Girls just Wanna have Fun

By Ashley and Sarah

Hey Everyone! This is a sequel to our other story "Dr. Sydney Hansen: Mother of teen twins." Hope you enjoy it!

"Girls just Wanna have Fun"

On a hot summer Tuesday Morning at the Hansen's house:

Syd: Hey Joanie.....

Joanie: yeah

Syd: Do you remember when I went to Chicago and meant Elizabeth Corday?

Joanie: Of course, How could I forget that is all you talked about!

Emily walks in with her curly brown hair in a mess.

Syd: hey honey

Joanie: Well it is about time! You look like Syd when she was your age!

Emily: Hi Syd and Joanie. I do?

Syd: Yeah. You have Joanie's mouth and my looks. Cool.

Joanie: Elena left about an hour ago

Emily: Where did she go?

Joanie: She went to the mall for the day and won't be home till dinner.

Emily: Without me?

Joanie: She said she had to buy a present for someone's birthday that is coming up soon!

Emily: Oh, yeah mine

Syd: Not just yours kiddo, Elena's too

Emily: But I was born first!

Joanie: That is what you always say.

Emily: Joanie, what are you doing today?

Joanie: Burt and I are going on a romantic picnic ALONE!

Syd and Emily: Oooohhhhhh!

Joanie: Oh, stop it! Syd when was your last date?

Syd: A couple of weeks ago.

Joanie: Emily?

Emily: Well, I went last night to the movies with Cory.

Emily was talking about this really hot guy Cory that she has been seeing lately.

Emily: Well...

Joanie: Did he kiss you?

Syd: Joanie!.................... Well, did he Emily?

Emily: um um... Yes!

Syd and Joanie give her a hug

Syd and Joanie: Go Emily!

Joanie: Give me all of the details!

Syd: Hey Emily are you doing anything today?

Emily: Nope, except renewing my license as a couch potato!

Syd: Why don't you come with me to the clinic? You can be a potato at the desk and answer phones.

Emily: Sure!

Joanie: Don't forget Syd, Emily has gymnastics from 7-9 p.m. and Elena has soccer from 7-9:30 p.m. tonight.

Syd: I'll bring Emily and you take Elena. Make sure nothing happens, We don't need anymore accidents.

Joanie: I'll take Hannah with me, because Burt has a meeting tonight so I'm free.

Syd: Well, you two talk about Cory, I'm going to take a shower.

Syd: Emily, we have to leave in about an hour and a half

Emily: ok

Joanie: So how was it?

Emily and Joanie talk and talk about Cory.

In the bathroom:

Lynda: So, Syd do you remember your first kiss?

Syd: Oh, Mother you scared me!

Lynda: Do you remember your first kiss with...

Syd: Yup, David

Syd: I remember like it happened yesterday

Syd: You don't think Emily is too young?

Lynda: Of course not!

Lynda: You have been raising these girls perfectly!

Syd: What about Joanie, and Dad, and Robbie...

Lynda: But Syd, these girls love you more than anything else!

Syd: They do?

Lynda: Did you see how Emily said "sure!" when you asked her to come to work with you?

Syd: Yeah, you're right!

Lynda: Of course!

Lynda: Now you give Emily the greatest time in her life at the clinic today!

Lynda: This will all come in handy one day with these girls...

Syd: Mother...

But it was too late. Lynda was gone now. Syd goes to her room to get changed still with that puzzled look on her face.

Emily: Syd, can I come in?

Syd: Sure

Syd: What's up?

Emily sits down on Syd's bed.

Emily: You don't think it was wrong that Cory kissed me?

Syd: Of course not. You're a growing girl and need to experience those kinds of things. Just don't take it too far, I don't want to be delivering your or Elena's baby until way later!

Emily laughs

Emily: I know it won't be a while for me, but Elena....

Syd: WHAT?????!!!!!!!

Emily: I'm just joking Syd, relax!!!

Syd: Ok, you were giving me heart palpitations there for a second.

Emily: Do you remember your first kiss?

Syd: Of course. It was at the front door of this house.

Emily: Really?

Syd: Yup, It was a guy named David that had a huge crush on and he was walking me to the door. He leaned over and I leaned over and he kissed me on the lips!

Emily: whoa!

Syd: I have a question to ask you?

Emily: Shoot

Syd: Do you think of me as your mother who you can talk too...

Emily: Of course!

Emily: Is that all right?

Syd: Yes! I was just wondering.

Emily walks over to Syd and gives her a hug

Emily: I love you Syd

Syd: I love you too

Syd: Come on Emily get dressed so we can go to work.

Emily: I'll be ready in a second.

Emily runs to her room to get dressed.

Syd sits on her bed a minute to think about what just happened.

Lynda: See what did I tell you? The girls love you!

Syd: Thanks Mom! But I've had enough advice from you today.

Lynda: Just remember who I am young lady.

Syd: What? But it was too late. Lynda was gone.

Emily: Syd!

Syd: I'm in my room!

Emily: Are we going soon?

Syd: Yeah, did you eat breakfast?

Emily: Yup, while you were in the shower

Syd: Is Joanie here?

Emily: No, she left to do some errands with Hannah.

Syd: Well, make sure everything is locked up.

Emily: Where is your Dad?

Syd: Oh, he left for a dog conference early this morning.

Emily: Oh

Syd: Come on Kiddo, before were late!

Emily and Syd leave for the clinic

At the clinic:

Izzy: Hey Doctor Hansen

Syd: Hi Izzy

Syd: Look who I brought today

Izzy: Is it Emily or Elena?

Emily: Emily

Izzy: I'll get your names one day.

Syd: Izzy, did you find another doctor?

Emily: Another doctor?

Syd: Yeah, I need another doctor to help out with the clinic during the summer since I'll be with you and Elena and vacation and everything.

Emily: What about Elizabeth?

Syd: Elizabeth Corday?

Emily: That was all who you talked about when you came back from Chicago. What about her for the another doctor?

Izzy: That is a great idea!

Syd: That is wonderful!

Syd: Let me go call her now. She gave me her home phone.

Elizabeth: hello?

Syd: Hi Elizabeth

Elizabeth: Syd?

Syd: Yes, this is Syd Hansen

Elizabeth: How are you doing?

Syd: great, and how about you?

Elizabeth: wonderful, but I need a vacation from the ER!

Syd: Well, I think I might have a solution. Would you be interested in coming to Providence to work at my clinic for the summer? I need some help since I will be taking some time off.

Elizabeth: Splendid!

Syd: Great, will it be all right with your boss?

Elizabeth: Well, I have to stop at the hospital today to pick up something so I'll ask Kerry, I already can get a fill in!

Syd: Great! Call me back soon!

Elizabeth: Sure!

Emily: What did she day?

Syd: Sure. As long as it was all right with her boss!

Emily: Great, I want to meet her!

Syd: Well, do you want to help answer the phones today since you love to talk on the phone.

Emily: ok

Syd takes Emily to the desk to set her up.

After about an hour, the phone rings for the millionth time.

Emily: Good Morning, Dr. Sydney Hansen's clinic, Emily speaking.

Elizabeth: Hi, I'm Elizabeth Corday, you must be one of the twins. When Syd was here she talked about you and Elena a lot.

Emily: Yup, would you like me to get Syd?

Elizabeth: Yes, please.

Emily: Hold on

Emily: Syd, Dr. Elizabeth Corday is on the phone.

Syd: She is?

Emily: Yup

Syd: Hello, Dr. Hansen

Elizabeth: Hi Syd

Syd: Lizzy, can you come?

Elizabeth: Yes, I can be in Providence on Thursday afternoon. Could you pick me up?

Syd: Sure, I'll bring the girls.

Elizabeth: Great

Syd: Would you like to stay at my house?

Elizabeth: Sure

Syd: Great, well I gotta go. I can't wait to see you!

Elizabeth: Me too

Syd: Thank you very much!

Elizabeth: No, thank you!

Emily: Is she coming?

Syd: Yes, on Thursday and I told her you, Elena, and me were going to pick her up and she is staying at our house!

Emily: Awesome!

Elena pops into the clinic to show Syd what she got Emily.

Elena: Hey Izzy, is Syd around??? I need to talk to her for a second.

Izzy: Yeah, she's around here somewhere.....go in her office and I'll tell her you're here.

Elena: Thanks.

Emily: What are you doing here??? Joanie said you wouldn't be home till dinnertime.

Elena: I came to show Syd what I got you and I have to go home and change. I wanna go for a run since Syd said it's ok now that we're better from the Game.

Emily: I'd like to go, but I'm too tired

Elena: Well, you look like your very busy

Emily: Trust me, I am.

Syd: So...what did you get?? ( with an excited look on her face)

Elena: Well, I got her this CK shirt, this CD, these shorts from the gap, and this that ok???

Syd: Yeah that seems fine. Well you should get back to your run, now that I let you go!!!!

Elena: About the run......I'm gonna go home and maybe take a nap.......I've been really tired lately. Not to mention a bad tummy ache.

Syd: Do you want me to see if you're sick or something??

Elena: No, I'll be fine.

Syd: Are you sure??? You don't look too good. Is it a bad week if ya know...

Elena: NO thank you very much!!!!!! Well I have places to be...c-ya at supper

Syd: ok..bye hun!!

Emily: What's up with her??

Syd: I don't know......she must have had a bad day shopping. She'll perk up later. Otherwise she's got a BAD case of PMS!!!

Both of the girls laugh

Emily: I have been really tired too.

Syd: I've noticed. You don't have yours at least Elena's sure acting like it...and everything happens to you guys in pairs......

Emily: No, it's not what you're thinking

Emily: I feel really hot and tired.

Syd puts her lips to Emily's forehead

Syd: You do feel warm.

Syd: Izzy, can you come here.

Izzy: What is it Dr. Hansen?

Syd: Emily, doesn't feel too good. Do we have any rooms open.

Izzy: Yes, Take her to exam room two.

Emily and Syd walk to the room.

Syd: Ok, Emily I'm just going to exam your body.

Emily: ok

Syd examines Emily.

Syd: Well, Emily it looks like you might be starting the summer flu.

Emily: But, I have gymnastics tonight.

Syd: Don't worry. I'll take care of you tonight.

Syd: Izzy, can you come here for a sec

Izzy: What is it Dr. Hansen

Syd: Emily, looks like she has the summer flu. It is a mild case so antibiotics should clear it up .

Emily: So does that mean that I can't go to class?

Syd: Sorry Emily. It should be cleared up by the time Elizabeth comes.

Emily: Ok

Syd: It's all right. I'm here to take care of you. Just take it easy tonight and Wednesday and then you can have fun on Thursday.

Now it is about 3:00 p.m.

Izzy: Dr. Hansen, why don't you take Emily home and get her into bed. It isn't too busy, take the rest of the afternoon off.

Syd: That's great Izzy, thanks

Syd goes into her office to get her purse and bag.

Izzy: Hope you feel better Emily

Emily: Thanks Izzy

Syd and Emily get into the car. They soon arrive at home.

Joanie: Syd? Emily? What are you doing home?

Syd: Emily has the summer flu.

Joanie: Oh, poor Emily.

Joanie comes over and gives Emily a hug.

Syd: Come on Joanie lets get Emily into bed.

The girls get Emily into bed with a book and let her rest.

Syd and Joanie are in the kitchen having some iced tea.

Syd: Elizabeth is coming on Thursday!

Joanie: Why?

Syd: She is going to help out at the clinic. She is staying here.

Joanie: Cool, I can't wait.

The phone rings.

Joanie: Syd that was the pharmacy. They said Emily's prescription is ready.

Syd: Great! I'll go pick it up.

The rest of the day flies by and Wednesday too. Soon Thursday arrives and Joanie, Syd, Emily, and Elena are really excited.

Syd: Good morning kiddo

Joanie: So Emily, you're finally up.

Emily: good morning!

Syd: Well you're so happy this morning. How are you feeling?

Emily: Great. Guess who comes today?

Joanie: Elizabeth

Syd: Joanie, are you coming to the airport?

Joanie: Of course, but I have to get a babysitter because the girls are coming with us.

Joanie goes and calls looking for a babysitter.

Syd: You are really excited!

Emily: I can't wait!

Syd: Neither can I!

Emily: She is British right?

Syd: Yes, I love her voice.

Emily: How much did you talk about us?

Syd: A lot!

Syd: I guess I got a little homesick and started thinking about you, Elena, Hannah, and Joanie.

Emily: I have an idea!

Syd: What is it?

Emily: You know how your Dad is on that conference till tomorrow and Robbie is working at O'Neils and Elizabeth is our guest and...

Syd: Emily...

Emily: We could have a girl's...

Syd: Night out!

Syd: That is great Emily!

Syd: Elizabeth would love that!

Emily: I can't wait! Don't you have to work today?

Syd: Nope, I took the day off.

Emily: Wow! I can't wait to tell Elena!

Syd: Let's go tell her now!

Emily: But she is still asleep...

Emily: Oh, I know what you're gonna do.

Emily and Syd quietly creep up the staircase to the girl's room and open the door quietly.

Syd: On the count of three we jump on her bed and wake her up!

Emily: ok

Syd: One, two, three!

Syd and Emily: Elena wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elena: What? What the heck?

Syd: We just had to do that!

Elena: Thanks Emily for giving Syd that idea!

Emily: It wasn't my idea!

Elena: Syd!

Elena throws a pillow at Syd and the girls start a pillow fight. Meanwhile Joanie walks in on the girls and she has a big smile on her face.

Joanie: I always wanted to do this!

Joanie throws a pillow at Syd's head. The girls are on the floor laughing.

Emily: Can we tell them our idea?

Syd: Sure, Emily and I thought of a great idea, a girl's night out!

Syd: We can go to the clinic first so I can show Elizabeth around and then if you want instead of going to the clinic maybe Joanie can take you to the pool if she wants too...

Emily and Elena: Please Joanie, Please!

Joanie: Ok

Emily and Elena: Yes!

Syd: So we'll go pick up Elizabeth at the airport at 11, take her out to lunch, then drop you girls off at the pool, then I'll show Elizabeth the clinic, and then come back and pick you girls up, and then came back to hang out.

Emily: It is 10:00, we have to leave soon!

Syd: Emily and Elena you took showers last night, and Joanie you just took one, so that leaves me!

Syd: I'll take a quick shower and then you guys be ready to go. Pack all your swimming stuff in the beach bag in my room.

Joanie; Your swimming suits are by the dryer.

Syd: I'm going in my shower.

Joanie: Ok, girls what bathing suit should I wear?

The twins and Joanie go to Joanie's room to see her bathing suits and Syd goes to the bathroom to take her shower.

Joanie: OK there's this one, but it makes my butt look big...this one's OK,but this one is better, girls I can't pick one out!!!

Elena: What about this one??

Emily: That one looks good.

Joanie: Ok this one it is.

Syd comes in and asks to talk to Elena in her room.

Elena: Yeah, Syd....what's up???

Syd: I'm kinda worried about you've been sleeping in a lot lately. Is everything ok upstairs???

Elena: Well, yeah, I think so...what do you mean???

Syd: First of all you haven't been eating as much and you sleep all thetime. You get upset really easily and I was only wondering if I could help if there was a problem. You know I'm always here for you and if there's a problem...I'm in a good position to help.

Elena: Well, if there was you'd know about it. I have to get ready.

Syd is a little concerned about her behavior. She decides to keep an eye on her. Syd finishes getting ready and the girls and Joanie head to the airport.

Elizabeth: Syd!!!

Syd: Hi Elizabeth!!!

Elizabeth: This must be Joanie, and these are the girls right??? They're so beautiful!!!

Elena: I'm Elena, and this is Emily. Good luck trying to not mix us up.

Elizabeth: I'll try! But it will take a while. What are we doing after this?

Emily: First were taking you out for lunch and then Elena, Joanie and I are going to the pool and Syd is going to show you around the clinic. Then at dinner we're going to meet at the house and head out for a veg out, pig out, and have fun!!!

Elizabeth: That sounds like a lot of fun!! I never got to do those as a mother was too strict.

Syd: Well, we better get over to the clinic and get Elizabeth's things. We'll talk to you later and Elena think about what I have 3 doctors in the house now!!!!

Joanie: Let's first go eat lunch!

Syd: I know a great restaurant!

Emily: What was that all about???

Elena: I'm not sure.....Syd is really excited about having her here.

Emily: Elena, are you really all right? You haven't been yourself lately.

Elena: Why does everyone keep asking me that? I'm fine. If there were something wrong I'd tell you or Syd!

Emily: Ok, take a chill pill

Joanie: Is everything all right girls?

Emily: Yeah, we were just talking

Joanie: (unsure) ok

The girls arrive at the restaurant

Elizabeth: This is wonderful!

Emily: Can we get an appetizer?

Elizabeth laughs

Syd: I suppose Emily!

The girls order and wait for their food. Their food finally arrives.

Joanie: This looks great.

Emily: I'll be right back, I have to use the bathroom.

Syd: Me too. Wait for me Emily

Syd and Emily go to the restroom.

Syd: Emily, I have to ask you a question.

Emily: Oh, no is this gonna be a talk about something...

Syd laughs

Syd: No, I think we got all of those adolescent talks in.

Emily: Good, so what is it

Syd: Something is bothering your sister

Emily: I know

Syd: And it isn't a big case of PMS!

Emily laughs

Emily: I asked her what's wrong, but she didn't answer me

Syd: Same here

Emily: I don't know what it is.

Syd: I was hoping she would tell you because you guys are so close. She wasn't even that excited about Elizabeth.

Emily: I sure was

Syd: I know. Maybe you two will get to know each other well.

Emily: I hope so

Elizabeth: Is everything all right?

Emily: Yeah, Syd and I were just having a girl talk.

Elizabeth: Oh, I'll see you at the table Syd: Let's keep this between you and me. Ok?

Emily: Sure Syd

Syd: Thanks Emily, I knew I could count on you

Syd: I'll meet you at the table in a minute

Emily: ok

Lynda: So, what's up with Elena

Syd: I don't know

Syd: I treat them as if they were my daughters, which they practically are and Emily responds, but Elena is going through a phase of some sort and it can't be reached

Lynda: I know. I saw you asked Emily. She'll think of something. She is just like you. Never gives up.

Syd: Thanks Mom, I knew you'd come around

Syd walks back to the table and Elena gives her a look

Syd: ok, let's go

The girls hop in the car and drive off to the pool.

Emily is the last to hop out of the car.

Syd: Remember what I said in the bathroom Emily.

Emily: I know, I'll keep my eyes open

Elizabeth: Not for too long, because the chlorine really irritates your eyes.

Syd and Emily laugh

Elizabeth: What's so funny?

Syd: I'll tell you on the way.

Emily: Bye Syd and Elizabeth

Syd: Have a great time!

Syd and Elizabeth drive off

Elizabeth: One of the twins, not the one that we just talked too, Emily, but Elena. What is the matter with her?

Syd: I've been thinking the same thing and so has Emily.

Elizabeth: How's Emily feeling?

Syd: Well, she has the summer flu, but got over it quickly. I have been watching her carefully.

Elizabeth: This age is the worst!

Syd: I know and I have it double.

Elizabeth: Yes, you told me about their parents. I'm sorry to hear about that.

Syd: Thanks for the support.

Syd: Well, we're here!

Elizabeth: I can't wait to see it!

Syd shows Elizabeth the clinic and introduces her to everyone. Syd says it is time to go pick up the girls at the pool.

Syd: Let's go Lizzy.

The two women hop into the car and drive off.

Elena: I'm going to get a coke at the stand, I'll be right back.

Joanie: ok

Joanie: Hey Emily just between me and you do you think Elena is hiding something or something is wrong with her?

Emily: Syd and I are thinking the same thing.

Joanie: Here comes Elena.

Elena: I just saw Syd's car pull up, let's go.

Emily: ok, I can't wait till tonight

Joanie: me too! Elena: let's go

Elizabeth: Did you girls have a good time?

Emily: Yeah, it was great! I can do an awesome flip of the diving board complete with a twist

Elizabeth: And you Elena?

Elena: It was okay

Joanie: Yeah, you should have seen Elena's dives, they were awesome.

Syd: I can't wait to see them!

The girls arrive at the Hansen's house.

Syd: Let's get into some pj's and take our showers!

Emily: ok

Emily and Joanie take Elizabeth to the living room where Hannah is with her babysitter so Joanie can pay her. Syd is in her room putting on her pj's. Elena walks past her room.

Syd: Elena, can you come here. I want to talk to you.

Elena: I know what you're gonna say.

Syd: What is the matter?

Elena: You really want to know?

Syd: YesElena: (tears rolling down her face) This is the week that my parents died. It has been a year.

Syd: (with her hand over her mouth) Oh my gosh! I almost forgot! I'm so sorry! This explains your behavior.

Elena: I'm sorry! This put a lot of pressure on me.

Syd: Come here honey.Syd gives Elena a hug and holds her in her arms, hoping to dry the tears from her eyes.

Emily, Joanie, Hannah, and Elizabeth appear in the doorway.

Elizabeth: What's the matter?

Emily: I know. I figured it out. It has been one year since our parents died. This was the week of the accident. (tears start rolling down Emily's face)

Syd: Come here Emily!

The three girls hug Syd and Joanie and Elizabeth come over and give them a hug too.

Emily: Well that's enough! Let's go eat!

Elizabeth: This is great!

Elena and Emily: Come on Syd, Joanie, and Lizzy!

Joanie: We're coming

Elizabeth: What are you thinking Syd?

Syd: I'm thinking you know what, these girls just wanna have fun!


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