leave to go 
something to eat

Lizzy: It will be all right Syd.

Syd: But I have one daughter awake and one in a coma

Lizzy: oh, here comes the Doctor maybe he has good news

Doctor: Could I speak with you alone Syd?

Syd: sure, in the hallway?

Doctor: sure

Syd: What is it?

Doctor: Elena seems to be doing very well, but Emilyís infection seems to be 
putting her in a deeper stage of a coma.

Syd: what?

Doctor: right now she is in her own world or some sort of dream that she 
canít get out of.

Syd: (tear rolling down her face) will she wake up?

Doctor: Itís hard to say.

Syd: Thank you Doctor.

Doctor: your welcome, donít worry Syd weíre doing everything we can.

Syd walks back to her room with a  tear stained face.

Lizzy: Syd, whatís wrong?

Joanie: Syd? What did the Doctor say?

Syd: Emily has gone into a deeper stage of a coma, right now she is in her 
own world or some sort of dream that she canít get out of.

Lizzy: Oh my god!

Joanie: will she wake up?

Syd: the doctor said he doesnít know

Elena: Iím scared Syd!

Joanie and Syd: me too

Joanie goes and delivers the news to the others.

Syd:.............and that's how we got here.  you're lucky you made it, all 
of us are

Elena: When can I take a shower?

Syd: soon, why you ask?

Elena: I feel so nasty, and look at my legs! Theyíre all hairy!

Syd and Lizzy laugh.

Syd: donít worry about it.

Lizzy: and a few guys came to see you....I think one was named Adam???

Elena: Adam?

Elena's eyes light up

Syd: isn't that the one that.....

Elena: SYD!!!!!!!

Syd: sorry

Lizzy: he dropped off a dozen roses

Lizzy: so.....tell me about this seems better than Mark (laughing)

Elena: for me???!!!!  I hope someone reminded him I was single!!!

The girls continue to talk about guys the rest of the night.

*  *  *  *  *

Saturday Morning comes and no sign of Emily waking up.

Syd: Come on Em!

All the Hansenís, Bert, Mark, Rachel, and Izzy come to the girlís room

Syd sits on Emilyís bed holding her hand. The doctor comes in. Joanie is on 
the other side of the bed.

Doctor: Elena you are doing great!

Elena: Thanks Doctor, I still ache though.

Doctor: you will for awhile, but youíll get better.

Doctor: I have Emilyís x-rays of her leg.

Doctor: It look fractured in 3 places, so when she wakes up, sheíll need 

Syd: Iíd like to do it

Izzy: I can assist if that is all right.

Doctor: That should be fine, we can do special privileges.

Syd: great

Doctor: Iíll come back in an hour or so to check on the girls.

Syd: ok

Joanie: Elena, the house is so empty without you two.

Syd: yeah, Emily I hope you heard that.

Saturday passes by, and Elena gets better and better. Sunday, than Monday 
come around and go.

Tuesday Morning:

Everyone is in the girlís room, Elena has just come back from physical 
therapy and seems to be doing well. Elena, is in her wheelchair holding her 
sisterís hand and Syd is holding Emilyís other hand. Joanie, Rachel, Hannah, 
and Lizzy are sitting in the couch in front of Emilyís bed. Bert, Mark, 
Robbie, and Jim are sitting in chairs talking about last nightís baseball 

Syd: Emily?

Elena: what?

Syd: Emily is squeezing my hand.

Elena: Oh my god, sheís squeezing mine too.

All the sudden Emilyís eyes open wide!

Syd: Emily! (giving her a big kiss)

Everyone crowds around Emily and gives her kisses and hugs.

Doctor: Itís a miracle! I thought we lost her for a second.

Emily seems very confused.

Doctor: Ok Emily Iím going to take out the tube, ok?

Emily shakes her head.

Doctor: on the count of three blow out. One, two, three

Emily blows out and then starts coughing.

Syd: itís all right honey,(doing a quick check.)

Emily: (whispering) my legÖ my armÖ, what happened?

Syd: does the jetski ring a bell?

Emily: Waves, rocksÖ

Syd: mmm. Yes. We hit them all right.

Elena: me and you were in a coma

Emily: a coma?

Syd: yes, except you went into a deeper one than your sister.

Emily: I was?

Syd: yes, you had an infection.

Emily: Iím hungry, when can I go home.

Everyone laughs.

Joanie: sheís back to her old self.

Doctor: I wouldnít suggest eating right away, but soon. You both can go home 
in about 2 weeks, we need to observe you and make sure nothing else is 

Emily: (regaining her voice) What about my leg and arm?

Syd: your arm is broken

Lizzy: your leg is fractured, and needs to have surgery which Syd and I are 
going to do.

Emilyís eyes light up.

Emily: Lizzy! You came to see me!

Lizzy: of course I couldnít let Syd down.

Emily: surgery?

Syd: in a few days, once youíre well awake.

Emily: oh

The rest of the day flies by with more visitors, the rest of the days fly by 
and before you know it itís Saturday. Surgery day.

Elena: good luck Em!

Syd: come on Em, youíre in good hands.

The Doctors take Emily to surgery and Syd and Lizzy scrub in.

After a few hours, the surgery is done. It was very successful.


Syd is asleep on a chair next to Emilyís bed.

Emily: Syd?

Syd: Em, your awake.

Emily: ouch my leg.

Syd: the surgery was very successful.

Emily: great

Emily stays in ICU for the next day, but is soon moved back to the room with 
her sister.

Elena: One week till we get to go home!

Emily: I canít wait! Itís been like a month!

The week passes by quickly and the girls are ready to go home.

Emily and Elena: Thank you Doctor.

Syd wheels out Emily and Joanie wheels out Elena followed by the rest of the 
Hansen clan +Bert, Mark, Rachel, and of course  Lizzy.

They arrive home soon.

Emily: (on crutches) itís sure great to be home

Elena: (in a sling) I know what you mean!

Emily: I had a dream with you mom in it Syd, it was weird.

Syd: Iím sure it was.

Syd: I love you girls!

Emily and Elena: We love you too Syd!

Everyone learned a lesson this past month, even Syd. You sometimes canít 
always take care of yourself.


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