A Minor Miracle

By Rebecca

Hi everyone, 
This is a story featuring Emily, Lilly's twin. Hope you enjoy it. It's 
part 1 of a series. 

A Minor Miracle

Sydney Hansen smiled as she laid on her bed watching the snow fall 
outside. It was warm and toasty in her garage apartment. Then Syd heard the 
door open and turned to see her mother standing in the doorway. 
"Mother, what are you doing here?" Syd asked sitting up on the bed. "Come 
to give me another lecture?" 
"No dear, but I have brought someone who needs to talk to you," Lynda 
said. She motioned for Lilly Gallagher to enter. 
"Hi Syd," the blond haired girl said cheerfully. She went over and gave 
Syd a hug. "How are you?" 
"Fine," Syd said. "I miss you so much Lil." 
"I'm fine Syd," Lilly said. "It's my sister whose not fine. She needs 
help Syd." 
"How do you know?" Syd asked. Lilly was referring to her twin, Emily who 
had come into the clinic with a stomach ache. 
"I know these things Syd," Lilly said. "You helped me, and now it's time 
to help her. She needs you syd." Lilly stood up. "I have to go syd but I'll 
come and visit you whenever I can." she looked at Lynda. "Or when your Mom 
lets me." 
Syd laughed. "Bye Lilly." Syd watched the two people she cared about most 
disappear. she wondered what kind of trouble Emily was in. 

Syd awoke with a start, to the sound of her alarm beeping. She sat up and 
looked outside, it had begun to snow. Syd got up and showered. After 
showering and dressing Syd went into the house to find the entire family 
gathered around the table. 
"Morning," Syd said. She went over to the counter and poured herself a 
cup of coffee. "Did anyone see the snow outside?" 
"Yeah, I think I'll let Hannah play in it before I take her to daycare," 
Joanie said as she sat beside Hannah, feeding her. 
"What about the Barkery?" Syd asked. 
"I'm not opening today on account of the weather," Joanie said as she 
cleaned up Hannah's mess. 
"Then why don't you just keep Hannah home," Syd said. "The daycare is 
probably closed anyway." 
"Good point Syd," Joanie said. She picked Hannah up. "You're staying home 
with Mommy today sweetie." 
Hannah just laughed. "Aunt Syd go bye bye?" 
"Yes, Aunt Syd go bye bye," Syd said. She kissed Hannah on the forehead 
and grabbed her stuff. "Bye Joanie, and don't worry I'll be careful." 
"Bye Syd," Joanie said as she headed into the living room. 
Syd laughed and went out the door, closing it behind her. When Syd got to 
the clinic she found Izzy in the back office. 
"Morning Dr. Hansen," Izzy said cheerfully. "What do you think of the 
"Beatuful, truely beatuful," Syd said as she put her stuff away. Syd 
noticed that the clinic seemed rather quiet. "Izzy does this place seem 
rather quiet?" 
"Yeah, we've only had one patient all morning and that was before you got 
here," Izzy said as the two walked up to the front. "Probably the snow 
keeping them away." 
"Probably," Syd said as she picked up a stack of papers. "Well, that 
gives me the chance to do some paperwork." Then the phone rang and Izzy 
answered it. 
"St. Clairs Family Clinic," Izzy said. "Who may I ask is speaking?" Izzy 
put down the phone after a few seconds. "Someone named Emily wants to speak 
with you. She says it's important." 
Syd looked up from her work and grabbed the phone. "Thanks Izzy." Syd put 
the phone to her ear. "This is Dr. Hansen, what can I do for you?" Syd 
immediatly recognized the caller's voice, it was Emily, Lilly's long lost 
"You have to get down to the hospital right away Dr. Hansen. My parents 
have been in a bad accident and I'm scared," Emily said. 
"okay, calm down. I'll be there as soon as I can," Syd said. She could 
hear the panic in Emily's voice and knew the situation was not good. "Izzy I 
need to get to the hospital. My patient from a while back, Emily, her parents 
were in a serious car accident." 
"In this weather?" Izzy asked. 
"I'm afraid so," Syd said. She grabbed her coat and purse from the office 
and raced toward the door. "Page me if there's an emergency." 
"Will do," Izzy said. She waved as Syd rushed out the door. 

Back at the Hansen home Joanie watched the snow fall from the couch in 
the living room. Hannah was playing in her playpen and Jim was downstairs in 
the clinic. Joanie was flipping through the channels on the TV when Jim 
entered the room. 
"That looks cozy," Jim said sitting down beside Joanie. "Are you not 
opening the Barkery today?" 
"No, the weather is just too bad. No one will want to shop in this cold," 
Joanie said. "I just hope Syd is Okay." 
"Don't worry she'll be fine. Have you seen Robbie anywhere?" Jim asked. 
"No, I think he's at O'Neils," Joanie said as she picked up Hannah who 
had started to whine. "What do you need him for?" 
"I have a pet for one of his friends who works with him. Tommy I think? 
He's ready to go home. I was just wondering if he would mind coming and 
picking it up." Jim headed for the kitchen. "I'm going to go grab a quick 
drink. Can I get you anything?" 
"No, I'm fine," Joanie said as she watched the weather report. 
"Dr. Hansen?" Heather called coming into the room. 
"He's in the kitchen Heather," Joanie said. 
"Thanks Joanie," Heather said. She went into the kitchen. "Dr. Hansen, I 
was just wondering if you were going to close the clinic down. We've not had 
a single patient all morning." 
"I know," Jim said. "Good point Heather. It wouldn't be a bad idea to 
close. We're not helping anything by staying open. Go lock up and put the 
closed sign on the door. If there's an emergency I can take care of it. You 
can have the rest of the day off. I'll call you if you need to come in." 
"Thanks Dr. Hansen," Heather said. She went back downstairs, tripping 
over a rug as she went. 
"I'm OK," Heather called. 
Jim laughed and went to join Joanie in the living room. 

When Syd arrived at the hospital she immediatly went to the ER. She found 
Emily waiting in chairs and went over to her. 
"Sorry I took so long. All the roads are blocked off," Syd said She sat 
down beside Emily. "Have they told you anything?" 
Emily wiped a tear from her eyes. "No, not yet. Dr. Hansen I'm so 
worried. I can't lose the two people who have raised me.
"Were you in the car when it happened?" 
"Thankfully no. I was at home when the hospital called. They found our 
number in my Dad's wallet. I took a cab straight here." Emily sighed and 
looked around. She hated hospitals and always had. "Why won't they tell me 
"You sit tight and I'll find out what's going on." Syd got up and went 
toward the trauma rooms. She saw a nurse come out of the rooms. "Excuse me 
nurse, two accident victums were brought in today. How are they doing. Their 
names are Mr. and Mrs. Henderson." 
"Dr. Talvert is still working on them," the nurse said. 
"Thank you. Their daughter is here and wants to know the condition." 
"I'll let Dr. Talvert talk to you once we have them stable. He can tell 
you more." 
Syd nodded and walked back to where Emily was sitting. "They're still 
working on them." 
Emily sighed and got up. She began pacing, with a worried expression on 
her face. "What am I going to do if I lose them Dr. Hansen?"
Syd put an arm around Emily. "We'll worry about that if we have to okay?" 
Emily nodded and looked toward the trauma rooms where her parents were 
being worked on. 
"Dr. Hansen?" Dr. Talvert asked coming up to them. 
"Yes, that's me," Syd said standing up. 
"Can I talk to you privately for a moment?" Dr. Talvert asked. 
"Sure," Syd said. She followed Dr. Talvert out of earshot. "How are 
"I'm afraid neither of them survived. We tried everything but it was no 
use. Their injuries were just to severe. Do you want me to break the news to 
"No, I'd better do it," Syd said. She thanked Dr. Talvert and walked over 
to Emily. 
"Are my parents Okay?" Emily asked. 
Syd sat down beside Emily. "Emily, I'm afraid neither of your parents 
survived. I'm so sorry." 
Emily looked shocked and then broke down into tears. She laid her head 
down on Syd's shoulder and wept. Now she was an orphan. After she'd cried all 
she could Emily looked up. She wiped the tears from her eyes. "Now what?" 
"We'll have to talk to the DCYF. Do you know what that is?" 
"Department of Children, Youth and Family," Emily said. "I bet Lilly went 
to a lot of foster homes before coming to live with you." 
"She did. she also ran away more than once too," Syd said. "But I won't 
let you be bounced around from foster home to foster home. What do you say to 
living with me? Do you want to? You know me well enough, I just saw you last 
week for a check up."
Emily threw her arms around Syd. "Yes, I would love to live with you. 
will I still have to go from foster home to foster home?" 
"Let's talk to the DCYF and see what we can arrange. I'll probably have 
to let you live with me on a trail period and then we can go from there. I 
have to talk to my family first. Do you think you can stand being at the 
group home for a few days until we can get something worked out. I know your 
almost seventeen but you can't live on your own." 
"I guess I can stand the group home for a few nights. Can I see my 
"Do you want to?" Syd asked. 
"Yes, I do," Emily said. 
Syd showed Emily to where her parents still lay. She couldn't imagine 
losing both of them at the same time and being so calm about it. "Emily do 
you have any other living relatives?" 
"No, they were the only ones I had. My parents were orphans when they 
were young," Emily said. Tears wailed up in her eyes. "I can't see anymore." 

Syd led Emily away from her parents. Then Dr. Talvert came walking toward 
"Syd, I've contaced the DCYF. Alex Mendoza has agreed to see you. It may 
be awhile before we can get her placed." 
A few minutes later they arrived at Alex's office. Alex came out to greet 
"Hi Syd," Alex said. Then he noticed Emily. "And you must be Emily. The 
hospital called and said you'd be coming." 
"Yes, Dr. Talvert informed me that he'd called you. He doesn't waste 
anytime does he?"
"No, he sure doesn't," Alex said. "Emily I know you're not looking 
forward to all this but it won't be as bad as you think. You have a wonderful 
person here to take you in. You look exactly like someone I knew, her name 
was Lilly." 
"I know, she was my twin," Emily said. 
"Well, how about that. We just have to process your file and then Syd can 
pick you up later." Alex turned to Syd. "Have you talked to your family yet?" 
"NO, see her parents were just killed about an hour ago. I'm surprised 
you were able to see us so quickly. I'll have to talk to my family tonight. 
Emily how do you feel about staying at the group home for a few days?" 
"I don't mind, just as long as it's not too long," Emily said. 
"Come on Emily, let's go get started. You can visit with Dr. Hansen 
later. I'll take you over to the group home once we're done." 
"Sure," Emily said. She hugged Syd. "Bye Syd, I'll see you later." 
"Bye," Syd said as he watched Alex take Emily into his office. Syd sighed 
and headed toward her car, she needed to discuss all that had happened with 
her family. 

Fifteen minutes later Syd arrived home. She knew it was only 2:oo in the 
afternoon but she figured everyone would be home. To her surprise everyone 
was home, including Robbie. 
"Hey," Joanie said when Syd came in through the back door. "What brings 
you home in the middle of the afternoon?" 
"I need to talk to all of you about something, it's important," Syd said 
going into the living room. "Why are you home?" 
"I didn't open up today, on account of the weather. What's so important?" 
Joanie asked sitting down on the couch with Hannah in her lap. Then Jim came 
"Well, we weren't expecting you home so early. Was the clinic slow?" 
"Yes, and no. I need to talk to all of you, it's important. Joanie do you 
remember when I had a patient named Emily and then I found out she was 
Lilly's twin?" 
"Yes," Joanie said. 
'Well, about an hour or so ago her parents were killed in an accident. 
She has no one left. She's down at the DCYF right now getting her file 
processed. I was wondering if she could stay here, for awhile. Just until we 
can find her a home. She's been through a lot and doesn't need to end up like 
"You mean dead?" Joanie asked. 
"Joanie," Syd snapped. "She needs support right now. She just lost the 
only family she's ever known." 
"And she's already at the DCYF?" Jim asked. 
"Well, the hospital called them after they discovered that she didn't 
have anyone left," Syd said. "So, what do you think? Can she stay?" 
"Sure, I don't have a probme with it. Hey, I've just scored another in 
house baby sitter," Joanie said smiling. "It will be just like when Lilly was 
"Dad, what do you think?" Syd asked, a hopeful look on her face. 
"I don't have a problem with it either. We'll have to talk to Robbie 
about it first." 
"Talk to Robbie about what?" Robbie asked entering the room. "What's 
going on?" 
"My pateint Emily just lost her parents in an accident and needs a place 
to stay. Would it be all right with you if she stays here?" 
"Sure, and hey, the attic is all hers if she wants it. Just don't let her 
burn it down like Lilly did." 
"Don't worry, she doesn't smoke," Syd said. "So, is it settled?" 
"Yeah," they all said in unison. 
"Great, thanks you guys," Syd said smiling. "I'll call her and tell her." 

That night after Syd called the group home and told Emily the good news 
she collapsed on the couch. Soon she found herself asleep. 
"Syd, how could you invite that girl into our home. You just got out of 
the hospital," Lynda said appearing beside her daughter. "I guess it's not 
all bad." 
"None of it is bad Mother," Syd said. "It's just like when Lilly was,well 
you know." 
"I Know dear," Lynda said. She squeezed Syd's shoulder. "I'm sure Emily 
will be very happy here." 
"I sure was," came Lilly's voice. 
Syd smiled. "I'm glad Lil. For awhile it felt weird without you. I had a 
hard time for awhile." 
"I know Syd. I was there," Lilly said. "I'm sorry I didn't come and see 
you but this angel thing is a hard thing to master." 
Syd laughed. "You were right Lilly, Emily does need my help. I just hope 
she doesn't burn down the attic like you did." 
"She won't. She's not like me," Lilly said. "I have to go Syd, mother 
"Bye Lil," Syd said. 
"You done good Syd," Lynda said and then the two were gone. 

Syd awoke to find herself still on the couch. She sat up and looked at 
the time. Nine O'clock, she was late for the clinic. Syd rushed to her room 
and quickly showered. After showering and dressing she went into the kitchen 
to find the family still there. 
"Syd, remember it's Saturday," Joanie currected her. 
"Right," Syd said sitting down at the bar. "I have to go pick up Emily at 
the group home anyway." Syd grabbed her coat and purse and stepped out onto 
the porch. The snow was coming down hard as Syd drove to the group home. When 
she got there she walked up the steps and saw a girl about Emily's age 
sitting at the front desk. 
"Can I help you?" the girl asked Syd. 
"I'm looking for a girl named Emily Henderson?" 
"She landed yesterday, I think she's in the back," the girl said. She 
showed Syd where Emily was. 
"Thanks," Syd said. She went over to Emily and tapped her on the 
Emily turned around and smiled. "Dr. Hansen, hi. I was wondering when you 
were going to come and get me?" 
"I talked to my family and they've agreed to let you stay with us. Joanie 
has a baby, named Hannah. She says you're the new in house babysitter." 
Emily laughed. "Great, I love babies. So, when can we go?" 
"I need to talk to Alex first but don't worry it won't be long. Have you 
eaten? What do you say we go grab a bite to eat, give us a chance to talk." 
"Sure, sounds great," Emily said. She grabbed her coat and followed Syd 
out the door. "I went by the apartment to get some of my stuff. The state is 
going to sell it." 
Syd nodded as she and Emily got into the car. "How do you feel about 
'OK, I guess. It felt a little weird." Emily got into the car and buckled 
her seat belt. "Where do you want to eat?" 
"How about O'Neils bar and grill. My brother Robbie works there. It will 
give you a chance to meet him." Syd pulled out of the parking lot and drove 
to O'Neils. When they got there, Syd parked the car and the two went in. She 
waved at Robbie and headed for the bar, Emily right behind her. 
"Hey sis, what brings you down here at this time of day?" Robbie asked. 
"We're here to eat breakfast. What are you doing here so early?" Syd 
asked sitting down at the bar. 
"Filling in for Tommy, who got the flu," Robbie said. 
"Robbie, this is Emily," Syd said turning to Emily. "The one whose going 
to be staying with us for awhile?" 
"Hi, Robbie Hansen but you can call me Rob," Robbie said shaking hands 
with Emily. "I knew your twin, Lilly." 
"Yeah, Syd told me all about that," Emily said. "Got anything good here? 
I'm starving." 
"We have the best omelets this side of Providence," Robbie said. "And 
some really good pancakes." 
"I'll take some pancakes and some orange juice," Emily said sitting down 
beside Syd at the bar. 
"Coming right up," Robbie said. He turned to Syd. "What will it be Sis?" 
"I'll take that omelet you were talking about," Syd said. "And some 
orange juice for me as well." 
"Sure, be right back," Robbie said and disappeared into the back. 
Emily looked around the bar. "I remember this is where you asked me if I 
had a twin or not." 
"Yeah, that's right. I had completely forgotten about that," Syd said. 
"You have a good memory." 
"I know this is going to work out Syd. I said to myself if something 
happened to my parents then I would want you to be my guardian," Emily said 
"Really?" Syd said. 
"Yep," Emily said. "I still miss my parents though." 
"I know kiddo. It will take some time," Syd said sympathetically. Then 
Robbie appeared with their food. "Geez, that was fast." 
"Yeah, I know. We're fast here at O'Neils," Robbie said. "Is there 
anything I can get you?" 
"I think this should do it. Thanks Robbie," Syd said biting into her 
"No problem sis," Robbie said. 
"Hey Robbie, did Dad come by here yesterday?" Syd asked. "Before you came 
"No, why?" Robbie asked. 
"He said he had a pet for a friend of yours. Tommy somebody?" 
"Oh, yeah. Tommy said he was going to pick his parrett up at the clinic." 
Syd nodded and continued to eat her food. 

At the Hansen house Joanie was reading Hannah a story. They were in the 
living room watching the show fall and listening to the news. A storm was due 
to hit Providence by that evening and everyone was advised to stay off the 
road. Joanie hoped Syd would make it home in time. Then Joanie heard the door 
slam and Syd appeared in the doorway, with someone with her. 
"Hey Syd, glad you're home. There's a storm coming," Joanie said. 
"Joanie this is Emily, the one I was telling you about. She's going to be 
staying with us for a few days," Syd said. "Emily this is my sister Joanie 
and her daughter Hannah." 
"Hi Joanie," Emily said. She went over to Hannah. "Hi there, how are you 
huh?" Emily picked Hannah up. "I love babies, and I would love to babysit." 
"Great," Joanie said. "Welcome to the Hansen house. Do you like dogs? My 
Dad is a vet, he owns a clinic in the basement." 
"I love all kinds of animals," Emily said as she played with Hannah. "Do 
you mind if I play with Hannah?" 
"Not at all," Joanie said. 
"Emily I'm going to run to the group home and get your stuff. I have to 
sign some papers so that you can live with me," Syd said. "Is all your stuff 
in one bag?" 
"Two bags actually. The lady at the desk will show you where they are. Do 
you mind if I stay here and play with Hannah?" 
"No, go ahead. My Dad will be up shortly and Joanie will introduce you," 
Syd said. She headed for the door. "I'll be back in a minute Joanie." 
"Be careful Syd. The roads are going to get icy pretty soon," Joanie said 
as Syd opened the door. 
"Don't worry, I'll be careful," Syd said. She waved to Joanie and slammed 
the door behind her. 

A few minutes later Syd arrived at the group home. Alex was there, and 
came up to her. 
"Hi Syd. I just need you to sign some papers and we'll be all set. The 
lady over there told me you'd already taken Emily," Alex said. 
"Yes, I just came to get her stuff," Syd said. She quickly signed the 
papers and gathered Emily's stuff. When Syd got to the house she found Emily 
and Joanie in the kitchen with Jim. "Hey Dad, have you met Emily yet?" 
"Yes, we've been having a nice chat," Jim said. 
"I got your stuff Emily," Syd said. She handed Emily her bags. "I'll show 
you where you're going to sleep. My brother Robbie is using his old room 
right now so you're going to have to sleep in the attic. I hope you don't 
mind, it's where Lilly slept. I think some of her stuff is still up there." 
"Great," Emily said. She followed Syd up to the attic. When they got up 
there Emily looked around. "This is nice?" 
"There's heat up here if you get cold and some extra blankets," Syd said. 
"There's also a dresser and a desk. We got those up here when Lilly was here. 
You can look around if you want. I'll be downstairs." Syd went toward the 
door and then turned around. "Emily, you can call me Syd." 
"OK," Emily said. She smiled, this was going to be a perfect life after 

After Emily unpacked and straightened up her room she went downstairs and 
found Joanie in the living room with Hannah. Emily sat down on the couch and 
leaned against it. She already felt like this was her home. 
"Emily I hate to ask you this but are you going to have a funeral for 
your fokes?" Joanie asked. 
"No," Emily said. "I just want them to be buried some place special and 
the hospital took care of that." Emily grabbed a blanket off the back of the 
couch and covered up with it. "It's cold outside." 
'I know," Syd said coming into the room. She sat down on the couch beside 
Emily and Joanie. "Are you settled in OK Emily?" 
"Yes, thank you," Emily said. "I'm going to sleep good tonight. Last 
night was not a very plesent night for me. I never realized just how noisy 
those group homes can get." 
Syd laughed at Emily's comment. "You can sleep as late as you want 
tomorrow, just as long as your up by eleven. I don't want you sleeping the 
day away." 
"Don't worry I won't," Emily said. "I usually get up around nine or so on 
weekends. Syd thank you so much for letting me stay with you. I don't know 
what I would have done if you hadn't been there." Emily gave Syd a hug. 
Syd smiled. "I'm glad to help. I hope I can continue to help you even 
"Don't worry, my Biology can get tough," Emily said. "I'm supposed to be 
in eleventh grade but my parents held me back a year in first grade. I have a 
hard time in school and am always needing help." 
"Don't worry, you're living in a house with two doctors. I'm sure Dad or 
I will be able to help you," Syd said. 
"Yeah, Syd was always the nerd of the family," Joanie said. 
"Joanie," Syd snapped. She hit her sister over the head with a pillow and 
the three started an all out war. 
"OK, let's stop now, my head is killing me," Emily said between giggles. 
"I haven't had this much fun since the time my Mom took me to the six flags 
in Atlanta." Then Emily became sad. "I miss them so much. I wish they were 
here with me right now." 
Syd put an arm around Emily. "I know kiddo, I wish my mom was here too." 
Emily looked up at Syd with a questioning look. "What happened to your 
"She died about a year and a half ago from a heart attack. She smoked 
three packs a day for thirty years," Syd said. 
"Yeah, and she had to die right in the middle of my wedding. Of course my 
wedding never happened. Richie and I tried to get married twice and failed 
both times. Now I have a wonderful guy that I'm madly in love with," Joanie 
said. "Romance isn't what it appears to be. There are some ups and downs to 
"Do you have a boyfriend Syd?" Emily asked. Even though it was her first 
night at at the Hansen home, Emily felt as if she could talk to Syd and 
"Had one, but we broke it off because his mother kept getting in the way 
and that wasn't what I wanted for a relationship," Syd said. "He was my 
theraphist when I was released from the hospital from being in a coma." 
"Wow, you were in a coma?" Emily asked. She had never met someone in a 
coma before. 
"Yes, for a whole week. We thought we were going to lose her," Joanie 
said. "But she bounced right back to where she is now. Meddling in everyone's 
"Joanie," Syd snapped but laughed as she said it. "I do not meddle." 
"Yes you do and you don't even know it. It's in your blood Syd. Helping 
people is like oxygen to you. You can't go one minute without helping 
people." Joanie sighed and turned back to the news. She turned up the volume. 
"We're in for a big one," the news reporter said. "Snow should be heading 
into Providence by eight o'clock tonight. We advise everyone to stay off the 
roads. Stay in doors where it's warm. Seek shelter. This is going to be one 
of the worst New England winters since the 1997 storm. Please stay tuned to 
NBC for more updates." 
"Geez, they make it sound so horrible when it really isn't," Joanie said. 
"Where's Dad?" 
"Right here," Jim said coming into the room. "I had to turn the heat on 
downstairs so the animals wouldn't get cold. Robbie should be here any 
moment." Jim sat down in the chair. "Are you settling in OK Emily?" 
"Fine, thanks Dr. Hansen," Emily said. She smiled as she watched the snow 
fall outside. She knew that her parents were looking out for her and that 
they would be happy that she'd found a loving family to live with. 
"Hey gang. Wow, we're in for a big one. Looks like I made it home just in 
time," Robbie said. He sat down on the couch. "Hi Emily, remember me?" 
"Yeah, of course," Emily said. 
"Did O'Neils close early?" Jim asked. 
"Yeah, O'Neil sent everyone home on account of the storm. I'm home for 
the evening," Robbie said. "It's like 9 degrees outside." 
"We're supposed to be having one of the worst New England storms since 
the 1997 storm," Joanie said. She picked up Hannnah who was in her playpen. 
"It's going to snow some more Hannah." Joanie kissed Hannah on the cheek and 
let Hannah lay her head on Joanie's shoulder. 
"Someone looks sleepy," Syd said. 
"Yeah, she's had a really long day," Joanie said. "What with lying around 
the house all day." 
Syd laughed and checked her watch. It was only seven thirty but Syd was 
exhausted. She decided not to sleep in the apartment on account of the cold. 
"Hey,Joanie can I sleep with you? I don't think I want to go out in my 
"Sure, just as long as you stopped kicking in your sleep," Joanie said. 
She carried Hannah up to her room and laid her down in her crib. "Well, girls 
what do you say we pop some popcorn and watch a good movie. I think Titanic 
is on." 
'No, the last thing I need is to get all sad again," Emily said. "How 
about Run Away Bride?" 
"Sounds good to me," Joanie said making her way downstairs, Emily 
following behind. "Or The Sound Of Music." 
"Sure," Emily said sitting on the couch beside Syd. 
"No, not a chick flick plaase," Robbie said. 
"Come on Robbie, Sound of Music is a classic," Syd said. 
"This is exactly what I told Lilly. Don't let them make you watch Sound 
Of Music, and don't let then talk you into scrabble, syd makes seven letter 
words," Robbie said. 
Emily laughed. "I find that very hard to believe." 
"It's true," Robbie said. 
"Shut up Robbie," Joanie said. "So gang, let's get ready to bore Robbie 
to death." 
Syd laughed and went into the kitchen to make the popcorn. This was going 
to be a fun night after all. 

Later that night Emily came into Joanie'sroom where Syd was getting ready 
for bed. Joanie was in the shower and Syd was brushing her hair. 
"Hey, going to bed?" Syd asked. 
"Yeah, I'm kind of tired. It's been a long day. I can't go to sleep 
because I'm afraid I'll start crying and not be able to stop," Emily said. 
She sat down beside Syd and put her head on Syd's shoulder. 
"I know," Syd said. "Hey, do you want to sleep in here with me and 
Joanie? All the girls in one room." 
"sure, but is there enough room?" Emily asked. 
"Yeah, we can put an air matress down," Syd said. 
"OK, sure," Emily said. "That sounds fine." 
"What sounds fine?" Joanie asked coming into the room, a towel around her 
"Emily is going to sleep with us in here tonight," Syd said. 
"Cool. We can have a true girl sleep over," Joanie said as she towel 
dried her hair. "I'm just going to dry my hair and get dressed, and then 
we'll be all set." Joanie disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door. 
"Thank you so much Syd," Emily said. She gave syd a hug. 
"Anytime kiddo. Hey, it's only your first night here. We have many more 
sleep overs to come." 
Emily smiled. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been this happy. 

"You done good Syd," Lynda whispered appearing beside the bed. "I'm very 
proud of you." 
Syd sat up and smiled. "Thanks Mom. Where's Lilly?" 
"Right here," Lilly said. "I wanted to meet my twin." 
"What's going on?" Emily asked sitting up. She gasped at who she saw. 
"Syd, what's going on?" 
"Don't worry Em it's a dream," Syd said. "Emily, this is Lilly, your 
Lilly went over and hugged Emily. "Don't worry your parents are safe, and 
they send their love." 
"I've always wanted to meet you. Ever since I found out I had a twin." 
"I'm glad to meet you to," Lilly said. "I'll come visit you in your 
dreams all you want OK?" 
'That would be nice," Emily said. She hugged Lilly again. 
"come Lilly it's time to go," Lynda said. She turned to Syd. "Sleep well 
dear, you'll need it." 
Syd smiled and laid back down, watching as the two disappeared. 

Syd awoke with a start and looked over at Emily. She hadn't moved. Syd 
smiled as she closed her eyes, Emily was the best thing that had happened to 
Syd in a long time. 

To be continued. 


Here's part two to the Emily series. Part 1 is still not posted on the 
Providence site yet, hopefully soon. Hope you like this story. 

A Helping Hand
By: Rebecca

Summery: Syd helps Emily deal with the death of her parents and Emily helps 
the family like no one has. Part two to Emily series. A very special person 
is also featured. 

A Helping Hand

Sydney Hansen smiled as she looked at the family photo album. Then Lynda 
appeared beside her. 
"Weren't you cute," Lynda said. "And those curls." 
Syd smiled. "I was like ten in that picture." 
"You're doing a great job with Emily. She really loves you Syd." Lynda 
patted her daughter on the shoulder. 
"Mom, where's Lilly?" Syd asked, suddenly realizing that Lilly was not 
with Lynda. 
"She had to finish up some business but she'll be here later. She said to 
tell you hello, and Emily too." Lynda walked toward the door. "Sorry to cut 
this meeting short dear but I've got to go help Lilly." 
"Bye Mom," Syd said. 

Syd awoke with a start. She pushed the off button on her alarm and rolled 
out of bed. After showering and dressing Syd went into the house to find 
Emily alone in the kitchen. 
"Morning," Syd said. "Sleep OK?" 
"Yeah, fine," Emily mumbled. She sat down at the bar with toast in hand. 
Syd sat down beside her. "Hey, is something wrong?" 
"I just can't stop thinking about my parents. I miss them so much," Emily 
"Hey, It's only been a week, you're supposed to miss them," Syd said 
gently. She got up and poured herself a cup of coffee. "How's school going?" 
"Fine," Emily said. She got up and headed for the attic. "I'm going to go 
finish getting ready for school." 
"Would you like me to take you?" Syd asked as she sipped her coffee. 
"Yeah, that'd be great. Thanks," Emily said. 
"No problem," Syd said. She checked her watch. "You have exactly twenty 
"OK," Emily called from upstairs. 
Syd laughed and went into the living room. She sat down on the couch and 
flipped on the Tv. Then Joanie came into the room. 
"Morning Syd," Joanie said. She gave Hannah to Syd and headed for the 
kitchen. "Can you watch her while I make breakfast?" 
Syd carried Hannah into the kitchen and put her in her high chair. "I'm 
not your personal slave." 
"I didn't say that. I just have to fix breakfast. What's with you this 
morning?" Joanie asked as she looked in the refrigerator. 
"I'm just really stressed. The clinic has been a bear these last few 
days," Syd said. She went toward the staircase. "Emily, almost ready?" Syd 
"Coming," Emily said racing down the steps. She grabbed her bag off the 
counter and headed for the door. "Bye Joanie, bye Hannah." 
"Bye Em," Joanie said. "Have a good day Syd." 
Syd nodded and went out the door, slamming it behind her. 

After Syd dropped Emily off at school she headed for the clinic. She 
found Izzy at the front desk. 
"Morning Dr. Hansen," Izzy said. "How are things with Emily?" 
"OK, I guess," Syd said. "She still misses her parents a lot though. I 
have to think of something that will lift her spirits." Syd went back to the 
office and put her stuff away. 

A few hours later Syd was in her office when Izzy came in. 
"Dr. Hansen, you have a patient in exam three, complaining of a stomach 
ache," Izzy said. 
Syd took the chart from Izzy and went to exam three. She threw open the 
curtain to find Kyle Moran on the table. "Klye?" 
"Syd," Kyle said. 
Syd gave Kyle a hug. "What are you doing here?" 
"I thought it was time I came back and saw you. How are you doing?" Kyle 
"Fine, but first I want to find out about you. What seems to be the 
"There's no problem. That was just an excuse to get you in here. What do 
you say I kidnap you for lunch?" 
Syd smiled. "I'd like that." Syd walked toward the front. "Give me a 
sec." Syd walked toward where Izzy was standing. "Izzy, do you mind if I duck 
out of here for awhile. An old friend is here and wants to have lunch with 
"Sure, we're slow now. I'll page you if it's an emergency," Izzy said. 
"Thanks Izzy," Syd said. She went back to where Kyle was waiting, a smile 
on her face. 

At the Barkery Joanie was finishing up with a customer when Burt walked 
through the door. 
"Hey," Burt said. He kissed Joanie lightly on the cheek. "I brought 
Joanie smiled. "Great. It's such a lovely day, why don't we eat outside." 
"Joanie it's like twenty degrees outside," Burt reminded her. 
"Oh, right," Joanie said. "Well, we can eat in here then. I'm slow now." 
Burt sat down at the table and pulled out the food. "How's Syd doing?" 
"OK. She's been really stressed lately. She broke it off with John so we 
won't be seeing him any time soon." 
"Too bad," Burt said. He kissed her passionitaly. "And how are you?" 
"Fine," Joanie said. she broke free and looked in the bag. "I'm just 

At the Hansen vet clinic Jim was finishing up with a patient. Heather was 
on the computer when the door opened. 
"Can I help you?" Heather asked. She looked up to see Robbie standing 
behnd the counter. "Hi Robbie." 
"Hey," Robbie said. "Tommy's bird is sick again, thought I'd bring it 
by." He put the cage on the counter. "Tommy says he won't shut up." 
"Hi Rob," Jim said coming into the room from the back. "Heather can you 
call Ms. Carol and tell her that Lewis is ready to go home." 
"Sure," Heather said and picked up the phone. 
"I got a bird problem. Tommy says he can't keep him quiet," Robbie said. 
"Well, there's not much I can do about that," Jim said. "Just tell Tommy 
to talk to him and maybe he'll quiet down." 
"Thanks Dad," Robbie said. 
"How's things at O'Neils?" Jim asked. 
"OK. Some storm we had huh?" Robbie asked. He checked his watch. "Gatta 
go Dad, see you tonight." 
"Bye," Jim said. He laughed to himself, his son could be so funny 

Syd sat in the River Club with Kyle, catching up. 
"So, what brings you back to Providence?" Syd asked as she sipped her 
"Well, I wanted to see if anythings changed. I especially wanted to see 
you. Have you been seeing anyone lately?" 
'Yeah, I was seeing this guy named JOhn Flemming but we broke it off a 
few weeks ago. His mother was getting in the way of our relationship. What 
about you?" 
"Nope, not me," Kyle said. "I didn't think anyone would want to go out 
with a one armed man." 
"Oh, Kyle," Syd said, her tone softening. "I have a new project, her name 
is Emily. She's Lilly's twin." 
"Really? Wow," Kyle said. "Syd I called yesterday, Joanie told me that 
you've been sick." 
"Yeah, I was in a coma but I'm fine now. John Flemming, the one I was 
seeing, well, he was my theraphist," Syd said. 
"I'm glad you're OK now," Kyle said. 
"Me too," syd said. She smiled. "so, where are you staying while you're 
"I'm staying at the plaza down the street. Until I can find a place." 
"You're moving back?" Syd asked. 
"Yeah, well I kind of missed the old place. I figured it was time to head 
"Kyle I'm so happy for you. Hey, why don't you come over for dinner some 
time this week? It will give you a chance to meet Emily." 
"Sure, sounds great," Kyle said. 
Syd smiled, glad to see the man she'd first fallen in love with. 

Later that day Emily came by the clinic. She went into Syd's office and 
threw her bag down on the couch. Sighing Emily sank down on the couch. She 
needed time to think, to sort things through. Things at school were going OK 
acedimically but not socially. Emily felt as if she were drifting away from 
her friends, away from her make shift family. 
"Hi Emily," Izzy said when she saw Emily sitting on the couch. "Dr. 
Hansen is at the hospital doing rounds. She should be back in a few minutes." 
"OK," Emily said. She stood up. "Can I help with anything?" 
"we're about to close up. I just have to wait for Syd," Izzy said. "You 
just sit tight and I'll tell her you're here when she gets back." 
"Great, thanks," Emily said. She pulled out homeork and began working. 

Syd walked into the clinic fifteen minutes later. She went into her 
office to find Emily there, doing homework. 
"Hey," Syd said. "Ready to go?" 
"Sure," Emily said. She gathered up her stuff and followed Syd out the 
door. "Syd, I was just wondering. Is there any work you would have for me. I 
was thinking that if I start saving now I can earn enough to live on my own 
someday, like when I'm twenty one." 
"I think I can arrange that. You know, Lilly asked the same thing," Syd 
said as the two walked up to the front. "Izzy, I'm leaving now." 
"Bye Dr. Hansen," Izzy said as she followed Syd out the door and closed 
it behind her. 

When Syd and Emily reached home Emily went into the living room. She sat 
down on the couch and finished doing her homework. 
"Do you have much homework?" Syd asked sitting down beside Emily. 
"No," Emily said quietly as she finished reading her reading assignment 
in history. "Is Joanie here?" 
"I didn't see her car here, so she must be still at the Barkery or with 
Burt," Syd said. She headed for the kitchen. "I'm going to fix dinner, any 
"NO, whatever you fix is fine with me," Emily said. 
"Hey, is something wrong?" 
"I'm fine Syd. I'm just a little stressed," Emily said. She smiled and 
got up off the couch. "I'm done with my homework, why don't I help you with 
"OK, sure," Syd said. Then the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." Syd walked 
to the door and opened it to find Kyle standing on the doorstep. "Kyle, what 
are you doing here?" 
"You invited me to dinner so here I am," Kyle said. He came in and kissed 
Syd lightly on the cheek. 
Syd laughed. "Great, come on in. Let me introduce you to Emily." Syd 
walked into the kitchen where Emily was making salad. "Emily may I introduce 
you to a friend of mine, this is Kyle Moran. Kyle this is Emily." 
'Hi," Emily said shaking hands with Kyle. "Nice to meet you." 
"You too," Kyle said. "Is there anyone else here?" 
"Just my Dad and he's downstairs," Syd said. "Have a seat." 
Kyle sat down at the bar while Syd prepared dinner, with Emily's help. 
Then the back door opened, and Joanie walked in with Hannah. 
"Hi Joanie," Emily said. 
"Hey," Joanie said. Then she noticed Kyle. "HI Kyle, what a plesent 
"Hi Joanie," Kyle said. "Hannah is getting so big." 
"Thanks," Joanie said. "Syd can you hold her for a minute, I have to go 
"Joanie can't you see I'm busy here," Syd snapped. 
"I'll take her," Emily said. She took Hannah from Joanie. "Come here 
Joanie gave Syd a dirty look and went upstairs. Then Jim came into the 
"Well, Kyle, I wasn't expecting to see you here," Jim said. He looked at 
"He's here for dinner," Syd said. She smiled in Kyle's direction. "Closed 
"Yep, and just sent Heather home," Jim said. He sat down at the table 
beside Emily. "What smells so good?" 
"Spagitti," Emily said. She handed Hannah to Jim. "Can you take her while 
I go wash up?" 
"Sure," Jim said. 
Emily nodded and walked up the stairs. She heard the water running in the 
bathroom and figured Joanie was in there washing up. Emily went to Hannah's 
bathroom and turned on the water. She looked at herself in the mirror. There 
were bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. Her complextion looked pale and 
Emily wondered if she was coming down with something. Then Emily heard 
footsteps in the hallway. 
"Emily?" Joanie called. 
"In here," Emily called back. She opened the door. "What's up?" 
"Nothing," Joanie said. she sighed and leaned against the door frame. "I 
don't know what Syd's problem is. She's been hostile wtih me all day. First 
this morning and then just a few minutes ago." 
"She's probably just stressed," Emily said. She headed for the stairs. 
"Coming down?" 
"I'll be there in a minute," Joanie said. She wanted to avoid Syd as much 
as possible. Obvously Syd was not in a good mood. 
Emily nodded and went downstairs. she heard voices in the kitchen. 
"Em, ready to eat?" Syd asked when Emily appeared in the doorway. 
"Sure," Emily said. She grabbed a plate off the bar. 
"Where's Joanie?" Syd asked. 
"Still washing up," Emily said. She started putting food on her plate. 
Syd nodded and continued serving the others. 

Joanie leaned against the sink. Suddenly vercome with dizziness. She 
hadn't felt this way this morning so why was she feeling crummy all of a 
sudden. Joanie made her way toward the stairs and started going down them. 
When she got half way down, she started feeling dizzy again. Joanie lost her 
balance and tumbled down the stairs, hitting her head. After a few minutes 
Joanie passed out. 
Everyone turned when they'd heard a thud from the living room. 
"What was that?" Emily asked. 
'I'll check," Syd said. She went into the living room but found nothing. 
Then she walked toward the stairs and gasped. Joanie was lying at the bottom 
of them, unconscious. "Somebody call 911." Syd bent down to her sister and 
looked at her. She had a big bump on the head the size of Florida. 
"What happened?" Emily asked when she saw Joanie. 
"She must have passed out. Help me get her to the couch. There doesn't 
appear to be any major damage." Syd managed to get her sister to the couch 
and laid her down. 
"Syd?" Joanie choked out, opening her eyes. 
"Are you OK?" Syd asked. "You had us worried." 
'Like you would care," Joanie said harshly. "You've been in a bad mood 
toward me all day. What's with you Syd. It's like you don't want to help me 
out with Hannah anymore." 
"That's not true," Syd said. she took Joanie's hand in hers. 
"Yes, it is," Joanie said. Tears ran down her face but she quickly wiped 
them away. 
"I'm sorry Joanie. I guess I have been a little out of it lately. I'm 
just so stressed right now," Syd said. "How's your head?" 
"I have a bump the size of an egg on my head but other than that I'm 
fine," Joanie said. 
"You just rest Joanie. We'll take care of Hannah," Emily said. 
"Thanks," Joanie said. She squeezed her sister's hand and closed her 
eyes, soon she was asleep. 

That night after everyone had left Syd and Emily sat in Syd's apartment 
talking. Emily was on the bed and Syd in the chair. 
"Syd can I tell you something?" Emily asked. 
"Sure hon, what is it?" Syd asked. She went over to the bed and sat down 
beside Emily. 
"I haven't been sleeping much. I miss my parents so much. I can't 
concentrate in school and my grades are slipping. I'm sorry I didn't tell you 
sooner but I thought I could handle it on my own. I guess I can't." Syd 
put an arm around Emily. "Don't worry Emily, everything will work out. I'm 
glad you told me though. We'll get this straightened out. I know you miss 
your parents and it will take time. You've been a big help to this family. 
Joanie really appriuates you helping out with Hannah. I think she's a little 
overwelmed right now." 
Emily smiled. "You've helped me too. If it weren't for you I would 
probably be stuck in a foster home." Emily hugged Syd and they leaned against 
the bed. 
"I hope that you'll think of me as a mother, someone that you can talk 
to. That's what I want to be Emily. You've brought joy and laughter back into 
the Hansen household." 
"Thanks Syd. I guess we've helped each other more then we know huh?" 
Emily asked. She looked over at a picture of Syd and her mom. "Is that your 
"Yeah," Syd said. "Want to know a secret?" 
"My mom comes back in my dreams," Syd said. "I know, it's weird." 
"That's cool," Emily said. 
"Yeah, I think so," Syd said. She smiled. "So, what do yo say we go find 
Hannah and Joanie and watch a movie together?" 
"Sounds good to me," She walked out the door and into the house. 

That night Syd was in bed, trying to get to sleep when her mother 
appeared beside her. Syd sat up and smiled. 
"You did good Syd. You've helped Emily and she helped you. What's with 
you and your sister?" Lynda sat down beside Syd on the bed. 
"She thinks that I have all the time in the world to help her. I don't 
Mom. It's like she hands over Hannah to me thinking that I'll just drop 
everything and help. I can't always do that Mom. I have a life too," Syd 
"I know dear," Lynda said. "There's someone here who wants to see you." 
"Hi Syd," Lilly said appearing beside Syd. She hugged her. "How are you? 
HOw's Emily?" 
"fine, and she wants to get to know you better," Syd said. "She's really 
missing her parents right now." 
"Tell her that her parents are doing fine and are keeping an eye on her. 
That know about the crummy mood she's be in all week and the lack of sleep 
she is getting. Tell her that her parents said to get on with life." 
Syd laughed. "I will." 
Lilly stood up. 'I have to go Syd, mother calling. I'll talk to you 
Syd hugged Lilly and watch her disappear. 
"Keep it up Syd. Emily needs you more then ever," Lynda said. She hugged 
Syd and also disappeared.
syd smiled and laid down, getting ready to dream about the handsome Kyle 

To Be Continued

Finding Out 

By: Rebecca 

Hi everyone. This is part three to the Emily series. Hope you 

Finding Out 

Sydney Hansen gazed out the window of her garage apartment. She had 
just put Hannah down for bed. Then Lynda appeared beside her. 
"Lonely are we?" Lynda asked. 
Syd turned around. "No, I'm not. I'm perfectly happy staying home 
doing nothing." That wasn't true, not one bit. Syd would have rather been 
out with Kyle more then anything. "OK, I lied. I would rather be out with 
"I told you," Lynda said. "But that date is going to have to wait 
awhile. Someone else needs your attention." 
"Who?" Syd asked. 
"Follow me dear," Lynda said. She ledSyd to the door. 
Syd found herself in the attic. "Mom,what's going on?" 
"I'm not going to show you anymore,"Lynda said. "You're on your 
own this time dear." Lynda gave Syd a pat on the shoulder and then 
Mom!" Syd screamed. 

Syd awoke with a start and sighed. She got up, dressed and 
showered. Syd went into the house to find the whole family gathered around 
the kitchen table, all except for Emily. 
"Morning," Syd said. 
"Morning," Joanie mumbled as she tried to feed Hannah. 
"You OK?" Syd asked as she poured herself a cup of coffee. 
"Yeah," Joanie said. "I was just up all night. No big deal." 
"Is Hannah sick?" Syd asked. She kissed Hannah on the forehead and 
sat down beside Joanie. 
"No, it's just the opposite. She wouldn't go to sleep. It was like 
she was on caffeine or something." 
Syd laughed. "Where's Emily. I thought she was going to help me at 
the clinic today. She wanted to start her new job." 
"Still asleep," Joanie said. "I went to wake her and she pushed me 
away. She must have had a bad night too." 
Syd put her coffee cup in the sink and went upstairs to the attic. 
She knocked at the door and waited for an answer.When there was none Syd went 
up the stairs. She found Emily still asleep in bed. Syd went over to the bed 
and sat down beside Emily. 
"Hey, time to wake up sleepy head,"Syd whispered. "It's almost 
Emily groaned and rolled over toward Syd. "Why? You don't have to 
work today do you?" 
"Yeah. I have to go in today," Sydsaid. She stood up. "Hurry and 
get dressed if you want to come with me." 
"Is that job still open?" Emily asked. 
"Yep, ready and waiting for you. I'll fix you some breakfast, what 
would you like?" 
"I'm not really hungry," Emily said.She laid back down on the bed. 
"Do you feel OK?" Syd asked. She felt Emily's forehead. "You do 
feel a little warm." 
"My stomach is bothering me," Emily said. 
Syd walked over to the bed and pressed on Emily's stomach. "What 
kind of pain is it?" 
"I feel nauseated, that's all," Emilysaid. 
"I'll give you some medicine and it should feel better in a few 
hours," Syd said. She got up off the bed and looked around the room. It was a 
wreck, clothes were everywhere. Books and notebookssat out on the desk. 
"Emily when you feel like it, I suggest you do a little cleaning up here." 
"Sure," Emily mumbled. "Are you going to the clinic?" 
"I'll only go for a few hours and if it's slow then I'll come 
home," Syd said. She gave Emily a hug and headed for the door. "I'll have 
Joanie bring you some soup in a little while." 
"Thanks," Emily said. She rolled over and was soon asleep. 
Syd smiled and went back downstairs.She found Joanie in the living 
room reading to Hannah. 
"Is Emily up yet?" Joanie asked. 
"Emily is sick. Could you take her up some soup in a little while. 
I'm going to see if Izzy needs me and then I'll be home. Bring her into the 
clinic if she gets any worse. She's sleeping right now," Syd said. 
"OK," Joanie said. She watched Syd leave and continued reading to 

When Syd reached the clinic she found Izzy at the front desk. 
"Morning Dr. Hansen," Izzy said. 
"Morning," Syd answered. She walked back to the office and put her 
stuff away. "I'm sorry we had to open on a Saturday." 
"No problem," Izzy said. "I didn't have any plans anyway." She 
handed Syd a folder. "Teenage girl in room 2 complaining of a stomach ache. 
She says she in a lot of pain." 
"Thanks," Syd said. She took the folder from Izzy and walked into 
exam 2. "Hi I'm Dr. Hansen, and you must be Ally?" 
"Yeah," Ally said. "My stomach is killing me. Can't you give me 
"Is there anyone here with you?" 
"I'm seventeen, I don't need my parents to babysit me," Ally 
"OK, calm down, I was just asking,"Syd said gently. "Why don't 
you lay back for me so that I can examine you." 
Ally laid back on the table and pulled up her shirt. 
Syd examined her stomach. "You have a hot appendix, and will need 
to have surgery soon. Is there someone I can call?" 
"No, I don't have any parents," Allysaid. "The parents that I was 
referring to were my foster parents. How long is this surgery going to take?" 
"Not long but you will need time to recover afterward," Syd said. 
"You sit tight and I'm going to call an ambulance to take you to the 
Ally nodded and laid back on the table. 
Syd closed the curtain and went to find Izzy. "Izzy, can you call 
an ambulance. I have a seventeen year old named Ally who needs her appendix 
out and I don't want to move her more then necessary." 
"Sure," Izzy said. 
"Thanks," Syd said. She checked her watch, only nine forty five, 
this was going to be a long day. 

Back at the Hansen house Joanie took soup to Emily. She'd already 
thrown up twice in the last hour and Joanie was afraid her stomach wouldn't 
be able to handle the soup. 
"Hey," Joanie said coming up the stairs. "How are you feeling?" 
"OK?" Emily said. She noticed the soup. "Thanks for the thought 
Joanie but I don't think my stomach can take any food right now. I'm tired 
of throwing up." 
Joane put the tray down on the desk which was covered in books and 
sat down beside Emily. "I figured you wouldn't.Syd should be home in a 
little while. Do you need anything?" 
"Can I go downstairs and lay on the couch, maybe watch some TV?" 
Emily asked. 
"Sure," Joanie said. She helped Emily out of bed and helped her 
put her robe on. Joanie helped Emily downstairs and to the couch. "I have to 
go get Hannah from downstairs. I'll be right back." 
Emily nodded and started flipping channels. She sighed, hoping to 
get over this bug soon. 

Syd rode in the ambulance with Ally tot he hospital. When they 
arrived Syd rushed into the hospital. She took Emily to the surgical floor 
and got her ready for the operation. 
"How are you doing?" Syd asked a few minutes later. She sat in a 
chair beside Ally's bed. 
"OK, I guess," Ally said. "Whose performing the surgery?" 
"Dr. Talvert. I've contacted your parents, they should be on their 
Ally nodded and was soon asleep. The medicine Syd had given her was 
making her very sleepy. 
Syd helped the nurses wheel Ally toward the OR. After getting her 
settled Syd went down to see if she was needed. She figured she'd go ahead 
and do her rounds. Fifteen minutes later Syd called Izzy and Izzy said that 
Syd was not needed. Syd decided to go home and check on Emily. 

When Syd got home she found Joanie and Emily in the living room 
watching a tape of Dawson's Creek. 
"Hey Syd," Joanie said. "I checked Emily's temperature, it's 
Syd nodded and felt Emily's forehead."Did you give her some 
"No, I was waiting for you," Joanie said. "Why are you home after 
only two hours anyway?" 
"It's a long story. We need to get her fever down. I'll run to the 
clinic and get some Tylenol. Has she eaten or drunken anything all day?" 
"She drunk some juice about twenty minutes ago but she wouldn't 
eat," Joanie said. "I've been keeping Hannah away from her as much as 
possible. We don't need two people sick." 
"You especially do not need to get sick," Syd said. She grabbed 
her coat and purse. 
"Syd I think we have some Tylenol in the kitchen," Joanie said. 
Syd nodded and went to check. Sure enough there was some Tylenol. 
Syd threw her coat and purse on the counter and went into the living room. 
"You're right Joanie." Syd sat down beside Emily. "Emily,you need to take 
some Tylenol to help your fever go down." 
Emily sighed and sat up. She took the pill from Syd and swollowed it 
with a glass of water. "Thanks." 
Syd put the glass down on the coffee table and sat down beside Emily. 
"Have you eaten anything all day?" 
"No, I haven't felt like it," Emily said. "Was the clinic slow or 
"Yeah, and I was at the hospital anyway so I decided just to come home. 
I actually ran into a friend of yours." 
"Ally Jacob," Syd said. "She's having her appendix out as we speak." 
"Is she going to be OK?" Emily asked. 
"Yeah, she should be fine in about a week or so," Syd said. She stood 
up. "I'm going to go change. There's no point in going back to work." 
"Does that mean you're staying home?" Emily asked. 
"Yeah, it does." 
"Great, then you can watch Dawson's Creek with me." 
"Great," Syd mumbled as she headed for the guest house. 

While Syd was watching TV with Emily a few hours later the phone rang. 
Syd sighed and reached for it, hoping it hadn't woken Hannah or Joanie who 
were taking naps upstairs. "Hello, Hansens?" 
"Dr. Hansen, it's Izzy. Dr. Talvert just called from the hospital, your 
patient Ally ran away." 
"What?" Syd asked in alarm. "She's still sleepy from the medication." 
"The surgery was over six hours ago," Izzy said. "She told the nurse 
she was feeling better and bolted." 
"Are you still at the clinic?" Syd asked her friend. 
"I'm just on my way out. I figured I'd better call and tell you." 
"How long ago did she run away?" 
"Dr. Talvert thinks about two hours ago. He got busy and didn't have 
time to call." 
"Thanks for calling Izzy. I'll see you on Monday," Syd said. She hung 
up the phone and sighed. 
"What's wrong?" Emily asked. 
"Ally ran away," Syd said. She stood up. "I have to go find her." 
"Ally wouldn't do that, she's not that kind of person," Emily said. 
"Maybe you don't know her as well as you thought you did." 
"Syd!" Emily called but got no answer. 

An hour later Syd pulled into the hospital parking lot and went to the 
ER. She rushed up to the admitt desk. 
"Is Dr. Talvert here?" Syd asked. "I need to speak with him right 
"He's in trauma one Dr. Hansen," the nurse said. 
Syd nodded and raced toward trauma one. Then the doors opened and the 
paramedics rushed in. 
"Estimated 16 year old gunned down in the streets. BP 90/100 Paule 
100," the paramedic said. 
Syd almost gasped when she saw who was on the gurney. "Ally." 
"Do you know ths girl Dr. Hansen?" the paramedic asked Syd. 
"Yes, she's a patient who just had surgery this afternoon," Syd said. 
"I have this one." 
Then Dr. Talvert emerged from trauma one. "You found her Dr. Hansen." 
"No, I didn't. The paramedics found her, she was shot," Syd said. "Is 
trauma one free?" 
"Trauma two is," Dr. Talvert said. He helped Syd wheel Ally to trauma 

Two hours later Ally was stable enough to be moved to the OR. The 
bulett had barely missed her spine. She''d been shot in the lower back but 
luckily her spine had been curved so the bulett didn't damage it. After they 
wheeled Ally into recovery four hours later Syd sat by her bedside. 
"Dr. Hansen?" Ally asked opening her eyes. 
Syd walked over to the bed. "How are you feeling?" 
"Not so hot," Ally said. 
"You're doing pretty good for having two surgeries in twenty four 
hours," Syd said. "Why did you run away? Were you so fine that you had to go 
out there and get shot?" 
"You wouln't understand. You don't know what it's like living with two 
people who don't want anything to do with you." 
"I think I might if you just tell me. What happened?" 
"I don't know, all of a sudden some guys just came up behind me. They 
started talking to me, asking me for my money and then they just shot me," 
Ally said. "Why am I telling you this. You don't need to know this." 
"I'm your doctor. There is also someone who is going to want to se

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The Decesion 

Summery: Syd decides to take in Ally, Emily's best friend. Part 1, 2, and 3 
coming soon. Read those before reading this. 

The Decesion 

The Hansen's were in the living room later that night trying to decide 
what to do about Ally. Emily was still at the hospital with Ally. 
"Syd, I don't know. Taking in another teenager sounds like a huge 
responsibability," Jim said. "Will this family be able to handle it?" 
"Dad, I'm not adopting her. She's just staying for the week," Syd said. 
"Besides, she's not a bad kid. She's been through a lot and so has Emily. I 
really think that they will support each other. You've seen how Emily keeps 
talking about Ally." 
"If this is what Ally wants then I'm all for it," Jim said. "I just don't 
know how we'll manage." 
"Dad, she's only going to be here for a week or two. Just until we can 
get her placed into a foster home." Syd hugged her father. "Thanks Dad." She 
turned to Robbie and Joanie. "So, what do you guys think?" 
"Great. I have another person to go shopping with," Joanie said. She 
smiled. "I know Emily is going to be happy. By the way where is she?" 
"At the hospital with Ally. I have to go get her in a few minutes. I 
don't want her driving in this weather." Syd stood up and grabbed her coat 
off the back of the couch. "Be back in a few minutes." 
"OK," Joanie said. She headed for the stairs to get Hannah who had 
somehow fallen asleep in her playpen. 

When Syd walked into Ally's room fifteen minutes later she saw the girls 
talking and laughing. 
"Hi Dr. Hansen," Ally said. "Did you talk to your family yet?" 
"Yep, and they agree," Syd said. She turned to Emily. "Ready to go kido?" 
"Yeah, I guess," Emily said. She stood up and gave Ally a hug. "I'll call 
you tomorrow." 
"Okay," Ally said. She was so lucky to have a friend like Emily. 

When Syd and Emily got home Emily went straight to her room, slamming the 
"What's with her?" Jim asked as Syd sat down at the bar beside him. 
"I don't know," Syd said. "I think she's getting ready for Ally's 
arrival. Dad do you really think this is a good idea. It will be good for 
Emily. She needs a friend right now, someone her age who isn't over here for 
an hour and then leaves." 
"I don't want to see Emily upset. She's meant a lot to this family." 
Syd smiled. "Thanks Dad." 
Jim smiled as he watched his daughter walk into the living room. 

Syd was sitting on the couch reading an hour later when she heard the 
back door slam. She turned around to see Emily in the doorway. 
"Hey, where have you been?" 
"At the hospital," Emily said. "So Ally can come here in a week." 
"Yes, but I have to talk to Social Services first." 
"Why would her foster parents just drop her like that?" Emily asked 
sitting down beside Syd on the couch. 
"Well, Lilly's foster parents dropped her. Mrs. Gurwin found her sharing 
a cegreggett with her fourteen year old Sam." 
"Man, I didn't know Lilly was that bad," Emily said. 
"Lilly was a very mixed up teen. She completely changed once she started 
living here. It was like a new person had been born." 
"I wish I could have known her. From what you've told me, she sounds like 
a pretty cool twin." 
"I wish you could have known her too," Syd said. She gave Emily a hug. 
"Dinner is almost ready, why don't you go change into your PJ's." 
"I thought I smelled something good cooking," Emily said. She headed for 
the stairs. 

Over dinner Emily told everyone how Ally was doing. Hannah was fussy so 
Joanie ended up leaving the table half way through dinner. As Syd and Emily 
were cleaning up the kitchen the phone rang. 
"Hello, Hansen house," Emily said. She listened. It was Ally. "Hi, didn't 
I just see you an hour ago?" 
"Yeah, but I need to talk to Dr. Hansen for a minute," Ally said. 
"Sure, hold on," Emily said. She put down the phone and turned to Syd. 
"Syd, Ally's on the phone, she needs to speak with you." 
Syd dried her hands and took the phone from Emily. "Ally, it's Dr. 
Hansen, it everything OK?" 
"I just want your permission to walk around a bit. I'm so sore. I'm 
getting bored just lying here." 
"OK, but have someone walk with you. I don't want you falling and hurting 
"I won't. Thanks Dr. Hansen," Ally said. "Bye." 
"Bye," Syd said and hung up. 
"What did she want?" Emily asked. 
"She wanted my permission to walk around. She's says she's sore and weak 
and wants out of that bed." 
Emily laughed. "That doesn't surprise me at all. Ally has always been 
active. She can't stand to sit still even through math." 
Syd laughed and turned back to doing the dishes. 

Two weeks later Ally was able to be released from the hospital. Jim had 
put an extra bed up in the attic so that Ally could talk with Emily. It was a 
sunny Friday morning and Emily was excited. 
"Can't I skip school and come with you?" Emily asked as she and Syd sat 
in the kitchen eating breakfast. 
"No, but you can see her after school. Promise," Syd said as she put her 
cup in the sink and ran water in it. "She's still going to be weak so don't 
do anything to active." 
"We won't," Emily said as she cleaned up her spot at the bar. "Where is 
everyone this morning?" 
"Still asleep. Joanie was up all night with Hannah and she's not taking 
her to daycare." 
"Oh." Emily grabbed her back pack and headed for the door. "Bye." 
"Don't you want me to drive you?" 
"No, I'll walk. It's such a lovely day outside." Emily slammed the door 
and headed down the driveway. She couldn't wait for school to be over so she 
could go see Ally and bring her home. 

That afternoon Syd went to the hospital. The clinic was slow so Syd had 
decided to check Ally out of the hospital a little early. She walked into 
Ally's room to find Ally packing stuff in a little bag. 
"Hi Ally," Syd said walking into the room. 
Ally turned, her brown hair following around her eyes. "Hi Dr. Hansen. 
I'm so ready to get out of here." 
"I know you are," Syd said. "Emily is very excited. She wanted to skip 
school to come and see you." 
Ally laughed. "I'm not surprised. She probably would have if things would 
have been different." 
"What do you mean different?" Syd asked. 
"Emily is kinda like a person who doesn't want to do anything wrong. She 
hates lying to you and stuff." 
"She's a good kid," Syd said. She noticed Ally's bag. "Is this all you 
"Oh, no. My two bags are on the chair by the window," Ally said. "Social 
Services brought them by a couple of days ago." Ally sipped up her small bag. 
"This bag here is just my makeup kit. My other foster mom gave this to me." 
Syd nodded and picked up Ally's two suit cases. She carred them to the 
door. "I just have to sign you out. You stay put an I'll be right back." Syd 
put down Ally's bags and went to the front to sing her out. 

Twenty minutes later Syd pulled into the school parking lot at South 
Providence High. She saw Emily on the front steps and waved to her. Emily ran 
toward the car. 
"There's a surprise for you in the back seat but don't hug her too hard," 
Syd said and smiled. 
Emily smiled and opened the back door to find Ally sitting in the back 
seat. "Hi, you're finally here." 
"I was so ready to get out of that hospital," Ally said. "I can't wait to 
see your room. We can stay up late and talk about boys." 
Syd laughed. "I know that Joanie will want to join you. Emily did you 
tell her about everyone she's going to be living with for the next week?" 
"Yep, she did. I can't wait to see Hannah. How old is she?" 
"Two and a half," Syd said as she stopped at a red light. 

Ten minutes later they arrived at the Hansen home and Emily helped Ally 
with her suit cases. She took them up to the attic and told Ally to follow 
"This is awesome," Ally said when they reached the top of the stairs. 
"You kind of have your own hide away up here." 
"Yeah, it's great," Emily said. She put Ally's suit cases on the cot. 
"Hope you dont mind sleeping on a cot but I figured you'd want to sleep by 
yourself so I don't accidently bump you." 
"That's fine. It has to be more confortable then that hospital bed," Ally 
said. She sat down on the bed. "So, what now?" 
"Why don't we go meet everybody first and then we can come up here and 
talk about boys." 

When the girls got downstairs they found Joanie in the living room 
reading to Hannah. 
"Joanie," Emily said. "This is Ally, my best friend. She's going to be 
staying with us for the next week or so." 
"Hi," Joanie said extending her hand out to Ally. She pointed to Hannah. 
"And this is Hannah." 
"She's so cute," Ally said. 
"You can hold her if you like," Joanie said. 
"That's OK, I probably shouldn't. I'm still pretty sore," Ally said. 
"Where's Dr. Hansen?" 
"Syd should be out in the guest house. Probably taking a well deserved 
nap," Joanie said. 
Ally laughed. "Where's the guest house?" 
"In the garage," Joanie said. She stood up and placed Hannah on her hip 
Then Syd came into the room. "We were just looking for you." 
"You were?" Syd asked, raising her eyebrows in a questening manner. 
"Yep," Emily said. "Can we show Ally the guest house?" 
"Sure," Syd said. She led Emily and Ally to the guest house. 

That night after dinner the girls were up in Emily's room talking and 
doing homework. 
"Have you gotten cought up on all your work?" Emily asked. "How long 
before you can come back to school?" 
"Probably two or three weeks. Dr. Hansen is the judge of that," Ally 
"You know, you can call her Syd. She doesn't mind if you do." 
"Thanks," Ally said. She put down her pen and looked at Emily. "Emily are 
you scared about where I'll end up?" 
"Hopefully you'll live near here and then we can come and see each 
other," Emily said. 
"Yeah, I know. I can't believe Syd actually let me stay here," Ally said. 
She turned back to her homework. 
"Hey, it won't be that bad. We'll probably see each other more if you 
didn't live here then if we did. And you do have a creen name on AOL, we 
could chat." 
"Why are we talking about this anyway? I'm not leaving yet. It's only my 
first night here." 
Emily sighed. "Yeah, I know." 

Syd was sitting in the living room watching TV. Joanie was sitting in the 
chair holding Hannah, who was asleep in her arms. 
"What's eating you?" Joanie asked. She noticed the pained look on Syd's 
Syd turned to face her sister. "It just occured to me that if Ally 
doesn't end up finding a foster home, she'll have to go back to the group 
home. We can't keep her, can we?" 
"I don't know. We'll just have to see how she does this week," Joanie 
said. "By the way, where are they anyway?" 
"Upstaris doing homework and talking about boys," Syd said. 
Joanie laughed and got up. She headed for the stairs to put Hannah to 
bed. "I'm going to put Hannah down, I'll be right back." 
Syd nodded and turned back to the TV, trying to figure out what to do 
about Ally. 

"Face it Syd, you can't go one day without taking in another homeless 
person. Our house isn't an orphanage," Lynda said appearing beside Syd. 
"Mother that's not true," Syd snapped. She sighed. "Ally i s Emily's best 
friend, I had to help her. 
"You didn't have to, you wanted to," Lynda said. She sat on the couch. 
"At least don't ask the family if Ally can live here too. Emily is enoguh." 
Syd gave her mother a hard, cold stare. "Mother, can we please change the 
subject. I've had enough lectures from you today." 
"It's your dream Syd," Lynda said. 

Syd awoke with a start and rubbed her eyes. She checked the time, eight 
O'clock. Syd sighed and headed for the stairs. When she reached the attic she 
could hear the girls giggling. 
"Hey, can I come up?" Syd asked appearing at the top of the stairs. 
Emily turned around. "Sure, come on up." 

Syd came up and sat down on the bed. "So, what's up?" 
"Nothing, just talking," Emily said. "Where's Joanie?" 
"She's putting Hannah down for bed. Try to be a little quiet. Hannah is 
alseep downstairs." 
"We will," Ally said. "Syd, when do you think I can go back to school?" 
"In about a week or two. I don't want you to push it too much," Syd said. 
Ally smiled. "How long do you think it will take before I can stop being 
bounced around like a tenis ball?" 
"It may be a few weeks or it could be a few days. We don't know," Syd 
said. "Don't worry, we'll get you settled somewhere." 

To be continued 

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