The Return of David

By Amanda

i hope you guys like my 1st fan fiction.

syd's dream sequence:" come you didn't come back to providence sooner?"

david:"because,i had to go to court and finally file for divorce with susan."

syd:"you mean it took you two years to divorce your wife?"

david:"yep.but its over now,so we can be together mother walks in:"syd,are you sure you're doing the right thing?i mean,he did break your heart once,what makes you thinks he won't do it again?"

syd:"because,he finaly divorced his wife"

mother:" what you want.but when he breaks your heart,don't come crying to me because i will just say,i told you so"

syd wakes up

theme song:

there are places i remember,all my life,though some have changed,some forever,not for better,some are gone,and some remain,all these places have their moments,with lovers and friends,i still can recall,some are dead and some are living,and my life,i've loved them all.

phone ringing

joanie:" hello? who? uh,hold on for just a sec"

syd walks into kitchen

joanie:"syd,it's david marcus.he says it is an important call and needs to speaks with you right away

syd:"why would david call?it's been two years since i last saw him"

joanie:"i don't know.maybe he wants to break your heart like last time"

syd:"joanie,it was two years ago.i'm sure he forgot all about it"

syd picks up phone


david on phone:"syd its david.i'm sorry i am calling on a weekend,but ever since we broke up,i haven't been able to go out with anyone."

syd:"but,it's been two years.i thought you forgot about me."

david on phone:"syd,i could never forget you.we had some good times together"

syd:"why did you call david?"

david on phone:"i was coming into providence this week,and i was wondering if we could see eachother?"

syd:"yeah,sure.when will you be hear?"

doorbell rings

david on phone:"syd hang on a sec"

david at door:"hi joanie.tell syd the doors for her

joanie yelling:" syd,door"

syd:"david,can i call ya right back?"

david on phone:" sure"

syd walks to door

syd:"david.what are you doing here?"

david:"i told you i had to see ya again,so,here i am"

syd:"wow.where are you living now?"

david:"i used to live in georgia,but now i live in a house in providence"


david:" right down the street"


syd:" david,do you still have feelings for me?"

david:"do you still have feelings for me?"

syd:" yeah.when i think about you i remember the good times we had and i think about us being together"

david:" took the words right out of my mouth"

david:" dinner.tomorrow at,oh say 8:00 at the seaside cafe'?"

syd:"sure.i'll definatly be there"

david:"good.see ya at 8"

joanie:"so syd,what do you think you guys will do after dinner?"

syd:"oh,shut up's our first time seeing eachother in two you think david,or i,would do something like that if we haden't seen eachother in two years?"

joanie:"i know i would if i really liked a guy"

syd:"but you can't do that since you are already seeing burt"

joanie:"too bad"

dad knocks on syd's bedroon door

dad:"hey syd,goin somewhere?"

syd:"actually,yeah.david has decided to move down the street and we are just going out to dinner just to catch up on eachother.besides,its been two years,what could he possibly remember about me?"

dad:" that you're a doctor and very beautiful"

syd:"thanks dad"

syd:"well,i better go now or else i'll be late"

dad:"have a good time sweetie"

syd:"bye dad"

syd arrives at seaside cafe'

david:"syd,you look amazing"

syd:"thank you.yu don't look too bad yourself"

david:"shall we?"

syd and david walk into cafe'

syd:"wow!i haven't been here since i broke up with john"

syd and david eat and walk out to the car

david:"do you want to go back to my place?"

syd thinks for a minute


they arrive at davids new place

david:"go ahead.make yourself at home"

david:"i'll just be upstairs changing

syd thinks about what will happen tonight

syd:"so,what do you want to do?"

david:"well,i was thinking,maybe,we could kiss and see if anything thing happens.i mean after all,we did date"


syd and david kiss

syd:"i didn't feel anything"

david:"maybe we should kiss longer?"

syd:"lets go"

syd:"wait.don't you think we should move to someplace more comfortable

david:"okay.whatever you want"

next day at david's place


david:"how'd ya sleep last night?"

syd:"not too good.i was up all night"

david:"really?so was i"


syd:"i'd better get home before joanie starts getting too detailed"

david:"ok.see ya tonight?"


syd and david kiss

syd gets home when joanie walks in

joanie:"so,where've ya been?"

syd:"i spent the night at david's"

joanie:"give me everything"

syd:"'ll find out later"

joanie:"but i'm desperate"

syd:"oh well"

syd learns a lesson in this episode

never to get home too late in the morning so joanie finds out where she's been

i hope you liked my story

i think it was pretty good for a first time


2000 Amanda

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